Lisa McPherson's baby-watch logs

The logs were released in the summer of 1997 on orders from the judge hearing the McPherson estate's lawsuit

Summaries by Brian Anderson (Minkoff debrief) and Marcus Quirino (others). See Statement of Quirino. Scientologist Brian Anderson, signing this summary with CO OSA FLAG, destroyed all the original notes which had been written for the Quirino "summary" by the caretakers. See Statement of Brian J.Anderson.

FSO 00738

5 DEC 95


Tonight I spoke to Dr. David Minkoff regarding Lisa McPherson. Minkoff is an OT 8 who is an MD and he works at the New Port Richey hospital, outside of CW.

I asked him to relate to me what had happened and he told me the following.

He said that tonight about 7:30 - 7:45 PM he received a call from Janice Johnson, the MLO FSO

Janice said that she had seen Lisa McPherson, who was staying in one of the cabanas at the Fort Harrison, and that Lisa looked very sick. Janice said it looked like Lisa had a bad infection and wanted to know if she should be given antibiotics.

Minkoff told Janice that it was better to get her to the hospital and that she should bring Lisa in to see him.

Janice took Lisa and two staff (the SSO and an assistant) with her and drove to the New Port Richey hospital, about 45 minutes away.

When they arrived at the hospital, Lisa was brought back to the Emergency room where Minkoff was working.

Minkoff said that he looked at her and he could see that she was dead.

He said that Janice Johnson stated that Lisa had been gasping and had labored breathing, enroute.

They worked on her for about 20 minutes trying to resusitate her, giving her CPR and antibiotics, but to no avail.

He said that it appeared that she had been overwhelmed by an infection, one which she could not fight off.

He said that it appeared to him as if there had been some infection that overwhelmed the body in maybe 8 - 12 hours.

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FSO 00739


He said that she had marks on her which may be due to the infection, where the infection discolors the flesh under the skin. There was bruises on her hands and feet he said.

He said that he thinks that she may have had meningitis, which is an infectious disease.

He stated that even if she had been brought to another hospital in the area (ie closer to the FH), he felt she still would have died.

Janice Johnson was spoken to by the hospital staff but did not know Lisa's address, phone number, next of kin, Social Security number, etc and explained that she had just been the one to drive Lisa to the hospital and had forgotten to grab Lisa's purse with her ID etc as she was in a hurry.

Minkoff spoke to terminals at the FSO by phone and was given the address and phone number of Lisa.

Minkoff spoke to the Nursing Manager at the hospital, and she tried calling the phone number of Lisa's apartment in CW (to get her roommate to get data on Lisa) but that there was no answer.

Minkoff said that it is routine in matters such s these, where a patient dies quickly when coming to the hospital, that it becomes a Coroner's case. He said that starting tomorrow (Wed) a Coroner will ask questions about the case, and basically will just want to get things answered for himself -what happened, how did she get sick, etc. He said that the Coroner, once through, will sign the death cert.

He said that there will be blood tests done Wed.

He said that since this might be an infectious disease, he will ensure we get notified tomorrow as soon as he knows, as to what disease it was and then we should take precautions that whoever on the Base was in contact with Lisa should get antibiotics.

Minkoff is going to contact us first thing Wed as soon as he hears any data from the Coroner and from Lisa's blood tests re this infection.


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FSO 00740

Heather Hoff --

Starter staying with Lisa 1 week ago wednesday. She started at 400pm and was on flat out 'till 1:30pm on thursday. While Heather was with her Lisa was not violent, she tried to trip heather a couple of times but no other real aggression. She ate some food and took some vitamins at the time. She was very active at the time and was moving around the room a lot.

Heather was then off and the next day While the Dir RAP and Dir I & R were with her Lisa became very violent. Heather was called back over as Lisa had not been violent when she was there. Once Heather arrived the Dentist was there and got 0 - 12 aspirin down her throat. Also possibly got her to take benadril (a sleeping pill)

Heather was then off until 3 days ago when she was put back on. Once she returned to the room she found that Lisa was pale, weak and slept more. Per heather Lisa has not been active in the last 3 days.

During the last 2 days Heather attempted to give her food. Sometimes she would eat and sometimes she would just spit it out.

Per Heather she also had a lot of bruises on her legs, feet, arms, etc from kicking things hitting the walls etc.

Today, most of the day Lisa was in bed to saying anything or not moving, she was breathing. She was given a bath.

Heather left to go to dinner when Laura arrived. Laura said Lisa looked sick and should go to the doctors.

Rita Edwards (Boykin)

Rita was the first on the watch Sunday/Monday 26 and 27th of November. At that time Lisa was extremely agitated and active. She was combative with the other girls staying with her and would ramble on about things, occasionally threatening to attack them.

Rita was then off for a few days, and then came back onto it last Thursday, 30 Nov. At that time she notices that Lisa was not walking around much and sat on the bed quite a bit. She reported that she was weak and not eating much at all. Couple of days ago she seemed to be doing better. However the last 24 hours she has noticeably dropped wieght.

Last 24 hours Lisa had a swollen jaw on the left side of the face and when attempting to feed her comlained about paid in the throat. Rita did administer magnesium shots to Lisa including today.

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FSO 00741


Lesly Woodcraft -

Was with Lisa for 1 night, two weeks ago on 24 November. She said that Lisa was extremely aggitated and moved around the room a lot. She got aggitated a couple of times while Lesly was there and slapped Janis Johnson several times through out the night. She did not sleep that night. She was very non-coherent and would chatter continuously while she was there. She also spent a lot of time in the bathroom turning the water on and off and banging the shower hose around. She then got herself drenched and sprayed water all over the room. Floor got wet. At this point once Joan arrived Lesly went out to get dry clothes for Lisa.

Joan Stevens -

She was also with Lisa for one day the same day and came in to replace Lesly. When she got there, Lisa was awake and agitated she became more agitated and became violent towards Joan, Poking her in the eye and attempting to do it several times. She then attacked Joan with a potted plant in the room, which they took away from her. She then started to hit at things in the room and broke a lamp hanging from the ceiling. There was then glass all over the floor. She then became more and more violent and broke more glass in the bathroom. She then went and got back on her bed and then jumped off landed on the wet floor and then hit her head on the floor. She then attempted to hit her head again on the floor which the watch prevented her from doing. At this point security was called in and she was gotten onto her bed and the room was cleared, all towel bars, hair dryers, glasses etc were removed. The room was then cleaned up.

Barbro Wenberg -

Came in at the tail end of the above. She also was also with Lisa for one day. Nothing more happened once she was there other than Lisa being aggitated.

Patricia Stracener -

Was with Lisa for one night 1 December from 10:00pm to 300 am When Patricia arrived Lisa was asleep. Patricia started to clean the room, Lisa then woke up and started to become aggitated came up and slapped Patty several times Patty would push her arms back down to her side. She was very incoherent and rambling on. Lisa then got sick and vomited. Patty got scared so she called security who said that it was fine. They cleaned it up. Per Patty Lisa was always moving around.

Kenya Smith -

Was with Lisa for 2 nights, 24th of Nov. First night she arrived Lisa was very agitated and Kenya helped calm her down.

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FSO 00742


and then Lisa fell asleep. She then slept for 8 hours. The next night when Kenya arrived, Lisa was babling a lot and talking and was very agitated. She moved around the room a lot. Later Hiede Sesary arrived, another watch member, to replace Valerie Demange. She was not as good with Lisa so Kenya got Valerie back into the room.

Valerie Demage -

Was with Lisa for a few days within about 3 days of Lisa's arrival. Lisa was very aggitated at the time and moved around a lot. Valerie was then off for a 2 days and then put back on, when she got back she noticed that Lisa looked very tired and had only been getting 3 - 5 hours of sleep per night. She was taking Vitamins and protein drink.

Laura Arrunda - MLO Asst.

Laura started with Lisa two weeks ago. Lisa at this time was very stirng and fighting all the time, walking, talking, cleaning the walls, sticking her hands in her mouth alot. There were 3 staff with Lisa. Lisa was with Silvia at first and later with Valerie and then with Rita. The first week she was still very strong and kicking and fighting.

Lisa was eating at some times and other times was putting the food on the floor. She was eating bits at a time. The girls helped her to eat and drink and tried to help her keep eating by offering it to her.

Laura was off for 5 days and then started again last Saturday. Lisa was less strong and sitting and walking more. She was sitting and laying on the floor, rolling around, walking and talking non-sequitor That day she got a magnesium shot and she slept and the next day she was better and not talking non-sequitor. She was only drinking protein shakes and not eating much solid foods. She was then two days looking better and was sleeping this week and talking to Laura at times in PT and watching her. Then two days later -- yesterday she was refusing the protein shake and when Laura arrived today she was looking bad, she was not moving her body. Laura took her to give her a shower. After the shower she was sleeping. Laura was watching her to see that her expiratory range was OK. Her respiratory range and pulse was OK. Laura told Janis, that Lisa was not eating and maybe needed an IV. Janis came to see her and saw she was looking bad. Today her skin color changed to ivory color and looked septic. Janis called the SNR C/S Office and called to Dr Minkoff to get Ok to bring Lisa there to the hospital. Two days ago Lisa was helping to put her clothes on and then deteriorated in the last 24 hours very badly. It was when Laura arrived today that she noticed her doing bad.

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FSO 00743


Lisa had been sleeping better for the last 3 days so had not been given any chloral hydrate in the last 3 days. She was being given magnesium injections however.

Janis Johnson - MLO

Lisa arrived at the FH on 18 Nov, after having been gotten out of Morton Plant. Suzanne Schuremberger stayed with her the fist weekend. Lisa was agitated and got violent with Suzanne over the weekend. Janis also knows that Lisa got violent with other people who were staying with her (including Janis). People were staying with Lisa to make sure she did not hurt herself and that she ate and slept. Lisa thought Janis was a psych and would get very enturbulated and violent when Janis came to check on her, so Janis would just check with people staying with Lisa how she was doing. Janis got Lisa herbs and chloral hydrate to help her sleep, which she was starting to do the last 3 days, until she got sick.

Tonight, Janis was given a message when she got into the office at 7:00PM that Laura needed her. She went to the cabana and saw that Lisa was septic and had bruises on her body which looked like they were from and infection and were not healing properly Laura said she had looked like that when she first saw her today at 5PM. She ran an Alain at that time and discussed with him what they could do. They both called Dr. Minkoff and told him that Lisa was septic and that she needed antibiotics. He said that he would have to see Lisa before giving her antibiotics and that they should bring her to see him at New Port Richey hospital, but that he would only be there until 10. Janis went and got directions to the New Port Richey hospital from Emma and arranged for Paul Greenwood to come along to help. She went back to the cabana and helped Laura get Lisa ready to go. Lisa had had diarhea, so Janis helped Lisa change her. Janis noticed that Lisa had lost a lot of weight. Janis told Lisa that they were taking her to Dr. Minkoff. Lisa acted like she hurt everywhere, but was not hostile and acknowledged Janis in a friendly way.

Paul and Laura lifted Lisa into Janis' van and sat in the back with her. Janis drove. It took 45 minutes to get to the hospital. At one point, janis heard Lisa's breathing get fast and harsh for 10 - 15 seconds and then go back down.

When they got to the hospital Janis opened the door to the van and saw Lisa She thought that she still had some circulation from the was her skin looked. She got an orderly and nurse to come and get her. They put her in a wheelchair. Janis could see that Lisa's blood pressure was very low. Her skin still had color and she thought she saw Lisa breathing. Later, she was standing outside the emergency room where Dr. Minkoff was working on Lisa and saw the EKG screen, which showed no signs of

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FSO 00744



Because of the way Lisa's skin looked, Janis thinks she had a severe infection, like meningitis. Minkoff though the same thing and is having a blood test done. Minkoff asked Janis why she hadn't brought Lisa in earlier and Janis said that Lisa had not looked this sick before today.

The hospital staff wanted to know basic information about Lisa, social security number, address, etc but Janis had left in such a hurry that she forgot Lisa's purse and did not know any of this data. This had to be called in for.

Paul Greenwood:

SSO Paul Greenwood was called tonight and told to go assist Janis Johnson take someone to the hospital who was sick. He went to the cabana, saw Lisa there with Laura A. Janis had gone to get the car. When he saw Lisa she was awake, but looked very sick and was breathing heavily. He asked Laura what they were going to do and she said they were going to take Lisa to the hospital. He and Laura tried to have lisa walk between them, but she was too sick, so he carried her to the car. He sat in the back with Lisa and Laura and Janis drove. Paul did not know which hospital they were going to. It took about 45 minutes to get there. On the way to the hospital, Lisa's breathing became labored and then got fainter and fainter just before they arrived. When they got to the New Port Richey hospital Janis went in to get a doctor. An orderly took Lisa into the hospital in a wheelchair. That is the last he saw her.