First released Lisa McPherson Autopsy pictures

Circuit Judge Bob Barker ruled on Thursday 27 February 1997 that autopsy photographs depicting insect bites on Lisa's body are public record (Tampa Tribune 28 February 1997 - SP Times 28 February 1997).

Forensic entomologists identified over a hundred cockroach feeding sites on her body, and three nationally prominent forensic pathologists opined that the manner of death was "homicide". Pathologist Werner Spitz, M.D. wrote in his affidavit that "the insect bites appearing in the autopsy photographs of Lisa McPherson, and in particular on her hands and feet, are antemortem and peri-mortem/postmortem."

In other words, bugs were feeding on Lisa before she died, while she was dying and after she had died. Perhaps it is for this reason that they found it necessary to bath a dead Lisa McPherson before they drove her to a hospital 45 minutes away so she could see an emergency room doctor who is a Scientologist, passing four other hospitals.

And in any case, Scientology argues that postmortem cockroach bites are irrelevant, since Lisa could not personally experience the bites and trauma from it.

WARNING! - this page is not of the faint of heart, or for the young of age

Lisa McPherson's autopsy Pictures, various sizes, resolutions, color contrasts...
    Photo Run 1, 300 DPI color scanner - somewhat dark
  • Lisa 19, left hand, IV tubing: 40k , 400k
  • Lisa 20, right hand, close up, hip visible: 40k , 400k
  • Lisa 21, right forearm, medical tags: 40k , 400k
  • Lisa 22, right forearm and hand, hip and tags visible: 40k , 400k
  • Lisa 23, right fingers, close up: 40k , 400k
  • Lisa 24, left forearm: 40k , 400k

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