In memory of Lisa McPherson
a poem by Charlotte L. Kates

I wrote this today; I was thinking about Lisa, and the logs, and CW, and Scientology, and wrote as I went. It's short, and I don't know what you'll think, but it's a little expression of how I feel about Lisa's memory... -- wrote Charlotte on the 28th of October 1998

The name of one lost woman still sounds in hearts and minds today
one small tear shifts down a cheek at the price she was to pay
For her beliefs and honesty, her friends and comrades dear
Imprisoned her and locked her there, to keep her, hold her here.

There's a mourning veil hanging over the Fort Harrison today
A stain of blood and wrongful trust that cannot be washed away
The records betray her, the voices of friends speak heavily of tech
The policies followed,  and standard applied, and run to full effect.

As management watched and the seniors stood close, as in isolation she lay
Run down run on, as crying and dying, to force her fears and tears away. 
One sad story, but repeated hidden so many times
The lies that bury deep the dead and  cover up the crimes. 

Across the nation around the world, the crimes are codified. 
Denial of help, rejection of aid, the cures in promised lies. 
To restore health and heal the mind and patch the needy soul 
But all that comes is loss and hurt, illusions take their toll. 

They've been disconnected, introspected, angels cry.
The children rendered hopeless under Happy Valley sky. 
And one tale has escaped the dark and lives on with us today. 
The name of Lisa lingers on; and in her name we pray. 

For freedom for those trapped inside, freedom from lies and theft and hate
Freedom from the dark of night and from that bitter fate
Freedom to live, freedom to think, freedom for health and to survive
Freedom to leave, freedom to love, freedom to speak and write and thrive. 

The freedoms they deny inside, are the freedoms that we all hold dear
Scientologists deserve them as well, despite their leaders' fears
That given the choice they will go free and away from the land of lies
That imprisons them and holds them down, and off into blue skies. 

And in her case, inside Scientology's Mecca of  the Tech, 
A prison for the soul and mind, wrought large to great effect
Became the prison for her body too, disregarded and denied
Her body bitten, forsaken and destroyed, by Standard Tech's lies. 

The words of hubbard, sacred tech, enscribed in volumes red
Prescribed her isolation, her imprisonment in bed
Forbade her to speak or be spoken to and forbade her to leave
And so they did, and kept her there, despite her cries and screams. 

The countless victims still call out for justice, and in her name we stand
To carry the torch, the banner of freedom for every woman and man
Trapped in prisons for bodies, souls and minds; trapped in worlds of pain
Lisa is gone today, but her memory remains

And in that memory we stand, in that our heads we bow
Remembering one victim of those who abuse our trust, who seek out us to cow
In that memory we recall the many hurt and lost
Through the years of mind control, the bitter human loss.

The years of destruction, the crimes and the pain
The terrible costs were not suffered in vain 
She is gone, she is passed, she cannot speak now
Yet her memory lives on here, our eternal vow.

Never again, never again, we say tonight
It is in her name we continue this fight...

In memoriam, Lisa McPherson, 1959-1995.

Charlotte L. Kates

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