Lisa McPherson's baby-watch logs

The logs were released in the summer of 1997 on orders from the judge hearing the McPherson estate's lawsuit

FSO 149 [?]

30 Nov 95
Friday AM

Dear Sir,

9 PM - 1 AM Awake. On floor scooting around, moving arms & legs & speaking & groaning. Had 4 ozs of a thick, rich protein shake from the Pavilion.

1AM Dr Johnson just visited. Not possible for her to have any more chloralhydrate. I need to get 4 more valarian root capsules into her & a quart of fluid.

I am mixing up a medium of mashed bannana, OJ & some of her strawberry protein drink to mask the taste of the valarian root.

1:30 - 5:00 I probably got the equivalent of 3 valarien root caps into her. It took 4 feedings over a 4 1/2 hour period.

She will appear to be very cooperative -- hold her mouth open, make eye contact, at as if she is there, then close the back of her throat & not swallow. Her voice becomes nasal & she mutters rather than pronounce her words properly. My idea of closing her nose so she has to swallow so she can breathe through her mouth is only marginally successfull. She either swallows & breathes or she lets everything in her mouth come out.

When she refuses to swallow & just spits everything out I leave her alone & try again later.

She just dozed for minutes at a time. No signifigant block of sleep.

8 AM Cleaning her & the room & getting her into clean cloths. She has had 2 very small BMs in the past 24 hrs & has urinated 5 times.

I am going to give her more bannana & finish her shake & give her herb tea also.

9:15 AM I got a small amount of the bannana & shake mixture into her & about an ounce of tea.

She is much more physically strong this AM. She sits up frequently & for long periods of time. Whereas yesterday I only saw her sit up once -- she was lying on the floor scooting around. She is using her legs to kick again. Yesterday it wasn't much of a threat.

[illegible name] went completely solid this AM & would

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FSO 00150 [?]

not help me feed Lisa. I couldn't have enough of a comm cycle with her to get her to help so I used the radio to call Security & sent her out. A Security guard spoke with her & she came back in. She sat in the corner & cried for a while then helped me feed Lisa.

[ARC symbol}
Rita Boykin


9:45 Sylvia hasn't snapped out of it. She is very down and very solid.

P.P.S. Lisa has come uptone -- she was apathetic yesterday -- physically & in her comm -- just a couple spurts of anger & not very determined at that.

This AM she is deliberate & nasty -- even evil.

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FSO 151 [?]

Friday day/evening

11 AM She's asleep! Dr Johnson was here & gave her 2 chloralhydrates. I believe she got the entire amount in each capsule.

1200 She became very restless & almost awakened. I used 2 chloralhydrates & got approx 1 in her. Then sat next to her breathing deeply & sying for about 1/2 hr to get her to immitate the thing & go back to sleep. She kept starting a very fast shallow breathing that was part of her agitation & increasing it.

[time illegible] Still asleep. Has been "put" back to sounder sleep by "sleepy breathing" but never completely awakened.

[time illegible] She awakened around 3:30 & I have not gotten her back to sleep yet. I gave her 4 Valarian Root caps -- she probably actually got 2 1/2 - 3 & 6 of the white tablets. I'm giving her Cal Mag & OJ at every opportunity.

She is wide awake, on the floor, bouncing, humming & talking.

I will be getting a couple of protein shakes for her shortly.

[time illegible] Lisa slept for another hour & has been very quietly resting for another hour. I don't have any more detail than this, as I was asleep also.

She had 1 approx 12 oz protein shake today & approx 10 oz of orange juice. Also about 2 oz cal mag

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