Second set of released Lisa McPherson Autopsy pictures

Below you'll find info concerning the second set of released Autopsy pictures.The First released photos are here.This 2nd set was released by Pinellas-Pasco Circuit Judge Crockett Farnell on 20 July 2000 (see Tampa Tribune 21 July 2000 - SP Times 21 July 2000).

Forensic entomologists identified over a hundred cockroach feeding sites on her body, and three nationally prominent forensic pathologists opined that the manner of death was "homicide". Pathologist Werner Spitz, M.D. wrote in his affidavit that "the insect bites appearing in the autopsy photographs of Lisa McPherson, and in particular on her hands and feet, are antemortem and peri-mortem/postmortem."

In other words, bugs were feeding on Lisa before she died, while she was dying and after she had died. Perhaps it is for this reason that they found it necessary to bath a dead Lisa McPherson before they drove her to a hospital 45 minutes away so she could see an emergency room doctor who is a Scientologist, passing four other hospitals.

And in any case, Scientology argues that postmortem cockroach bites are irrelevant, since Lisa could not personally experience the bites and trauma from it.

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The following page contains scans of selected photos from the autopsy of Lisa McPherson in December, 1995. If you are unfamiliar with the case, please visit the Lisa McPherson Memorial Page. I have not created this page out of a morbid attraction to such images, as has been suggested by Scientology. Instead, I offer them so that others may be spared the same fate as Lisa. I have been assured that the family of Lisa McPherson want the photos on the Internet, and their aim is the same, to help all the victims of Scientology.

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Description of the Photos

Dr. Robert Davis performed the autopsy. Here is his description of the appearance of the body:

I prefer, if I can, to refer to Hippocratic facies, and the reason is because there are multiple aspects to that. First of all, "facies" refers to a particular facial appearance and it's a gaunt look, if you will. The skin is tight to palpation or to feeling. You don't feel an abundance of soft tissue. The orbits, which is to say the rims around the eyes are prominent, The globes or eyeballs tend to be sunken. The cheek bones are prominent. The cheeks tend to be sunken and the jaw -- mandible or jaw bones tend to be prominent. And to me, the word "gaunt" is perhaps a word that lay people can relate to. Certainly if there's crusting; for instance, if secretions from the nose or the mouth, there's no obvious liquid and it appears dry.

The photos I have selected show Lisa's face, back, elbow and leg.

Terms & Conditions

In order to view selected photos taken during the autopsy of Lisa McPherson, I agree to be bound by the following conditions.

1) I understand that the photos I am requesting are actual autopsy photos of a woman who suffered before her death during 17 days of captivity by the Church of Scientology, and that the photos depict marks left by that captivity. I represent that I am not likely to suffer unusual or lasting emotional distress or upset from viewing these photos.

2) I understand that the photos are not subject to copyright law, but I agree not to download and/or print these scans of the photos for use on signs, other web pages that do not contain a warning and/or disclaimer, handouts, or other printed matter.

3) I certify that I am not a resident of Hillsborough County, Florida, nor am I available to be selected for the jury pool in the civil case of Lisa McPherson's Estate vs. the Church of Scientology d/b/a Flag Service Organization, and I agree that I will not attempt to use these photos to influence the judgment of potential jurors in this ongoing case.

4) I agree that if I make reference to the photos for others to see, I will reference this disclaimer page,, not the web page that contains the photo scans.

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