Song by Maggie Council DiPietra

Spirit Hands for Lisa

From: "Maggie Council DiPietra" <>
Subject: for Lisa
Date: 1999/10/11
Message-ID: <>#1/1
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology

     I had a gig this past weekend; it was the annual Taste of Florida
event, held in Curtis Hixon Park downtown Tampa. There were thousands
of people there for this 3-day event, to sample foods from Florida
restaurants and enjoy some sun and music. I played on Saturday, solo,
on the acoustic stage. It was under a huge canopy with tables that
were filled with people. Other people stood around the tent as I
played. They were a nice crowd, real polite, listening attentively, so
I took the opportunity to tell them a little about the songs I played.

    One song (on my last CD) I usually send out to anyone who has ever
been in a cult or who has a loved one in a cult. I say it especially
goes out to Lisa McPherson, who died in the care of a cult in
Clearwater. Nobody (around here, anyway) ever needs to ask "which
cult" for some reason. And sometimes I mention the names of others who
have died in Scientology. 

    I was careful not to mention Scientology, as I don't want to cause
trouble for the sponsors. But like I say, I didn't have to.

    The song is called "spirit hands" and it goes like this:

    there's nothing harder than believing
    nothing easier than falling down
    the information is deceiving
    from talking heads come bites of sound
        and the more I try to analyze, the less I understand
        there is something unseen, moving me like spirit hands
    it is what wakes you in the morning
    when suddenly, you're not asleep
    it takes a shape without a warning
    leaving you with promises to keep
        and the more I try to organize, the less that I have planned
        there is something unseen, moving me like spirit hands

        and the more I try to compromise, the less I can demand,
        there is something unseen, laughing behind spirit hands

        the more I try to analyze, the less I understand...

    it is what wakes you in the morning, when suddenly you're not

M.C.DiPietra <>
"Hell, if you understood everything I say,
 you'd be me!" -Miles Davis

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