Hubbard's Tech and Lisa McPherson

From: (Diane Richardson)
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Subject: Hubbard's Tech and Lisa McPherson
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997 09:56:19 GMT
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After reading the SP Times revelations about Lisa McPherson being
force-fed during her final stay at the Fort Harrison, I remembered
having read a relevant Hubbard bulletin.  I dug it up and quote the
relevant section.  It's called "Search and Discovery," otherwise known
as HCOB 24 November 1965.

Contained in this HCOB are methods to be utilized to identify and
handle suppressive persons and potential trouble sources.  Hubbard
begins by categorizing three types of PTS.  Under "Handling Type
Three" Hubbard writes:

"The type three PTS is mostly in institutions or would be.
In this case the type two's *apparent* SP is spread all over the world
and is often more than all the people there are--for the person
sometimes has ghosts about him or demons and they are just more
apparent SPs but imaginary as beings as well.

"*All* institutional cases are PTSes.  The whole of insanity is
wrapped up in this one fact.

"The insane is not just a bad off being, the insane is a being who has
been overwhelmed by an actual SP until too many persons are apparent
SPs.  This makes the person roller coaster continually in life.  The
roller coaster is even cyclic (repetitive as a cycle).

"Putting the person in a current institution puts him in a bedlam.
And when also 'treated' it may finish him.  For he will roller coaster
from any treatment given until made into a type two and given a search
and discovery.

"The task with a type three is *not* treatment as such.  It is to
provide a relatively *safe environment* and quiet and rest and no
treatment of a mental nature at all.  Giving him a quiet court with a
motionless object in it might do the trick if he is permitted to sit
there unmolested.  Medical care of a very unbrutal nature is necessary
as intravenous feeding and soporifics (sleeping and quietening drugs)
may be necessary, such persons are sometimes also physically ill from
an illness with a known medical cure.

"*Treatment* with drugs, shock, operation is just more suppression.
The person will not really get well, will relapse etc.

"Standard auditing on such a person is subject to the roller coaster
phenomena [sic].  They get worse after getting better.  'Successes'
are sporadic, enough to lead one on, and usually worsen again since
these people are PTS.

"But removed from apparent SPs, kept in a quiet surrounding, not
pestered or threatened or put in fear, the person comes up to type two
and a search and discovery should end the matter.  But there will
always be some failures as the insane sometimes withdraw into rigid
unawareness as a final defense, sometimes can't be kept alive and
sometimes are too hectic and distraught to ever become quiet.  The
extremes of too quiet and never quiet have a number of psychiatric
names such as 'catatonia' (withdrawn totally) and 'manic' (too

"Classification is interesting but non-productive since they are all
PTS, all will roller coaster and none can be trained or processed with
any idea of lasting result no matter the temporary miracle.

"Remove a type three PTS from the environment, give him or her rest
and quiet, get a search and discovery done when rest and quiet have
made the person type two.

"The modern mental hospital with its brutality and suppressive
treatments is not the way to give a psychotic quiet and rest.  Before
anything effective can be done in this field a proper institution
would have to be provided, offering only rest, quiet and medical
assistance for intravenous feedings and sleeping draughts where
necessary but not as 'treatment' and where *no* treatment is attempted
until the person looks recovered and only then a search and discovery
as above under type two."

It occurs to me that, in Lisa McPherson's case, a "modern mental
hospital" would have been far less brutal than Hubbard's "safe
environment" as practiced at the Fort Harrison.

I'm also struck that Hubbard admitted his tech with PTS Type III
individuals doesn't always work.  He was quite specific that "there
will always be some failures" in treating them.  Lisa McPherson was
one of those failures.  It's a pity that Lisa's baby watchers didn't
recognize their failure somewhat earlier -- it might have saved her

Since so much speculation has taken place here about Lisa McPherson's
final days, I'd like to offer my own scenario.  I have no facts to
back up this speculation, although the failure of the CoS to provide
any records covering her final days might be relevant.

Baby watch duty with Lisa McPherson could not have been enjoyable.
From what we've learned from the released records, she was not
cooperating with her handlers.  Perhaps no records for Lisa's final
days were released because maybe no one was caring for her at all 

From what we know of the CoS, we can be sure of one thing:  it is a
rigidly bureaucratized institution.  People are assigned the duties
they perform.  Sometimes people are assigned far more duties than they
can reasonably be expected to accomplish.  Sometimes they're assigned
duties they are not suited or properly "hatted" to perform

Whoever was responsible for seeing that Lisa McPherson was cared for
might not have been able to find people to do the job.  Perhaps that
responsible person was busy with a multitude of other duties and
simply didn't get around to the task.  Maybe the people who were
assigned baby watch just didn't show up.  I think there's a
possibility that Lisa McPherson spent her final hours alone and
forgotten in the very center of the "spiritual headquarters" of the
"church" she turned to for love, understanding, and care.

Diane Richardson

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