Lisa McPherson's baby-watch logs

The logs were released in the summer of 1997 on orders from the judge hearing the McPherson estate's lawsuit

FSO 00214

1/12/95 1100

MLO Report

Lisa McPherson

Given 2 gm MgCl2 IM at 1030 + 2 - 500mg Chloral Hydrate (capsule pierced and as much possible squirted into her mouth). She swallowed and fell asleep in the middle of a sentence. Resp rate 18-24. Extremities still cool but not cold. S. DLV. needs relief now; I will stay until replacement comes.


1. Valerie or watch personnel w/medical training for next 8 hrs. 2. Needs 2L fluids when awake and attempt to feed.

3. Call if any ?'s prob's.


JJohnson M.O.

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