Lisa McPherson's baby-watch logs

The logs were released in the summer of 1997 on orders from the judge hearing the McPherson estate's lawsuit

FSO 00147

29 Nov 95

SNR C/S FSO Valerie Demange 1100 AM

Re: Lisa McPherson

Dear Sir,

Around 7:00 PM yesterday night Lisa had a protein drink as well as a glass of water. We were also able to get her B vitamins. She also had herbs to help her sleep. This night she slept for 2 hours and half straight and later half an hour more. The rest of the time she talks and move on her bed or on the floor. She was violent for about 2 hours yesterday night, the rest of the time she was calmer and looks very tired.

Much Love Valerie Demange

FSO 00215



From: Valerie Demange 1:20 PM

Re: Lisa McPherson

(Addition to the morning report)

Dear Sir,

Since 11:00 AM yesterday morning, Lisa slept 3 hours during the day (it was 3 times 1 hour) and as I wrote earlier she did sleep 3 hours this last night.

1 hour and half ago, she drunk a full protein drink as well as took 300 mg B1, minerals, B complex, 200 mg of potassium. We then had her take a bath as it has been successful yesterday to have her sleep.



FSO 00216

29/11/95 11:30 AM

MLO Report

Lisa McPherson

Had about 3 hrs sleep last night. The 'watch' said she was quieter, but suspects its because she's weak, in spite of protein drink, etc of yesterday.

Vitamins & protein drink being prepared for her now.

Will be given Cal Mag as well.

[illegible] P/MLO

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