Lisa McPherson Files - Sworn Statement of Susanne Reich

Deputy Director of Processing

From the Clearwater Police Department files on the investigation into Lisa McPherson's death:



                 IN RE:

                             ________                      ORIGINAL

                 STATEMENT OF:      SUSANNE REICH
                 DATE:              September 25, 1997
                 TIME:              Began:B1:55 p.m.
                                    Ended: 3:00 p.m.

                 PLACE:             Criminal Justice Center
                                    Office of the State Attorney
                                    Room 1000
                                    Clearwater, Florida

                 REPORTED BY:       Ruth N. Martin, CSR, CP, RMR
                                    Registered Merit Reporter
                                    Notary Public
                                    State of Florida at Large

                                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS
                              TAMPA AIRPORT MARRIOTT - (813) 224-9500
                            ST. PETERSBURG/CLEARWATER - (813) 821-3320

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              1    APPEARANCES:

              2             MARK McGARRY, ESQUIRE
                            Office of the State Attorney
              3             Criminal Justice Complex, Room 1000
                            Clearwater, Florida 33760
              4                  Attorney for State of Florida

              5             JOHN F. LAURO, ESQUIRE
                            John F. Lauro, P.A.
              6             Barnett Bank Plaza, Suite 3950
                            101 East Kennedy Boulevard
              7             Tampa, Florida 33602
                                 Attorney for the Witness
                   ALSO PRESENT:
                            LEE STROPE, Special Agent
              10            Florida Department of Law Enforcement

              11            WAYNE C. ANDREWS, Detective Sergeant
                            City of Clearwater Police Department





              18                              INDEX
              19    EXAMINATION
              20          BY MR. McGARRY                              4
                          BY SPECIAL AGENT STROPE                    34
              21          BY DETECTIVE SERGEANT ANDREWS              46

              23    CERTIFICATE OF OATH                              63


                            KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

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      1                    The deponent herein,
      2                            SUSANNE REICH,
      3    being first duly sworn to tell the truth, the
      4    whole truth, and nothing but the truth, was
      5    examined and testified as follows:
      6               MR. LAURO: Let me state on the record that
      7    my name is John Lauro. And I represent Miss Reich.
      8               And she's testifying today pursuant to a
      9    subpoena that's been issued by the State Attorney's
      10   Office.  And I've explained to Miss Reich the
      11   protections that are afforded by that subpoena, and
      12   she's testifying under that understanding.
      13              Let me also say that as you can tell, her
      14   first language is not English, so we may need to just
      15   go a little slow in terms of questions.
      16              MR. McGARRY: Okay.
      17              MR. LAURO: I think we'll get through it.
      18              MR. McGARRY: I've had some practice with
      19   that.
      20              MR. LAURO: I think her English is excellent
      21   compared to my German or anybody's German, and I don't
      22   think we need an interpreter, but if we proceed slowly,
      23   that would be the best way.
      24              THE WITNESS: And if I don't understand
      25   something, I will let you definitely know.

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

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      1               MR. McGARRY: Okay. Thank you.
      2                       EXAMINATION
      3    BY MR. McGARRY:
      4          Q.   Would you state your name for the record, please.
      5          A.   State my name?
      6          Q.   Please.
      7          A.   My name is Susanne Reich.
      8          Q.   My name is Mark McGarry. I'm a prosecutor. And
      9    I'm currently investigating the circumstances surrounding
     10    the death of Lisa McPherson back in November of 1995.
     11               I'm going to ask you some questions, because
     12    apparently you have some knowledge about those
     13    circumstances. Okay?
     14          A.   Yes.
     15          Q.   If I could, I'd like to get some background on
     16    you.
     17               Your date of birth is?
     18          A.  X, `49.
     19          Q.   Okay. And you are not -- are you an American
     20    citizen?
     21          A.   No.
     22          Q.   Okay.  You're aX citizen?
     23          A.   I'm applying right now for my Green Card.
     24          Q.   You're applying for it?
     25          A.   Uh-huh.

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

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      1          Q.   How long have you lived in Clearwater?
      2          A.   Since May, `90.
      3          Q.   `90?
      4          A.   Yeah. -
      5          Q.   And where did you live prior to that?
      6          A.   I lived in X.
      7          Q.   And why did you come to Clearwater?
      8          A.   To be a member of Church of Scientology and work
      9    here in Florida.
     10          Q.   All right. And were you a member of the Church in
     11    Germany?
     12          A.   Oh, yeah.
     13          Q.   When did you first join the Church?
     14          A.   I joined the Church in December, 1987.
     15          Q.   Okay.  And was it at their request or your request
     16    to come and work in Clearwater?
     17          A.   My request.
     18          Q.   Your request?
     19          A.   Yeah.
     20          Q.   Okay. Were you a Staff member when you were a
     21    member in X?
     22          A.   No.
     23          Q.   Okay.  Were you just a parishioner?
     24          A.   Yeah.
     25          Q.   When you came in 1990 to Clearwater, did you

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

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      1    immediately come on Staff, as a Staff person?
      2          A.   Yeah. I was already here in `89 for the first
      3    time, but-on Staff I started the first time in `90.
      4          Q.   Okay. What was your position when you first came
      5    to Clearwater?
      6          A.   I was here to receive services myself.
      7          Q.   Just services for yourself?
      8          A.   Uh-huh. I was here in `89.
      9          Q.   Okay. And as a Staff -- what was your first Staff
     10    position?
     11          A.   I didn't get -- what was --
     12          Q.   Your first Staff position -- in `90 is it?
     13          A.   Yeah.  Yeah.
     14          Q.   Okay.  What was that position?
     15          A.   I was working in the Dissem Division,
     16    Dissemination Division.
     17          Q.   What exactly -- what is that?
     18          A.   I was basically establishing in the
     19    Dissem Division for the people to work and make that work.
     20               MR. McGARRY: John, do you know what that is,
     21    what she's talking about?
     22               MR. LAURO: I'm not sure.
     23               Why don't you tell us what that is, what the
     24    Dissem, Dissemination Division is.
     25          A.   Oh, how should I explain? You know the

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

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      1   Scientology Org Board, we have an Organization Board, what
      2   it is, and this Division I, Division II. And
      3   Dissemination Division is a Division II.
      4          Q.   All right. Did you ever change Staff positions or
      5   is that what you do now?
      6          A.   No, I'm -- I'm back in the Dissemination Division
      7   right now.
      8          Q.   Right this minute.
      9               Okay. What position did you hold as a Staff
     10   member for the Church back in November of 1995?
     11          A.   I was a Director of Processing -- or the
     12   Deputy Director of Processing.
     13          Q.   Okay.  What, if I might ask, what level of
     14   spiritual training have you obtained? -
     15          A.   I did some training myself when I was not on
     16   Staff.  Before I had some.
     17          Q.   Okay.  And what level -- are you Clear?
     18          A.   No, I'm OT-IV.
     19          Q.   Okay.
     20          A.   I don't know if -- you know what this means?
     21          Q.   Yes, I do.
     22          A.   Okay.
     23          Q.   Back in November of 1995 -- when was the first
     24    time, let me ask you this, when was the first time you met
     25    Lisa Mcpherson?

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      1          A.   I think summer or maybe early in `94.
      2          Q.   In `94?
      3          A.   Yeah.
      4          Q.   Okay. And how -- how did you make that
      5    acquaintance?
      6          A.   I met her when I was a Director of --
      7    Deputy Director of Processing and she got service in the --
      8    you know what an Agency is or Hubbard Guidance Center?
      9          Q.   Yes.
     10          A.   And I was working there and I was doing an
     11    interview with her.
     12          Q.   Okay.
     13          A.   This was the first time I met her.
     14          Q.   As part of her spiritual counseling?
     15          A.   No. She was already -- she had already, over the
     16    years before, counseling.
     17          Q.   So what exactly did you -- what exactly did you
     18    perform for her back in that year?
     19          A.   This -- I did an interview on her, and this was
     20    the first time that I met her.
     21          Q.   And what's the purpose of the interview?
     22          A.   Interview is to find some or to get information
     23    for the Case Supervisor.
     24          Q.   Which was at the time Alain Kartuzinski or
     25    somebody else?

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      1          A.   I think somebody else.
      2          Q.   All right.
      3          A.   Oh, yeah, was somebody else.
      4          Q.   All right. So you build -- do you build a file, a
      5   folder?
      6          A.   There was -- yeah, the folder was already existing
      7   and -- yeah.
      8          Q.   All right. So the process of this interview, is
      9   that -- would that qualify as spiritual counseling?
     10               You wouldn't be a Minister, would you?.
     11          A.   Yes.
     12          Q.   You would be considered a Minister?
     13          A.   Yeah. Yeah, absolutely.
     14          Q.   Okay. So I'm confused. If you were a Minister
     15   and you were counseling her -- correct?
     16          A.   No, I was -- no, not Minister in this sense, but I
     17   was getting the information.  But the information I'm
     18   getting I -- for my knowledge, right, falls under also this
     19   confidentiality.
     20          Q.   I understand.
     21               At the time she wasn't Clear, obviously, at the
     22   time, correct?
     23          A.   Her Clear state was -- no, she was not Clear.
     24          Q.   That was the next summer? The following --
     25          A.   Yeah.

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      1          Q.   The following summer after `94?
      2          A.   Yeah, exactly.
      3          Q.   So how does that work?  That information is then
      4    given to the Senior Case Supervisor --
      5          A.   Yeah.
      6          Q.   -- from the interview?
      7          A.    Yeah.
      8          Q.    Okay.
      9          A.    As example, he writes questions and then I ask the
     10    questions, and then I write it down, and then I turn it back
     11    into the Case Supervisor.
     12          Q.    Okay.
     13          A.    Yeah.
     14          Q.    Did you become a friend of Lisa McPherson at the
     15    time or was that all business that you had with her?
     16          A.    No, when I met her -- you know when you meet
     17    somebody and. -- and you have -- we had a very close -- we
     18    like each other very much.
     19          Q.   Did you ever socialize with her?
     20          A.   No.
     21          Q.   Do things with her? Go to dinner with her?
     22          A.   No, never.
     23          Q.   Go to lunch with her?
     24          A.   No, never. No.
     25          Q.   So the times you would have contact with her would

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      1    be at the Hubbard Center aver there mostly?
      2          A.   Yeah. Yeah. Or she saw me -- basically she saw
      3    me walking through the area and she always came and hug me
      4    and -- and we had really close relationship.                -
      5          Q.   Okay. All right, When did you first -- I take it
      6    you were one of the caretakers for the period of time that
      7    she was staying at the Cabana section of the hotel, correct?
      8          A.   Yeah, I was with her one night.
      9          Q.   -- One night?
     10          A.   Uh-huh.
     11          Q.   Okay. Can you tell me how -- how that came to be?
     12    How did you end up being a caretaker?
     13          A.   Yes. I think, you know, that Alain know --
     14    Alain Kartuzinski knew that she was very -- she had a
     15    very -- she mention me, I think, many times.  She was
     16    like -- she liked me very much, right.  And if she had a
     17    problem she would come and say something.
     18               And I think that why he choose me to give her a
     19    note this night, the second night. She came into the
     20    Fort Harrison the night before, she was put in this one room
     21    in the Cabanas, and the next -- I was not there on this day,
     22    I was on liberty.  And the next day I was asked to give her
     23    this note from Alain.
     24          Q.   Okay. And what did the note say? -
     25          A.   From what I remember, the note said if she wants

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      1     to say something or write something, then she should do
      2     this.  And this what the note says.  And I went down to show
      3     her the note.
      4          Q.   All right.
      5               MR. McGARRY: Do we have that note, fellows?
      6               DETECTIVE SERGEANT ANDREWS: No.
      7          Q.   Okay. So how many hours -- how long was your
      8     first shift?
      9               You're saying the first night she was there you
     10     weren't?
     11          A.   No.
     12          Q.   Okay. So that would have been Saturday night?
     13          A.   Yeah. I was with her Sunday to Monday night. -
     14          Q.   Okay. And how long -- how long a period? What
     15     time did you get there on Sunday and what time did you leave
     16     on Monday, if you can remember? I know this has been some
     17     time.
     18          A.   Yeah. Yeah.
     19          Q.   Best you can.
     20          A.   Yeah. I think I gave her this -- the first thing
     21     was that I had to give her this paper.  What I think was
     22     around 7:00, 7:30.
     23          Q.   In the evening?
     24          A.   Yeah.
     25          Q.   Okay.

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      1          A.   Yeah. And then I went back after, see Alain and
      2    told him what happened. And then --
      3          Q.   Kartuzinski?
      4          A.   Alain Kartuzinski, yeah.
      5               And then there was basically no watch set up for
      6     this night, was not quite organized, right, and then I was
      7     asked to stay there or it was organized that I stay there
      8     with Susanne.
      9          Q.   So how many conversations did you have with
     10     Mr. Kartuzinski in reference to Lisa?
     11          A.   At all or at this night? I think --
     12          Q.   During this time.
     13          A.   Maybe one or two.
     14          Q.   Okay.
     15          A.   Oh, no, I had to do something else. When -- on
     16     the same day I had to get all her folders, her folders was
     17     in the -- downstairs in the different area, and had to get
     18     it up to his office, made sure it went up to his office.
     19          Q.   Her folders?
     20          A.   Yeah.
     21          Q.   PC folders?
     22          A.   Yeah, all her PC folders.
     23          Q.   Where were they located?
     24          A.   He was working on this. I don't know how long he
     25 was working --

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      1          Q.   Where were they located?  Where were the PC
      2    folders?  Where were they kept?
      3          A.   They were located in Fort Harrison, in the bottom,
      4    one of the bottom rooms, was one of them.
      5          Q.   You were the actual person that went and got the
      6    PC folders for him?
      7          A.   With other people.  Went two, three people.  But I
      8    was asked to make sure that it happens that, they go up
      9    there.
     10          Q.   Did you do that?
     11          A.   Yeah. The PC -- yeah, but somebody else was doing
     12    it already in the meantime, and I was -- we were several
     13    people who did this, but I made sure went up there.
     14          Q.   And who was with you when you did that?
     15          A.   I don't know anymore.
     16          Q.   You don't know?
     17          A.   No.
     18          Q.   Don't know who the people were, other caretakers
     19    or somebody like a runner?
     20          A.   Yeah. Yeah, they're people, they bringing folders
     21    from here to here. I think was one of the guys who finally
     22    get them up there.
     23          Q.   How many folders were there?
     24          A.   I can only guess, I don't know.
     25          Q.   Well, take your best guess.  It's okay to guess.

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      1          A.   Maybe around between 20 and 30.  Was a lot.
      2          Q.   20 to 30 folders?
      3          A.   Yeah.
      4          Q.   And how thick would you describe, using your
      5    finger, was each folder?
      6          A.   The folders are usually like this. (Indicating)
      7          Q.   I would say that's three and a half to four
      8    inches.
      9               MR. McGARRY: Would you agree with that,
     10    fellows?  John?
     11          A.   I don't know how much, just --
     12               MR. LAURO: About three inches.
     13          A.   Yeah, maybe a little bit thicker. Is like this,
     14    about this. (Indicating)
     15          Q.   And there were 20 of those?
     16          A.   Yeah.
     17          Q.   Okay.  And those were taken up to Mr. Kartuzinski?
     18          A.   To his office, yeah.
     19          Q.   Were they located in a box or were they carried
     20    individually, do you remember?
     21          A.   I think the way we do it, it would be put on
     22    something that you can roll, and then you put them on and
     23    then they were brought up.  I think I was going down trying
     24    to find them. In the meantime, they were already up or
     25    something like this, what I remember.

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      1          Q.   Okay. Do you why Mr. Kartuzinski asked for those
      2    folders?
      3          A.   Yeah. He needed it moved. He was working
      4    downstairs the whole night on this and he wanted it up in
      5    his office.  This was only reason.
      6          Q.   Oh, I see. So he was actually working on the
      7    Lisa McPherson case at the time?
      8          A.   Yeah.
      9          Q.   And he wanted --
     10          A.   Yeah.
     11          Q.   -- to have everything located in his office --
     12          A.   Yeah.
     13          Q.   -- rather than down in the basement?
     14          A.   Yeah. Yeah.
     15          Q.   Okay.  And this occurred on?
     16          A.   Sunday.
     17          Q.   Sunday night?
     18          A.   Yeah -- no, Sunday, early in the day.
     19          Q.   Okay.
     20          A.   Yeah.
     21          Q.   The second day Lisa was staying there?
     22          A.   Yeah. But he was working already intensively on
     23    this folders, is what I was told.
     24          Q.   All right. Did you ever see those folders again?
     25    Did  you see them again since that --

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      1          A.   I seen they was staying in his office, but not
      2    question --
      3          Q.   Do you know that?
      4          A.   This is what I assume.
      5          Q.   When you saw that those folders arrived in
      6    Mr. Kartuzinski's office, did you talk with him?
      7          A.   I don't think so.
      8          Q.   You don't remember?
      9          A.   No, I don't.
     10          Q.   Did you ever talk with Mr. Kartuzinski about the
     11    Lisa McPherson stay at the Cabana section of the hotel?
     12          A.   I told him that the night when -- when is -- when
     13    I gave her the note.  And I don't know if I ask him later on
     14    how it was going or so, I ask somebody else.
     15          Q.   Did you ever discuss with him what plan or what
     16    action was going to occur with Lisa, how they were going to
     17    stabilize her or --
     18          A.   No, I never talked to him about it. We were not
     19    supposed to talk in this.                 -
     20          Q.   That's around Lisa?
     21          A.   Yeah.
     22          Q.   I'm talking about with Mr. Kartuzinski.
     23          A.   Right. Right.
     24          Q.   You can talk with him about that though?
     25          A.   Yeah.

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

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      1          Q.   All right. How were you given the instruction
      2    that you weren't -- you weren't supposed to talk around
      3    Lisa?  Who told you that?,
      4          A.   I knew it already.
      5          Q.   From the Hubbard tech?
      6          A.   Yeah.  Yeah, I knew it already.
      7          Q.   So there wasn't a meeting of how -- how this --
      8    what do you call -- what would you call this situation she
      9    was going through, Type III?
     10          A.   She had -- yeah, was gone Type III, and I knew it
     11    right from ...
     12          Q.   So under the Hubbard tech, what was going to occur
     13    to bring her from the Type III?
     14          A.   You basically don't talk to the person and you
     15    keep her like quiet and no excitement.  Good food, sleep,
     16    rest.  This what I know of.
     17          Q.   Okay.
     18          A.   And the night also asked Mr. Kartuzinski what I
     19    should do after I have given Lisa the note.  She -- I knew
     20    her very well, right, and -- and the moment I gave her the
     21    note she -- she acted for me like so strange.  She was not
     22    like the same person.  She was a completely different
     23    person.  And I was so scared.  She was really like -- the
     24    first time I had this dangerous feeling for her like, and
     25    then she grabbed the paper, and she threw it on the floor

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

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      1    now.  And then I asked Alain Kartuzinski what to do, right.
      2          Q.   When did you ask him?
      3          A.   After I gave, yeah.
      4          Q.   That was Sunday night?
      5          A.   Yeah. Yeah, when I talked to him, right.
      6               And then he told -- he explained to me, says if
      7    something, you take her arm, right, and you put her back to
      8    bedand make sure that she is quiet.
      9          Q.   So you never had a conversation with Lisa?
     10               MR. LAURO: When?
     11          A.   When?
     12          Q.   I'm sorry.  During -- during her stay at the
     13    Cabana, did you ever have a dialogue with her?
     14          A.   I was not supposed to talk-to her, right.
     15          Q.   But the answer is no, you did not?
     16          A.   Yeah. Yeah.
     17          Q.   Did she ever talk to you?
     18          A.   Yeah, she talked almost all night.  She was
     19    like -- yeah.
     20          Q.   Okay. Do you remember anything that she said?
     21          A.   Yeah.
     22          Q.   What did she say?
     23          A.   One thing I was notice, she was counting, right,
     24    she was counting one, two, three, four, five, six, seven,
     25    eight, nine, ten, right. And she was doing it over and over

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

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      1    and aver again, right. And on one point she says, Oh, I
      2    know who you are.  On one point she remembered me, but for a
      3    split second.
      4          Q.   During your contact prior with Lisa, prior to
      5    November of `95, did you detect anything that you would
      6    think would be -- would lead to this behavior?  Did you
      7    detect anything wrong with Lisa that might lead you to think
      8    that she was troubled or had a mental or physical problem
      9    she was having to deal with?
     10          A.   No.
     11          Q.   Nothing?
     12          A.   No. No.
     13          Q.   You no indication --
     14          A.   No.
     15          Q.   -- of what later occurred?
     16          A.   No, no, no.
     17               MR. LAURO: You may want to establish with
     18    her her prior contact with Lisa in terms of answering
     19    that question.  She did know Lisa prior to November,
     20    `95.
     21          Q.   Did you know Lisa when she had another prior --
     22    what's the word I'm looking for?
     23               SPECIAL AGENT STROPE: Watch.
     24          A.   Watch, yeah.  Yeah, sure, close to a Type III or
     25    almost Type III a few months --

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

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      1          Q.   When was that, if you remember, the summer before
      2    this November?
      3          A.   Yeah, maybe June or May.
      4               And what I remember, I knew Susanne also very
      5    well, right, she was like Susanne Schnurrenberger to this
      6    time, and Susanne was watching her for about six weeks.
      7          Q.   During that --
      8          A.   Four to six weeks, yeah. Yeah.
      9          Q.   Four to six weeks?
     10          A.   Yeah.
     11          Q.   In the summertime?
     12          A.   Yeah. Yeah.
     13          Q.   What do you mean "watching her"? Was she staying
     14    at the hotel?
     15          A.   On the beginning I think Susanne went with Lisa to
     16    Lisa's house and she stayed in Lisa's house.  She went there
     17    and she spend a day with her when she acted a little bit
     18    like ...
     19               And on the last week Lisa stayed in the hotel, in
     20    the Fort Harrison Hotel, in the eight or ninth floor?
     21          Q.   Okay.  Did you visit her?
     22          A.   Yeah.
     23          Q.   You did?
     24          A.   Yeah.
     25          Q.   Was she able to communicate? Were you able to

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4132 Image


      1    communicate with her or was it during a watch period that
      2    you couldn't communicate? -
      3          A.   No, to this time I could--- we could communicate
      4    to her, you could talk to her, but -- but she was -- yeah.
      5          Q.   Was she receiving any courses during that time?
      6          A.   No. I -- not that I remember.
      7          Q.   -Okay.
      8          A.   Oh, I don't know.
      9          Q.   Okay. So going back to that, that period of time
     10    in the summer, was there -- do you know what it was that was -
     11    troubling her or causing her to have some difficulties --
     12    what's the word I'm looking for -- remaining PTS?
     13          A.   No, no.
     14          Q.   You didn't detect anything?
     15          A.   No.
     16          Q.   Did you ever discuss with her during that period
     17    of time whether her job was bothering her, whether it was
     18    her boyfriend that was bothering her, whether it was her
     19    counseling that was a problem? -
     20          A.   No, not that.
     21          Q.   So you don't have any idea?
     22          A.   No, I didn't talk to her about this.
     23          Q.   Okay.
     24               MR. McGARRY: Is that what you're referring
     25    to,  this period of time, John?

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4133 Image


      1               MR. LAURO: Yes. There's actually two
      2    periods, because there's also a time between the summer
      3    and the fall when she also had some other contact with
      4    Lisa as well.
                      MR. McGARRY: Okay.
      6               MR. LAURO: In terms of a ceremony and things
      7    of that nature.
      8               THE WITNESS: Oh, this was before, yeah.
      9          Q.   The Clear ceremony?
     10          A.   Yeah. Yeah.
     11          Q.   Tell us about that.
     12          A.   Yeah. I was chosen again, why Lisa was very close
     13    to me, right, that -- to give her this, as we say, reality
     14    factor, right.  And it was written down by
     15    Alain Kartuzinski, right. And then I told Lisa that she has
     16    achieved the state of Clear. And she was very, very happy.
     17    She was so happy, right, yeah.
     18          Q.   Okay.
     19          A.   And she made a big deal out of -- out of it
     20    herself, right.  She then wanted her friends to come.  She
     21    called Benetta.  We waited for whole hour and stuff like
     22    this.  She wanted everybody to have the celebration with
     23    her, right.  Sonia came, Benetta came.
     24          Q.   Okay.
     25          A.   Yeah.

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4134 Image


      1          Q.   Who would you describe as being Lisa's closest
      2    friend, closest friend?
      3          A.   I don't know. Maybe --
      4          Q.   If you know. If you don't know ...
      5          A.   Yeah, I don't think -- Benetta was close to her, I
      6   know this, in some way, right.
      7          Q.   Okay. Did you know her roommate, Gloria Cruz?
      8          A.   No, I never heard the name. I may know her, but I
      9    don't know her name.
     10          Q.   Okay.
     11          A.   T.C. Applebaum I know from --
     12          Q.   Who's that?
     13          A.   T.C. Applebaum.
     14          Q.   I've heard that name before?
     15               SPECIAL AGENT STROPE: She works for AMC.
     16               DETECTIVE SERGEANT ANDREWS: She works at
     17    AMC.
     18          A.   Yeah, they work for Benetta. She was checking up
     19    on Lisa once in a while.
     20          Q.   How about Kate Chamberlain, do you know her?
     21          A.   Kate?
     22          Q.   Kate Chamberlain. I think she works for AMC too.
     23          A.   Kate, yeah.  I don't know her, I know the name.
     24    But I don't know if she works with Lisa.
     25          Q.   Who approached you in reference to -- who was the

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4135 Image


      1    first person that told you that Lisa was staying in the
      2    Cabana and was Type III?  How did you learn that
      3    information, do you remember?
      4          A.   Maybe Vic Fasio, I don't know. Maybe Alain. No,
      5    I don't think Alain did. Maybe Susanne Justice. I don't
      6    know.
      7          Q.   Who?
      8          A.   Susanne Justice.
      9          Q.   Do you remember what they told you, whoever that
     10    person was?
     11          A.   Yeah.  This is what I remember, that she basically
     12    had an accident or something like this, then she took off
     13    her clothes and she walked naked down the street.  And then
     14    the police grabbed her.  This is all what I know about it.
     15          Q.   Who is it that approached you and asked if you
     16    could participate or you could watch, help watch Lisa during
     17    her stay at the Cabana?  Was that Mr. Kartuzinski or was
     18    that somebody else?
     19          A.   I don't know anymore. Maybe ---
     20          Q.   You don't remember?
     21          A.   -- Pete Kellerhaus.
     22          Q.   Paul Kellerhaus?
     23          A.   Paul Kellerhaus, yeah.
     24               I don't know who -- who did.
     25          Q.   All right.  During your period of time with Lisa

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4136 Image


      1    in the Cabana, you were -- you wrote a report?
      2          A.   Uh-huh.
      3          Q.   Do you remember how many reports you wrote?
      4          A.   I wrote in the morning what happened, all the same
      5    day or so. I was there from basically all night, and I
      6    think I left at 9:00 or 9:30 in the morning. And went to
      7    sleep. And I came back, and I think then I wrote the
      8    report, or I wrote it before I left.
      9          Q.   One report?
     10          A.   Yeah. Yeah.
     11          Q.   Okay.
     12          A.   That's what I remember.
     13          MR. McGARRY: Should I have her go through
     14    this and look for her report?
     15          SPECIAL AGENT STROPE: Yeah.
     16          DETECTIVE SERGEANT ANDREWS: Yeah, I think it
     17    would be good, still a lot of them are not identified.
     18          Q.   Why don't you flip through those, if you would,
     19    and see if you can recognize which ones are yours.
     20                   (Pause.)
     21                 DETECTIVE SERGEANT ANDREWS: Can we go to
     22         that just real quick.
     23                   A quick question, is that
     24         Susanne Schnurrenberger, do you know, the
     25         Office Manger?

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4137 Image


      1               THE WITNESS: Yeah, this is.
      2               DETECTIVE SERGEANT ANDREWS:   This is
      3    Susanne Schnurrenberger's report?
      4              THE WITNESS: Yeah, this is Susanne.
      5              DETECTIVE SERGEANT ANDREWS:   Sorry, Mark.
      6    just wanted --
      7             Is that yours?
      8             THE WITNESS: No.
      9             DETECTIVE SERGEANT ANDREWS:  That's
     10    Susanne Schnurrenberger, okay.
     11    BY MR. McGARRY:
     12          Q.   Okay. Keep going.
     13                   (Pause.)
     14          A.   This is mine.
     15          Q.   136, is that the one?
     16                DETECTIVE SERGEANT ANDREWS:  Yeah, 136.
     17          A.   Yeah.
     18          Q.   Keep going, see if there are any more that you
     19    recognize.
     20                   (Pause.)
     21          A.   No.
     22          Q.   Okay.  How did you come to write these reports?
     23    How  did you know to do this?
     24               MR. LAURO: I think there's just one report.
     25          Q.   Yes, this one report.  It's two pages.

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4138 Image


      1          A.   Yeah, Alain needed to know what's happen during
      2    the night, you see. And I was awake the whole time, I
      3    didn't sleep.
      4          Q.   Oh, I can understand.
      5          A.   Yeah. And he wanted to know what was going on.
      6          Q.   So is he the one that requested  that the
      7    caretakers write reports to him or is it -- was it
      8    Paul Kellerhaus?
      9          A.   I don't remember.  Was -- this is like you write
     10    it, you see.  They have to know.
     11          Q.   Okay. How did they get -- how did this report get
     12    to him?
     13          A.   I think I brought it up there or I gave it to
     14    somebody who brought it up.
     15          Q.   Do you remember specifically?
     16          A.   No. No.
     17          Q.   Okay.
     18          A.   I don't even remember if I did it before I went to
     19    sleep or after I went to sleep. I think I did it even after
     20    I went to sleep.
     21          Q.   All right. So after Monday, that was the last
     22    time you were involved in the care of Lisa McPherson?
     23          A.   Yeah. Yeah.
     24          Q.   All right. Did you ever drop in to talk to
     25    anybody or see anybody in reference to the remainder of her

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4139 Image


      1    stay there, which was another over a week and a half, almost
      2    two weeks? Did you ever talk to anybody about how she was
      3    doing?
      4          A.   Yeah, I was trying to find out. I was trying to
      5    find out how she was doing.
      6          Q.   Okay.  Who did you go to?
      7          A.   I think I talk to Pete Kellerhaus once, right.
      8          Q.   That's Paul Kellerhaus.
      9          A.   I don't know why I say Pete.  Paul Kellerhaus.
      10         Q.   That's all right.
      11         A.   And he told me that on one point she got very
      12   wild, right, she got very wild and -- yeah.
      13         Q.   Did you ever stop in to personally see her?
      14         A.   No, I wouldn't go in there --
      15         Q.   Okay.
      16         A.   -- when the watch was set up already. And I knew
      17    from the last time I was with her she didn't know who I was.
      18    And I was -- I was...                    - -
      19         Q.   Okay. So as you understood the way the watch was
      20    set up, others -- other people within the Church are not
      21    encouraged to go see her during that period of time.  Is
      22    that how that works?
      23         A.   Yeah. You should not have too many people
      24    bothering her, you see.
      25         Q.   Okay. -

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4140 Image


      1          A.   And I also -- if she would recognize somebody,
      2    this would not be -- we didn't want to have any -- how you
      3    say the word?
      4          Q.   So did you do anything else in reference to
      5    Lisa McPherson prior to her passing away on December 5th?
      6    Did you do anything else in reference to Lisa McPherson?
      7          A.   To find out what's happening?
      8          Q.   Yes.
      9          A.   Yeah, I was trying to find out what's happening,
     10    you see, and I was not expecting that --
     11          Q.   Okay.  Lisa died on Tuesday, December 5th.
     12          A.   Yeah.
     13          Q.   Who told you that? How did you find out?
     14          A.   We all was gathered together in the fifth floor in
     15    the Coachman.  We were told to come to the Coachman.
     16          Q.   Who told you to come to the Coachman?
     17          A.   I don't know who told me anymore.  Maybe
     18    Marcus Quirino.
     19          Q.   All right. And did you meet there?
     20          A.   Yeah, I was there. And then we all had --
     21          Q.   Was that the night of December 5th, Tuesday night,
     22    the night she died?
     23          A.   I think so.
     24          Q.   Was it -- what time of night was it, do you
     25    remember?

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4141 Image


      1          A.   Maybe 9:00, maybe 10:00, I don't remember.
      2          Q.   All right.  And was -- who else was there besides
      3    you?
      4          A.   A lot of people.
      5          Q.   All the people --
      6          A.   All the people they have watched her and
      7          Q.   All right.  And tell me what occurred at that
      8    meeting.
      9          A.   We were basically told that she died, and we all
     10    had to write down what we knew about it.  And I think I
     11    wrote another report, what I knew about it.  And then we
     12    were told not to talk about it.
     13          Q.   Okay.  Who did you hand that written report to?
     14          A.   Marcus Quirino, I remember this.
     15          Q.   Did you see that report in this file you just went
     16    through?
     17          A.   No.
     18          Q.   Okay. Have you ever seen it since then, since the
     19    day you wrote it?
     20          A.   I don't know.
     21                   THE WITNESS:  You showed me some reports
     22          once, right? I don't know is this one or the other
     23          one.
     24                   MR. LAURO: I haven't seen the report she
     25          wrote to Quirino, just the report we have here.

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4142 Image


      1          Q.   Were you placed in isolation or were you told any
      2    information about a contagious disease?
      3          A.   Yeah, I found out and I was in isolation for half
      4    a day or a day or so.
      5          Q.   Who told you that, Marcus Quirino?
      6          A.   No, Kate Corley. I had a little bit of a sore
      7    throat.  And then she says, You're going up to isolation
      8    right away. -
      9          Q.   Did you haye any contact at all with any of the
     10    people that worked in the MLO Office?
     11          A.   To what time period you're asking? -
     12          Q.   During this Lisa Mcpherson stay, during the
     13    Cabana --
     14          A.   Yeah, I was trying to say, I asked Judy Johnson --
     15          Q.   Janice Johnson?
     16          A.   Janice Johnson, yeah. I ask her.  I was trying to
     17    find out, you see.
     18          Q.   So did you have a conversation with
     19   Janice Johnson?
     20          A.   She didn't tell me anything, you see. She didn't
     21    tell me anything.
     22          Q.   When did you have this conversation with her?
     23          A.   In this time period when I saw her on the street
     24    or so, I ask her how is Lisa doing, how is she doing.
     25          Q.   You don't know whether  it was towards the

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4143 Image


      1    beginning or towards the end?
      2          A.   No. No.
      3          Q.   All right.
      4          A.   I was in shock at the time.  I was in shock, I
      5    couldn't ...
      6          Q.   All right.  Have you ever been in Lisa's house?
      7          A.   No. I don't know Lisa's house.
      8          Q.   Did you ever talk to any of the other people in
      9    the MLO Office in reference to Lisa Mcpherson?
     10          A.   Susanne I talked to. - -
     11          Q.   How about Judy Weber? Do you know Judy Weber?
     12          A.   Oh, yeah. Yeah. I don't know --
     13          Q.   Did you speak to her at all?
     14          A.   I don't think so.  But --
     15          Q.   How about Laura, do you know Laura from Mexico,
     16    Laura Arrunado?
     17          A.   Yeah, but I didn't talk to Laura about it. I
     18    think she was watching her for -- I don't know.
     19          Q.   How about Emma? Do you know Emma?
     20          A.   Yeah, sure I know Emma.
     21          Q.   Did you talk to Emma about it?
     22          A.   No. If I talked to somebody, I may have checked
     23    up with Susanne, if she was still watching her. I knew she
     24    was doing the first day and she was doing the other six-week
     25    period.  And I know when they were together, Lisa was

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4144 Image


      1    like ...
      2          Q.   You were never interviewed by the police back
      3    during the first time of the interviews?
      4          A.   No, this is the first time.
      5          Q.   And during your meeting with your lawyer, John,
      6    did you meet Sandy Weinberg and Lee Fugate?
      7          A.   No.
      8               MR. LAURO: These are lawyers for the Church,
      9    Sandy Weinberg, Lee Fugate, there's a woman,
     10    Laura Vaughan.
     11               THE WITNESS: No.
     12               MR. McGARRY: That's about all the questions
     13    I have. We can take a break or we can finish up.
     14    These two gentlemen might have a few questions I
     15    neglected to ask you. If you want to wrap it up, we
     16    can do it. I don't think there will be too many more.
     17                           EXAMINATION
     19          Q.   You said -- did you discuss Lisa's watch with
     20    Susanne Schnurrenberger?
     21          A.   Not discuss in this sense, but I was there several
     22    times when she was watching her before the time period.
     23    was -- Susanne was helping me translating something.
     24          Q.   I see.
     25          A.   Right. And then I was there, and I was with Lisa

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4145 Image


      1    for an hour or two, right, and then Susanne came back, or I
      2    was in the room with them together.
      3          Q.   And this was in June or in November?
      4          A.   No, earlier times.
      5          Q.   Okay. Did you ever discuss the November watch
      6    with Susanne?
      7          A.   I don't -- no, I can't --
      8          Q.   No, you don't know?
      9          A.   I don't remember. I may have --
     10          MR. LAURO: I don't know if this was asked,
     11    Susanne- Schnurrenberger was physically present during
     12    your watch, it was the two of you?
     13          THE WITNESS: Oh, yeah, we were both
     14    together.
     15          Q.   So much of what you wrote in this report --
     16          A.   Yeah, I would not stay with Lisa alone for one
     17    second.
     18          Q.   Was that an order, not to stay with her alone?
     19          A.   No. I was -- I would not do it.  I would not stay
     20    with her alone.  Way she was, in my eyes, I thought she
     21    would kill me.
     22          Q.   Was she violent at you?
     23          A.   No. She was -- like we was trying to give her
     24    something to eat, right, or she wanted to have a banana, and
     25    then she put it all in her mouth, and then she spit it all

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4146 Image


      1    out.
      2               And then at one point she was like -- it was not a
      3    table, but where you have stuff on, she was throwing it all
      4    off the table, right.  And we had -- there was glass and
      5    stuff like this, right, and it fall on the floor.  And we
      6    didn't want her to get hurt, you see. And after this,
      7    everything what she could hurt herself we got out of the
      8    room and made sure that --
      9          Q.   Did you ever have to summon the guard to come and
      10   help you or did you do that yourself?
      11         A.   No, we did it ourself. But we knew then that she
      12   could be really violent. But I was like  I knew Lisa, she
      13   was very close. Every time she hugged me, she kissed me.
      14   And  and -this is - now I have Lisa where I was scared
      15   about it, to get killed. You see what I was like. -
      16         Q.   What kind of physical condition was Lisa in?
      17         A.   I think she was in a good condition. She had
      18   one --
      19         Q.   Go ahead.
      20         A.   Yeah, she had one bruise. Browse? Bruise?
      21         Q.   Bruise.
      22         A.   Yeah, on her leg, right.
      23              And she did- all kinds of funny things in this
      24 night, right.  She was -- there were two beds in this room,
      25 right.  And then she was rolling out of the bed onto the

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4147 Image


      1    floor. Then she was hurting herself, right. And then I was
      2    getting her up from the floor. I put her back to bed,
      3    right. And then she was doing it again. And then I moved
      4    the bed against the wall, she stopped it. She was like  -
      5    she would hurt herself, you see. Is like ...
      6          Q.   So she would purposely roll out of bed?
      7          A.   Yeah. She rolled out of bed purposely, right.
      8          Q.   Was she violent towards Susanne Schnurrenberger?
      9          A.   No, she wasn't violent. But you -- you know when
     10    somebody is like this, where you have this -- I had this
     11    feeling like if -- if ...
     12          Q.   Her -- Lisa was tall right?
     13          A.   Yeah.
     14          Q.   She's taller than you?
     15          A.   Yeah, sure, taller. Yeah, that why I was scared,
     16    you see, she could
     17          Q.   So at this point had she lost any weight?  Was she
     18    still pretty heavy?
     19          A.   Oh, yeah, she was the same as she always was.
     20          Q.   As she always was?
     21          A.   Oh, yeah, she was the same.  She was strong.
     22          Q.   So physically she was strong?
     23          A.   Yeah. -- Yeah.
     24               Susanne was taller, she was almost about same
     25    height as Lisa was, right. And Susanne knew exactly how to

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4148 Image


      1    handle her. She treated her like a little kid, you see.
      2          Q.   She had experience, right?
      3          A.   Yeah, she had experience from ... -
      4          Q.   Is this the first time you were involved in any of
      5    these watches?
      6          A.   I knew that Susanne was doing the watches before.
      7     And I went -- Susanne helped me on the translations.  And
      8     Susanne was laying with Lisa in one bed and Lisa was having
      9     her arm around Susanne and then she was quiet.  And this was
      10    a way she got her to sleep, right.
      11         Q.   So she trusted Susanne?
      12         A.   Oh, totally. Totally. She was like her mom, you
      13    see. She was like ...
      14         Q.   When did Susanne leave Clearwater?
      15         A.    (Witness shakes head negatively.)
      16         Q.   You don't know?
      17         A.   I don't know. -
      18         Q.   You said that you'd met Janice Johnson somewhere
      19     on the street and you discussed --
      20         A.   I may I said. I -- I don't know.
      21         Q.   Okay. But you did say that you discussed Lisa
      22     with Janice Johnson?
      23         A.   Yeah, I was trying to find out, but she didn't
      24     tell me.
      25         Q.   So you're aware that Janice Johnson had something

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4149 Image


      1    at least to do with the watch?
      2          A.   Yeah. Yeah, I knew. And I wanted to know how
      3    Lisa was doing.
      4          Q.   What did you understand her role to be there?
      5          A.   Huh?
      6          Q.   What did you understand Janice Johnson's role to
      7    be in the watch?  What was her job on the watch?
      8          A.   What I understood?
      9          Q.   Yes.
     10          A.   To make sure that -- that Lisa is okay.
     11          Q.   Okay.
     12          A.   That's what I understood.
     13          Q.   So her medical condition?
     14          A.   Yeah. Not medical condition, but like making sure
     15    that is okay.  She was a Medical Liaison Officer, she was
     16    not a doctor, you see.
     17          Q.   You don't know Janice Johnson to be a doctor?
     18          A.   She is a doctor, yeah. She was a doctor
     19    previously, yeah, I know that.
     20          Q.   Okay. Was there a telephone in this room, in that
     21    Cabana, Room 174, do you remember?
     22          A.   I don't remember the number anymore.
     23          Q.   Okay. Was there a telephone?
     24          A.   But I know is place where --
     25          Q.   Was there a telephone in there?

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4150 Image


      1          A.   Normally there are telephones in the room, but I
      2    cannot tell you there was a phone in the room. I know
      3    everything what could hurt somebody was taken out of the
      4    room.
      5          Q.   Okay. If you needed to communicate on the
      6    outside, how would you communicate? Did you have a radio or
      7    something?
      8          A.   Oh, good question. I don't know if I had -- I may
      9    had a radio, I don't know anymore.
      10         Q.   You don't remember?
      11         A.   No.
      12         Q.   If Lisa wanted to communicate outside the room,
      13   would they have afforded her the use of a telephone?
      14         A.   No, I don't think so.
      15         Q.   Could she have family visit her?
      16         A.   No, not that I know.  Not the night I was there.
      17         Q.   As far as you know, did anybody notify her family
      18   that she was in this watch --
      19         A.   I have no --
      20         Q.   -- or having this mental or physical problem,
      21   whatever?
      22         A.   I have no information on this.
      23         Q.   You don't know.
      24              Did you ever observe Janice Johnson come to the
      25   room? Did she come there while you were there?

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4151 Image


      1          A.   No, not -- no.
      2          Q.   Did anybody come to the room besides yourself and
      3    Susanne Schnurrenberger while you were there?
      4          A.   This night, no. - Maybe the next morning.
      s          Q.   Who would that have been?
      6          A.   Well, maybe I went to Security, I don't know.  We
      7    getting replace after certain time of hours.  I don't know
      8    if somebody came or -- oh, yeah, somebody came.  I think
      9    somebody came in the morning, but I don't remember.
      10         Q.   You don't remember who?
      11         A.   No, no.
      12         Q.   And who directed you to write reports,
      13   Alain Kartuzinski or PK?
      14         A.   No, I knew I had to write a report. And I maybe
      15   doesn't do it and somebody remind me or I did it on my own,
      16   I don't remember.
      17         Q.   Who told you they had to go to Alain Kartuzinski?
      18         A.   Where it should go otherwise? He was the
      19   Senior -- that was the CS, he had to know the data, you see.
      20   He needed this information, how she was doing physically.
      21         Q.   Okay. Did you talk to Alain Kartuzinski after
      22   your watch about Lisa?
      23         A.   I may told him what happened, but I don't
      24    remember.  I was very, like -- I was, as I said, I was in
      25    shock, you see. She was very close or she was a friend

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4152 Image


      1    and -- and the friend was now --
      2          Q.   Did you go back at all during the watch to check
      3    on her, see how she was doing, if she needed anything?
      4          A.   During this other time, no.  I was -- I knew that
      5    somebody else was with her all the time. I was --
      6          Q. You didn't go back?
      7                  MR. LAURO: Hold on. I know you don't mean
      8    to, but you're not letting her finish her statement
      9    before you ask the next question.
     10          A.   I knew that people were with her all the time.
     11          Q.   Okay. So you didn't go back?
     12          A.   No.
     13          Q.   Okay. Have you discussed this case or testimony
     14    today here with anyone other than Mr. Lauro?
     15          A.   That I'm going?
     16          Q.   No, your testimony here today.
     17          A.   Yeah.
     18          Q.   Have you discussed that with anyone other than
     19    Mr. Lauro?
     20          A.   No. No.
     21          Q.   You haven't discussed it.
     22               When is the last time you discussed this case with
     23    anyone other than Mr. Lauro?
     24          A.   Nobody.
     25          Q.   You never talked about this case since Lisa passed

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4153 Image


      1    away?
      2          A.   I talked to -- I had a session on this once, I
      3    went in session.
      4          Q.   Okay.
      5          A.   I had a session myself.
      6          Q.   Who was that with?
      7          A.   I don't know.  I know her last name.  Anderson is
      8    her last name.             -
      9          Q.   What's her last name?
      10         A.   Anderson.
      11         Q.   Anderson?
      12         A.   Uh-huh.
      13         Q.   And that was an auditing session?
      14         A.   Uh-huh.
      15         Q.   Have you ever -- do you know what a Sec Check is?
      16         A.   Yeah, I know what a Sec Check is.
      17         Q.   Have you ever had a Sec Check concerning this
      18     case --
      19          A.   No.
      20          Q.   -- or concerning your testimony here?
      21          A.   No.
      22          Q.   You had said that these PC folders, there were
      23     about 20 of them, 20 to 30 I think you said?
      24          A.   Yeah, this what I'm guessing. I know it was a
      25     lot.

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4154 Image


      1          Q.   A lot of folders?
      2          A.   Yeah.
      3          Q.   So there were 20 to 30 folders and you estimated
      4    between three and four inches thick each?
      5          A.   Yeah, about this. (Indicating)
      6          Q.   So that's basically eight to ten foot of folders,
      7    right?
      8          A.   I don't know what eight to ten foot is.
      9          Q.   I'm sorry. I know you're on the metric system,
     10    but for us that's a lot.
     11          A.   Yeah.  Yeah, it was a lot.  I knew I couldn't
     12    carry it alone.
     13          Q.   You had to use a dolly?
     14          A.   Yeah, somebody put it on a dolly and got it up.
     as               Oh, yeah, dolly, exactly.  This was the word I was
     16    looking for earlier.
     17          Q.   And took them to Mr. Kartuzinski's office?
     18          A.   Yeah.
     19          Q.   Did you ever see them after, those folders? Do
     20    you know where they're at today?
     21          A.   Today, I can only assume that we have it in the
     22    warehouse.
     23          Q.   In the warehouse?
     24          A.   Yeah. This what I assume, this where the folders
     25    are going, but I don't know, I never saw them again.

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4155 Image


      1          Q.   I wish it were that simple.
      2               When you gave Lisa the note from Mr. Kartuzinski,
      3    what did she say?
      4          A.   Huh?
      5          Q.   When you gave Lisa the note from
      6    Alain Karuzinski, what did she say?
      7          A.   She didn't say anything.  She acted very, very
      8    weird, right.
      9          Q.   Very what?
     10                   MR. McGARRY: Weird.
     11          A.   Weird, yeah.
     12               Yeah.  And in this moment when I showed her this,
     13    then I knew it was totally somebody else I had in front of
     14    me, right.
     15          Q.   Was she clothed at that time? When you were there
     16    was she kept in clothing or how was she kept?
     17          A.   No, she had a shirt -- a shirt and little pants
     18    she had on.  She didn't have much clothes on.
     19          Q.   Okay.
     20          A.   And she was really like
     21          Q.   Did she try to go out the door?
     22          A.   No. No. She didn't know who I was and she was
     23    like
     24               SPECIAL AGENT STROPE: I don't have any
     25         further questions. Thank you.

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4156 Image


      1                   EXAMINATION
      3          Q.   Did she ask to leave while you were there?
      4          A.   No. She didn't talk to you like this, that she
      5    could say, oh, I want this or I want this. She wasn't able
      6    to talk.  She was saying things, but like weird things.  But
      7    she wouldn't ask you, can I have a drink or can I go to the
      8    bathroom.  She would not ask, she was like ...
      9          Q.   Okay. Was Security outside the room, outside the
      10   motel room or the Cabana room while you were on watch?
      11         A.   Yeah, it was -- this is how it was set up for the
      12   night, right.  When we -- I was scared about it, that she
      13   gets violent, right. And then it was set up that we are two
      14   people in the room, it's not a man in the room, there are
      15   basically womans in the room, and one man as a
      16   Security Guard outside.
      17         Q.   Okay.  Do you remember who that was?
      18         A.   No, I don't remember who this was.
      19         Q.   Now, do you know that he was really out there?
      20   Did you see him at any time?                                    -
      21         A.   No.  I know this was to be set up like this, but I
      22   don't know if somebody was out there.
      23         Q.   All right. You said that you had a session with a
      24   person by the last name of?
      25         A.   Anderson.

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4157 Image


      1          Q.   Anderson?
      2          A.   Yeah.
      3          Q.   Now, is that the same    person that may go by the
      4    name of Jane Jenczh? Is that her married name, Jenczh?
      5               Is that a female?
      6          A.   Yeah.
      7          Q.   It's a female?
      8          A.   Yeah.
      9          Q.   Do you know how to spell that last name?
     10          A.   I think A-n-d-e-r-s-o-n, but I'm not hundred
     11    percent.
     12          Q.   Do you know if her first name is Jane?
     13          A.   I don't know. I don't know --
     14          Q.   Okay.
     15          A.   -- but I don't think so.
     16          Q.   That person that came to have the session, was she
     17    a local person here or did she come from Los Angeles?
     18          A.   She was before in Los Angeles, yeah.
     19          Q.   She was in Los Angeles, okay.
     20          A.   I had the session this  year, not like --
     21          Q.   This year?
     22          A.   This year.
     23          Q.   On this incident?
     24          A.   Yeah.
     25          Q.   Okay. Do you know what month that was this year?

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4158 Image


      1    You're talking `97?
      2          A.   `97. I'm talking `97. This was this year.
      3          Q.   Do you remember what month?
      4          A.   I think January or February, is what I remember.
      5          Q.   Now, was -- was this a spiritual meeting?
      6          A.   Yeah. Yeah, was a counseling.
      7          Q.   Is that because of something you did wrong?
      8               I'm a little confused on that part of the
      9   religion. Is that --
     10          A.   No. I was like -- I was -- I'm like still -- she
     11    was a friend of mine, you see, and I have grief about this,
     12    you see.  She was a close friend and she died, you see.
     13    It's like ...
     14          Q.   Did you request that session?
     15          A.   No.
     16          Q.   The Church told you you were going to have that
     17    session?
     18          A.   Yeah. And I was very happy to get the session.
     19          Q.   Okay.
     20          A.   I was very happy.
     21          Q.   Who would tell you that you were going to have
     22    that session?
     23          A.   She told me.
     24          Q.   This lady here?
     25          A.   Yeah, she told me.

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4159 Image


      1          Q.   Now, how did she communicate that to you?  Did she
      2    send  you, a note that says meet me at this time?
      3          A.   No. She come by and says.  I was sick to this
      4    time.
      5          Q.   If I had a picture of her, would you be able to
      6    identify her again?
      7          A.   Sure.  Sure.
      8          Q.   Is she still in Clearwater?
      9          A.   Yeah, sure, absolutely.
     10          Q.   Where would I find her?
     11          A.   Where you would --
     12          Q.   Where would I find her?
     13          A.   She works in OSA.
     14          Q.   She works here now?
     15          A.   Yeah.
     16          Q.   In Clearwater in OSA?
     17          A.   Yeah.
     18          Q.   You said that you were told Alain Kartuzinski was
     19    already intensively working on Lisa's folders when you went
     20    to go get them?
     21          A.   No, this was I assumed myself.
     22          Q.   Oh, okay. You assumed he was already working on
     23    them?
     24          A.   Yeah. I don't know if that's -- I was told.
     25          Q.   Let me ask you about these reports.

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4160 Image


      1               If we could go to the Susanne Schnurrenberger
      2    reports, all these reports that are listed on the top from
      3    the Medical Office Manager, which I think that's what her
      4    title was --
      S          A.   Yeah.
      6          Q.   -- Medical Office Manager.
      7               Now, that report, that first one you run into, up
      8    on the top right, okay, it says November 18th.
      9          A.   Yeah.
     10          Q.   And it starts at 2:45 p.m.
     11          A.   Uh-huh.
     12          Q.   All right. Were you there then with Susanne?
     13          A.   You have a calendar here?
     14          Q.   Yes, ma'am. -
     15               Here's November. And this would have been
     16     Saturday, the 18th. So this would have been Saturday
     17     afternoon at 2:45 p.m.
     18          A.   No, I watched her on -- from Sunday to Monday.
     19          Q.   Sunday at what time? What kind of hours? In the
     20     morning, a.m.?
     21          A.    No, no, no. At night. I gave her this note about
     22     7:30 or some -- around this time.
     23          Q.    Okay.
     24          A.    And then I watched -- I was -- I left for an hour
     25     or so, and then I came back, and then I was the night there.

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4161 Image


      1          Q.   All right.  This is a little confusing.  I'm going
      2    to try to work through it.
      3               If we assume that that date is incorrect -- and it
      4    can't be correct because Lisa wasn't even in the accident
      S    yet --
      6          A.   Yeah, it was happen on Saturday and she was
      7    already there from --
      8          Q.   So I'm assuming -- this one here is dated the
      9    18th. The next one, if you look, that's dated the 19th.
     10    I'm trying to figure out -- would you be able to read this
     11    report and tell me if you were there with
     12    Susanne Schnurrenberger when that was written?  Would that
     13    be possible? -
     14          A.   Yeah, I can. - - -
     15               DETECTIVE SERGEANT ANDREWS: Because I think
     16    this is going to be Sunday's, Mr. Lauro.
     17               THE WITNESS: No, I don't think so.
     18               MR. LAURO: I don't know.
     19          Q.   If her accident was at 5:30 at night here, how
     20     could you be taking care of her at 2:45 --
     21          A.   2:45.
     22          Q.   -- p.m., which would be 2:45 in the afternoon on
     23     Saturday?
     24          A.   Oh, no, this is in the night, from Saturday to
     25.    Sunday.

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4162 Image


      1          Q.   So this would probably be Sunday's date, I guess?
      2          A.   Yeah. Yeah, the night.  Saturday starting, yeah.
      3          Q.   Okay.
      4          A.   She had the accident on the 18th, and then later
      5    on she went into the Cabana, right?
      6          Q.   Right.
      7          A.   And the same night was Susanne, I think, wrote
      8    this. Was the next night when I was in the room with
      9    Susanne.  Susanne was mostly sleeping.  So this time Susanne
     10    was sleeping.
     11          Q.   Susanne Greene or Schnurrenberger?
     12          A.   Yeah.
     13          Q.   Okay.
     14          A.   There was two beds, and she was so tired from the
     15    night before that she almost slept through the whole night.
     16          Q.   All right. Could you just quickly read through --
     17          A.   Sure.
     18          Q.   -- and see if you can remember, since you wouldn't
     19    have wrote a report at that time.  Looks like Susanne did,
     20    the other; Susanne.
     21                   (Pause.)
     22          A.   Oh, I wrote this here. This is my handwriting on
     23    this here.
     24               MR. LAURO:  "This" is the word "rush' -
     25               MR. McGARRY: 158.

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4163 Image


      1               SPECIAL AGENT STROPE: 158.
      2          A.   This -- mine only the "rush" here.  Not this
      3    report, but this is my handwriting.
      4          Q.   Why would you write "rush" on that?
      S          A.   I write "rush" on that, that it goes rush to
      6    Alain Kartuzinski.
      7          Q.   Okay.  So do you remember this being a product of
      8    Susanne Schnurrenberger's while you were on watch?
      9          A.   I haven't read this.  I just saw it when I turn
     10    the page. But I can read it.
     11          Q.   Okay.
     12                  (Pause.)
     13          A.   When is 6:45 p.m.?
     14                   SPECIAL AGENT STROPE: That's in the evening.
     15          Q.   We're not sure, but this looks like it's probably
     16    Sunday evening.
     17          A.   Oh, now I know what it was, yes. I think Susanne
     18    asked me to bring it up or I ask her to write it down, was
     19    the  needed information. This is only thing I can see how
     20    this came about.
     21                    (Pause.)
     22          A.   Oh, yeah, I remember this. Susanne was very --
     23    she  couldn't -- she kissed her mouth. Susanne was really --
     24          Q.   Do you remember any of that?
     25          A.   I think Susanne told me this.  She was like

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4164 Image


      1    really ...
      2          Q.   This would have happened before you got there --
      3          A.   Yeah. Yeah.
      4          Q.   -- if Susanne's telling you about it?
      5          A.   Yeah.
      6          Q.   Okay. So there's a possibility that you were not
      7    with Susanne when she did the 18th or 20th or whatever this
      8    is?
      9          A.   I was there afterwards. I came around, as I said,
     10    7:30 or something around this time.
     11          Q.   After this?
     12          A.   Or seven o'clock or whenever.
     13          Q.   All right.
     14          A.   I maybe was around this time and I ask her to
     15    write it after.
     16          Q.   All righty. If you'll go to two more pages to
     17    160.
     18          A.   I haven't read all this.
     19          Q.   Okay.
     20          A.   Do you want me to read it?
     21          Q.   Only if you think by reading it you could tell us
     22    you were there. If you know you were not there yet, that's
     23    okay.
     24                  (Pause.)
     25          A.   Yeah, I remember that Susanne told me that she was

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4165 Image


      1    trying to get outside.
      2          Q.   She was trying to get outside the room?
      3          A.   Yeah.
      4          Q.   Okay. Would you let her leave?
      5          A.   No. No.
      6          Q.   Okay.
      7          A.   You don't know what she does, you see. She would
      8    be maybe running in a car, no.
      9          Q.   If this was a regular normal watch and she wasn't
     10    a violent PTS --
     11          A.   Oh, yeah. Why you shouldn't let her leave, you
     12    see. But --
     13          Q.   -- she could leave?
     14          A.   Oh, yeah.
     15          Q.   Okay.
     16          A.   But you have to make sure that like -- she was a
     17    friend of mine, you see. It's like ...
     18          Q.   Okay; This writing here seems to get a little
     19    bigger, sort of similar to yours, but it still looks like it
     20    may be Susanne's. That's not your writing either?
     21          A.   No, it's not my writing.
     22          Q.   Okay.  We're still not sure whether you're -there
     23    at this time or not.
     24          A.   Yeah, that's why I'm, reading it.
     25          Q.   Okay.

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4166 Image


      1                    (Pause.)
      2          Q.   Okay. This one is 160, and if you look at. the
      3    first sentence in that one, I think it mentions you.
      4          A.   Yeah.
      5          Q.   Okay. So at 1:50p.m. on the 20th of November
      6    Susanne Schnurrenberger's writing this as though you've
      7-   already --
      8          A.   I was already there.
      9          Q.   You were already there?
      10         A.   I was the one who put her back to bed.
      11         Q.   Kept putting her back to bed.
      12         A.   She was staying up, every five minutes she was
      13   staying up, and then I put her back to bed.
      14         Q.   Okay. Were you there when she tried to give her
      15   water and she threw it down on the floor?  She says in here,
      16   I gave her a cup of water and she --
      17         A.   Yeah, she threw something down.
      18         Q.   Okay.
      19         A.   Yeah, she was looking in the light bulb thing.
      20         Q.   She indicates in there, three times when Emma or
      21   me gave her a piece of banana, which is Emma Schamehorn, we
      22   put it in her mouth and that she vomited, I guess it's
      23   vomited it out.
      24              Now, did she vomit a lot while you were there?
      25         A.   No. We only try to get her some -- one time

                         KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4167 Image


      1    something to eat when she was throwing it out.
      2          Q.   All right. Did she eat otherwise?
      3          MR. McGARRY: Was she throwing it up or
      4    I spitting it out?
      5          THE WITNESS: She was spitting it out more.
      6          MR. McGARRY: I don't know if that's the same
      7    thing we were thinking.
      8          DETECTIVE SERGEANT ANDREWS: Yeah.
      9          MR. LAURO: There may be a language
     10    difference in terms of how you use "vomit."
     11          A.   She was spitting more like, right. Right, this
     12    what she was doing when I was there.
     13          Q.   Right.
     14               Have you used and are you familiar with the things
     15    that are written in here as far as cal mag and, I guess,
     16    B-1?
     17          A.   Yeah.
     18          Q.   And the second B-i, I guess, she says she vomited
     19    out?
     20          A.   No, she means spits.
     21          Q.   Spit it out?
     22          A.   Spits it. She's spitting it out, yeah.
     23          Q.   Are you familiar with these items and a protein
     24    drink that's listed in here? Are you familiar with those
     25    items?

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4168 Image


      1          A.   Yeah, I know what cal mag, I guess, you see.
      2          Q.   Do you have medical training?
      3          A.   No.
      4          Q.   No medical training?
      5          A.   No.
      6          Q.   Have you used these things?
      7          A.   For myself?
      8          Q.   Yeah, for yourself.
      9          A.   Cal mag, yeah.  I just had today cal mag.
     10          Q.   What about B-1?
     11          A.   Yeah.
     12          Q.   And protein drinks?
     13          A.   If I have used it before myself?
     14          Q.   Yeah.
     15          A.   Yeah, sure.
     16          Q.   Okay.  Would this be normal, to be given this
     17    stuff, the B-1 and all of those things?
     18          A.   Cal mag?
     19          Q.   Cal mag and protein drinks.
     20          A.   Yeah. It's not unusual, yeah.
     21          Q.   Where would that be coming from in this watch?
     22    Apparently --
     23          A.   This reference from LRH, you see.
     24          Q.   A reference from LRH?
     25          A.   Yeah. -

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4169 Image


      1          Q.   In Lisa's particular case, who would be giving the
      2    orders to give this stuff?
      3          A.   The CS would be give the order or the
      4    Medical Liaison Officer.
      5          Q.   The CS would be giving it to her?
      6          A.   Yeah. Or would be giving the instruction, or the
      7    Medical Liaison Officer, or in liaison with.
      8          Q.   Okay. With your knowledge of the Church tech,
      9    who's the boss between the CS and the Medical Liaison
     10    Officer?
     11          A.   Depends, you see. The boss is Medical Liaison
     12    Officer of medical thing, you see, who is the boss on it,
     13    who liasion with the doctor, right. -
     14          Q.   Right.
     15          A.   And the CS is the one who decides what happens on,
     16    the case.
     17          Q.   Okay.
     18          A.   Those are two --
     19          Q.   Okay.
     20          A.   One is a body and one is a spiritual thing, you
     21    see.
     22          Q.   Okay.
     23          A.   The CS is definite -- he's the boss over the
     24    spiritual thing.
     25          Q.   So they kind of collaborate together and make all

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4170 Image


      1    these decisions depending on which part of Lisa needed this,
      2    whether her body needed it,  it was Janice Johnson, and
      3    whether her spirit needed it, they kind of intermix a little
      4    bit?
      5          A.   Yeah. But they work together, you see.
      6          Q.   Okay.
      7          A.   If your body is not in good shape, you go see a
      8    doctor or find out what's happening, you see.  You need the
      9    treatment for the body and then --
     10          Q.   Then that would be --
     11          A.   Yeah. -
     12          Q.   Okay. on your report that you wrote you titled it
     13    "Sen C/S" with a back arrow.
     14          A.   What is this?
     15          Q.   On the top of your report.  I'm sorry.
     16          A.   What page is this?
     17          Q.   136.
     18               Can you see that you titled it up there -- maybe
     19    mine is a little easier -- "Sen C/S"?
     20          A.   This means Senior CS.
     21          Q.   Yes, with a back arrow.
     22               Tell me about the Senior CS.  Who's that?
     23          A.   This is Aiain Kartuzinski to this point.
     24          Q.   So you're writing this report, you know, to the
     25    Senior CS, being Alain Kartuzinski?

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      1          A.   Yes.
      2          Q.   What's the back arrow mean?
      3          A.   That it goes to him.
      4          Q.   Okay.
      5          A.   Yeah, this is, you do the -- we do the arrow, it
      6    shows this is where the communication goes to.
      7          Q.   Okay.
      8          A.   That's all what it says.
      9          Q.   Did anyone other than your attorney show you any
     10    reports involved with Lisa Mcpherson?
     11          A.   No.
     12               DETECTIVE SERGEANT ANDREWS: I think I'm
     13    almost done.
     14               And I am. Thank you very much.
     15               MR. LAURO: There's just one point I need to
     16    clarify with her for a second.  If we could just step
     17    out and come back in.
     18               MR. McGARRY: All right.
     19                 (Off the record.)
     20               MR. LAURO: There's one small point that,
     21    Mark, you had asked whether Lisa had ever gone towards
     22    the door or gone out or tried to get out.
     23               And I think you just need to clarify that on
     24    the record, what your recollection is of that night.
     25               THE WITNESS: Yeah.  I don't know exact if

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

Page 4172 Image


      1    she tried to go or not, I -- I'm not hundred percent
      2    sure about this.
      3               MR. LAURO: But she may have gone in the area
      4    of the door, but she's not sure --
      5               THE WITNESS: I was sitting right next to the
      6    door.
      7               MR. McGARRY: Did you ever stop her from
      8    going out the door?  Did you have to get in between the
      9    door and her?
     10               THE WITNESS: I don't think so. I was
     ii    right -- when this was a room, right, she was laying in
     12    the bed there.  Susanne was sleeping here.  And I was
     13    right in front of the door, that she -- basically every
     14    time she tried to go into the direction, I would not
     15    let her go in this direction, right.  But she was also
     16    playing around with staying up and ...
     17               MR. LAURO: That's all I wanted to clarify.
     18               MR. McGARRY: All right. Thank you.
     19               DETECTIVE SERGEANT ANDREWS: Thank you very
     20    much.
     22    CONCLUDED AT 3:00 P.M.)

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      1                        CERTIFICATE OF OATH

      3    STATE OF FLORIDA    )
           COUNTY OF PINELLAS  )

      5              I, the undersigned authority, certify that the
           aforesaid deponent personally appeared before me and was
      6    duly sworn.

                     WITNESS my hand and official seal this _2nd_ day
           of  ___October___,  1977

     10                          RUTH M. MARTIN, R.M.R.
                                 Notary Public - State of Florida
     11                          Commission No. CC 643284
                                 Commission Expires: 4/29/2001

           STATE OF FLORIDA   )


                     I, RUTH M. MARTIN, Registered Merit Reporter,
     16    certify that I was authorized to and did stenographically
           report the sworn statement of the aforenamed deponent and
     17    that the transbript is a true and complete record of my
           stenographic notes.
     18               I further certify that I am not a relative,
           employee, attorney, or counsel of any of the parties, nor am
     19    I a relative or employee of any of the parties' attorney or
           counsel connected with the action, nor am I financially
     20    interested in the action.

                       DATED this _2nd__ day of ____October___, 1997.
                                      RUTH M. MARTIN, RNR

                      KANABAY COURT REPORTERS - (813) 821-3320

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