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Subject: Re: McPherson

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Date: 7 Feb 1997 15:47:51 GMT

In article , Dave Bird---St Hippo of Augustine wrote:

> I doubt they were freely allowed to wander anywhere: they must be
> under close supervision somewhere. If they were returned to their
> home countries this would support a shore story "well, they finished
> their courses and went home"---but there is also a risk that they
> could be known or could choose to get away. Maybe they are in
> secure and/or remore places in America itself, or Mexico; maybe they
> have been removed to some secure third country. Maybe they were put
> on a boat and headed out for somewhere like the Bahamas, which is
> also a convenient bolt-hole...


Susanne Schnurrenberger, one of the missing witnesses in the McPherson case, is finally located. It took me just a few telephone calls today to find her. (Which makes me wonder what the Police took so long... it was really easy)

I talked to her personally and urged her to contact the Clearwater Police Department. Which she most likely has already down now.

First of all, and despite all speculations made, she is doing fine. She claimed to not know that the whole world is looking for her or that Lisa's death is still a matter of investigation.

Briefly, here's what she told me concerning Lisa McPherson:

Since she was "medical officer", they called her when Lisa was brought to Ft Harrison Hotel. She was told that Lisa was cracked up and that she should take care for her. She was there the first two days and nights. After that someone else took over and she was relieved, and that was it. Later she was told that Lisa had died of a thrombosis.

That's what she said.

Furthermore she said that she had been in Clearwater all the time and left the USA just recently. She said she did not know of any investigation going on and was definitely not on the run.

When I asked her, what was the matter with Lisa and what Susanne did while being with Lisa, she answered: "Lisa was confused and couldn't get any sleep. I was comforting her, reading to her to calm her down, and we were walking the beach for several hours. I wanted to get her tired so that she could find some sleep finally. But though I myself was almost falling asleep, Lisa stayed awake. So the relieved me finally, when I was exhausted."

I fed her with some details from the autopsy report. She was flabbergasted.

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