Lisa McPherson Files - Eckerd Drugs Correspondence

Prescription Inquiry

From the Clearwater Police Department files on the investigation into Lisa McPherson's death:

         FL0520300 / Clearwater Police Department         Report No.     95-29158
         Offense        Death Investigation               Date of Report 09/22/97
         Location       644 Pierce Street                 Orig Incident Date 12/6/ 95
         Victim         Lisa McPherson                    VI Prosecute   Yes[X] No[ ]
         Investigator   Jorge Carrasquillo
         Previous Status   Active
         Impound Inventory


         On August 19, 1997, Det. Sgt. Andrews requested that I investigate a statement
         made by Judy Goldsberry-Weber, at her deposition. Sgt. Andrews stated that
         Goldsberry-Weber said, sometime between November 18th and 25th 1995, she
         picked up a prescription for Lisa McPherson at the Eckerd Drugs store, Located at
         either Rosery Rd. and Missouri Ave. or Wyatt Rd. and Missouri Ave. in Largo, Fl. Sgt.
         Andrews stated Goldsberiy-Weber said the prescription was written by Dr. Minkoff
         for Lisa and it was for 5 Tablets of Valium or Diazepam.

         Alter reviewing subpoena request # 40-86-631 given to Eckerd Drugs in April of
         1997, it was determined that Eckerd's could provide the information on the
         prescription Goldsberry-Weber was referring to in her deposition. On August 20,
         1997, I had a telephone conversation with Linda Hendricks (399-6317) of Eckerd
         Drugs Legal department. Hendricks stated she will provided the information per the
         subpoena request.

         On August 22, 1997, with the approval of Hendricks I spoke with Jim Norkus (584-
         7375) the manager of Store #7, located in Largo. The Manger could not locate the
         prescription records for November or December of 1995.

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         FL0520300/Clearwater Police Department         Report No. 95-29158
         Offense     Death Investigation                Date of Report 09/22/97

         Also with the approval of Hendricks I spoke with John Hamrock (446-6037) the
         manager of store #4, located at Cleveland Plaza in Clearwater, just in case
         Goldsberry-Weber was mistaken, about the location of the store. The manager
         provided a copy of the prescription records for the time frame in question. A review
         of those records was negative for the prescription in question. At the direction of
         Hendricks I spoke with Mickey Carter Eckerd's Security Officer on August 26, 1997.
         Carter stated he will check into the situation and advise.  On September 3, 1997, I
         called Carter and he stated as of this date they have not located the records.  Carter
         stated they have searched by prescription, drug name, patient name, Dr. name, and
         amount dispensed.  Carter stated he will continue his search and advise of results.

         On September 16, 1997, I called Carter's office and spoke with Gretel Marz-Dunn his
         assistant.  Gretel stated they have located the records but are having difficulties
         retrieving them from the computer.  Gretel requested I check back with her in about a
         week.  On September 22, 1997, I called and spoke to Gretel regarding the subpoena
         request.  Gretel stated They are still having difficulties retrieving the records.  Gretel
         said they are still working on it and that she will call once the records are retrieved.

         Ofc. Reporting Det. Jorge Carrasguillo         ID No.      630
         Case Status    Active                          Date Cleared _____________
         Clearance Type      Exception Type
         1. Arrest           1. Extradition declined    3. Death of Offender
         2. ExcePtional      2. AR of primary offense,  4. V/W refused to cooperate
         3. Unfounded           secondary offense,      5. Prosecution declined
                                w/o prosecution         6. Juv/No Custody

          Ofc.Reviewing                  Date           SAO Info


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