Lisa McPherson's baby-watch logs

The logs were released on the 9th of July 1997 over strong objections from Scientology's lawyers, on orders from Circuit Judge James Moody Jr., hearing the McPherson estate's lawsuit

  • Scientology's Logs (filed in triplicate?)
  • FSO 00136 ??? - Shamne Reid??? (00137, 00138 missing)
  • FSO 00156, 00157 November 18 (Note - the times begin prior to her accident)
  • FSO 00158, 00159 November 19 - these 3 days were from "Med. Off. Manager"
  • FSO 00160 November 20 - Med. Off. Manager
  • FSO 00139, 00140 November 21 Valerie Demange
  • FSO 00745, 00746, 00141, 00142 November 22 - a K/R mentioning Valerie, and someone from security
  • FSO 00143, 00144 November 26 Valerie again
  • FSO 00146 ??? (blank, cover page?) (00145 and 00147 are missing)
  • FSO 00148 Wednesday - Nov 28 - Rita
  • FSO 00215-00217 November 29 Valerie Demange
  • FSO 00149-00151 November 30 / December 1st (Friday) - Rita
  • FSO 00214 December 1 Saturday - JJohnson M.O., mentions Valerie
  • FSO 00152-00155 December 2 / 3 - Rita
  • FSO 00738-00744 December 5 - a summary by Brian Anderson (Minkoff debrief) and Marcus Quirino (others). See Statement of Quirino.
  • Per the summary, Heather Hoff was taking care of Lisa on 11/28 and on 12/3-12/5. I have no other FSOs that say "Heather." The Summary about Rita and Valerie matches mostly with the FSOs. Someone named Lesley Woodcraft was with her on the 24th, Joan Stevens and Barbro Wenberg on the 25th, and Kenya Smyth on both days - again, no FSOs. FSO 00143 comments on the violence (breaking glass) that occured on the 25th.
  • Laura Arrunda is not mentioned in the FSOs, but is said to have been with Lisa when Valerie, and later Rita, were. Laura, someone named Paul Greenwood, and J. Johnson took Lisa to the hospital. I think paul may be a security type (he was called in)
  • It seems that Suzanne Schuremberger may be the "Med. Off Manager" per J.Johnson's report - she was with Lisa the "First weekend" Can anyone verify this?
  • The notes for the last days (53 hours) have mysteriously and without adequate explanation disappeared. Scientologist Brian Anderson, Commanding Officer for the Special Affairs in Clearwater, later destroyed all the original notes which had been written for the Quirino "summary" by the caretakers. Sworn Statement of Brian J.Anderson.
There is also Scientology's responce to these reports. Thanks to the internet, you can now see the evidence of the case and Scientology's side by side and make up your own mind. Here is Scientology's interpretation of Lisa's mother retaining a lawyer shortly before she died.

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