Anonymous posting of what allegedly is Bob Mintons' psychiatric history

2 August 2001

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Subject: Minton's dementia; Is it any wonder?
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Minton has been under extensive psychiatric care throughout his life. 
He has been seen for treatment by at least five psychs.

Madison Sanatorium:  In about 1963 Minton was sent to this mental
facility after a violent falling out with his father.  It is not known
what psychs treated him at this sanatorium.

Doctor Saeger: Minton and his then wife, Cynthia Wharton, saw him in
NYC at a mental clinic circa 1977/78.  Minton was diagnosed with
bi-polar personality disorder and was taking drugs to treat it.

Jennifer Rathbun:  Mass General and McLeans associated.  She is a
child psych.  Her husband is a psych at Harvard.

Doctor Robert Abernethy:  Mass General psychiatrist most recently
treating Minton in Boston.  Studied and worked at Eric Lindemann
Center where he was the director of their Freedom Trail Clinic.

Doctor Terrence Real:  Trendy psych in Cambridge; expert on Prozac and
on male depression.

The insane sometimes don't know what they're doing.

To Life and Death of Lisa McPherson