Media coverage concerning Lisa McPherson's death


Scientology foe sets up office close to church
An organization that says it wants to reform the Church of Scientology has followed through with its plans to open a headquarters at the epicenter of the Scientology world.
SP Times 6 Jan 2000   ( auf Deutsch )

Millionaire Opens Center to Crusade Against Scientology
The Detroit News 19 January 2000

Scientology critic says city tried to interfere with sale
Tampa Tribune 21 Jan 2000

Judge rejects Scientology arguments
The church claimed that the lawsuit filed by the estate of Lisa McPherson had been "hijacked" by its critics.
SP Times 4 Feb 2000   ( auf Deutsch )

Scientology loses court challenge to McPherson estate representative
Tampa Tribune 4 Feb 2000

Judge denies motion
Newscast 05 Feb 2000
Scientology tried to persuade the court that a signature was forged in legal papers and thus Lisa's aunt should not be allowed to sue Scientology. The judge found Scientology's claims baseless.

   Today would have been Lisa McPherson's 41st birthday  
Date of Birth 2/10/59 -- Scientology Isolation 11/18/95 -- Dead on Arrival 5/12/95

Scientology judge transfers case, takes medical leave
Tampa Tribune 15 Feb 2000

Church lawyers want [autopsy] photos suppressed
SP Times 18 Feb 2000

Church member's death now called accident
The medical examiner's switch, after mounds of information from Scientology, could affect the McPherson case against the church.
SP Times 23 Feb 2000

Scientologist's death 'accidental'
Tampa Tribune 23 Feb 2000

Death of Florida Scientologist ruled an accident
Reuters 23 February 2000

Tampa Bay area newsreports 23 February 2000
Tampa Bay Channel 28 | Fox 13 News | Bay News Nine
RealVideo files of the programs

Scientology Press Statement
Scientology press-release 23 Feb 2000

Scientologist's death now ruled accidental
Associated Press 24 February 2000

Scientologists 'got in over their heads'
Some told prosecutors poor decisions were made in trying to care for the disturbed woman.
SP Times 24 Feb 2000

For now, file is closed
SP Times 24 Feb 2000

Scientology's view
SP Times 24 Feb 2000

Judge tells Scientologists to give evidence to family of dead woman
Tampa Tribune 26 February 2000

Church wants judge removed in McPherson case
Questioning his impartiality, Scientology asks Judge Brandt C. Downey III to remove himself.
SP Times 3 March 2000

Scientology asks judge to leave case
Tampa Tribune 3 March 2000

A Times Editorial - A cry for justice
Despite a reversal in the autopsy report of Lisa McPherson, the state attorney still has an obligation to prosecute those his office believes to be responsible in her death in a Scientology hotel room.
SP Times 3 March 2000   ( auf Deutsch )

Judge in Scientology case won't remove himself
Tampa Tribune 4 March 2000

Scientologists fail to budge judge
The church says the judge's associations with mental health groups could compromise his objectivity.
SP Times 4 March 2000   ( auf Deutsch )

Scientology response to the SP Times Editorial - A cry for justice
Forensic pathologists were so upset by a local newspaper editorial , they came to set the record straight, as they say.
News Coverage of 6 March 2000
Transcripts of the segments

Scientology experts

Doctors paid by church give defense
A former member of O.J. Simpson's "dream team" defense says Lisa McPherson's death was accidental.
SP Times 7 March 2000

Pathologists say clot killed Scientologist
Tampa Tribune 7 March 2000

Scientologists decry toll of criminal case
More than 200 church members ask a Circuit Court judge to dismiss the Lisa McPherson criminal case, saying it is an undue burden on them.
SP Times 7 March 2000

Scieno spontaneous affadavit writing campaign
Seems Moxon is here in CW this week to get the Scientologists in CW to write the following spontaneous affadavits that will be given to the Judge in the Criminal McPherson case.
Posting of Lisa Trust

Letters to the editor
Re: A cry for justice, editorial
SP Times of 10 March and 12 March 2000

Chief judge returns to Scientology case
Pinellas-Pasco Circuit Judge Susan F. Schaeffer is back to work after a medical leave and again will preside over the criminal case against the Church of Scientology."
SP Times 15 March 2000   ( auf Deutsch )

Fannie McPherson (c) Spiegel
Lisa's Mum Fannie McPherson on Spiegel TV 1997

Records outline Scientology case
The materials illustrate the extent the church went to in defending itself in the death of Lisa McPherson.
SP Times 26 March 2000

Scientology perspective on tragedy rarely seen
Tampa Tribune 2 April 2000

Scientology to argue for dismissal of case
If the judge denies the church's request, the focus shifts to a five-week criminal trial scheduled in October.
SP Times 4 April 2000

Letter to the Editor
Re: Scientology perspective on tragedy rarely seen
Tampa Tribune 5 April 2000

First hearing to dismiss the criminal case
St. Petersburg courtroom 5 April 2000
transcripts and newscasts

Lawyers debate church's claims
Attorneys for Scientologists say a medical examiner's report exonerates them in Lisa McPherson's death.
SP Times 6 April 2000

Scientology [criminal] case centers on autopsy
Tampa Tribune 6 April 2000

Day two of hearing to dismiss the criminal case
St. Petersburg courtroom 6 April 2000
transcripts of newscasts

Scientology's defense impresses judge
Promising a decision in a month, she questions the state's criminal charges against the church over a member's death.
SP Times 7 April 2000

Scientology points to examiner's e-mail
Tampa Tribune 7 April 2000

Judge rejects church argument
The rulings say the Church of Scientology's actions in respect to Lisa McPherson are not protected by the Constitution.
SP Times 8 April 2000

Scientology [civil] suit for jury to decide, circuit judge says
Tampa Tribune 8 April 2000

Case of Scientologist's death is best put to jury, judge says [in civil suit]
Miami Herald 9 April 2000

2 judges, 2 counties, and a lot of baloney
SP Times 9 April 2000   ( auf Deutsch )

Letters to the editor
Re: 2 judges, 2 counties, and a lot of baloney
SP Times 16 April 2000

Questions put 150 autopsies in doubt
The medical examiner says new facts have emerged about work done by a doctor who quit last month.
SP Times 13 April 2000

Church wants leader shielded
Scientology wants David Miscavige removed from a wrongful death lawsuit.
SP Times 19 April 2000   ( auf Deutsch )

Judge not hurrying church decision
The judge ruling on Scientology's plea to remove its leader from a lawsuit says he'll carefully sift arguments.
SP Times 20 April 2000

Scientology [wrongful death] trial delayed indefinitely
Tampa Tribune 6 May 2000

Seeking dismissal of [criminal] case, Scientology says official is biased
SP Times 27 May 2000

Local Tampa Newscasts
12 June 2000

Charges dropped against scientologists in Fla. [criminal] case
Reuters 12 June 2000

Scientology gets the Criminal Case Dismissed
Newscast, 12 June 2000

Scientology Abuse Case Dropped
Florida Prosecutors Cite Undependable Medical Testimony
Associated Press 12 June 2000

Prosecutors drop charges against Church of Scientology
Associated Press Report 12 June 2000

Legal battle not over in Fla. Scientology case
Reuters 13 June 2000

State drops charges against Scientology
Blaming the medical examiner for damaging their case, prosecutors quietly end the inquiry into Lisa McPherson's death.
SP Times 13 June 2000

McPherson case expected to haunt medical examiner
The blow to her credibility could make it difficult for Joan Wood to do her job, lawyers say.
SP Times 13 June 2000

State drops Scientology charges
Tampa Tribune 13 June 2000

Scientology still faces suit
(UPI) United Press International 13 June 2000

Scientology leader wanted a deal
SP Times 14 June 2000

(Read his letter to the prosecuter.)

Editorial: Bungling Scientology case
Medical Examiner Joan Wood's mishandling of the autopsy report in the death of Lisa McPherson creates questions of Wood's credibility.
SP Times 14 June 2000

Medical examiner: Case has taken a toll
Tampa Tribune 14 June 2000

Major missteps of a medical examiner
Tampa Tribune 14 June 2000

Scientology case looms over medical examiner
Tampa Tribune 15 June 2000

Photos of McPherson autopsy stir new conflict
News organizations seek them, but for their own reasons, the Church of Scientology and the McPherson estate want the photos kept out of public view.
SP Times 16 June 2000

Wood says she should keep her job
The medical examiner's work on the Scientology case has her worried as she awaits a decision on reappointment.
SP Times 17 June 2000

Letters to the editor: It looks like a bribe
Re: Scientology leader wanted a deal, June 14.
SP Times 22 June 2000

A Times Editorial: Able medical examiner needed
SP Times 23 June 2000

Worker botched seven autopsies
SP Times 24 June 2000

Who'll save the serfs in the Land of the Lost?
{SP Times is suing for the remaining autopsy pictures)
SP Times 27 June 2000

Still no decision on autopsy photos
SP Times 28 June 2000

Pinellas-Pasco Medical examiner retires
Joan Wood tells the governor that "the stress and physical toll have become more than I can handle."
SP Times 29 June 2000

It's all so very thetan cute
Tampa Tribune 30 June 2000

Autopsy photos' release delayed
Confusion over wording and the Church of Scientology's petition kept pictures sealed Wednesday.
SP Times 6 July 2000

Church again stalls release of photos
SP Times 7 July 2000

Judge releases McPherson autopsy photos
The Church of Scientology had sought to keep the photos out of the public eye.
SP Times 21 July 2000

Judge releases McPherson photos
The struggle over the Lisa McPherson autopsy evidence is over.
Tampa Tribune 21 July 2000

Suit against Scientology moved to Pinellas County
The judge transfers the McPherson wrongful death lawsuit against the church before taking a federal judgeship.
SP Times 5 August 2000

Scientology suit moved to Pinellas
Tampa Tribune 8 August 2000

Few enlist for medical examiner job
Only three apply to replace resigning examiner Joan Wood. All are described as top-notch.
SP Times 12 August 2000

Prayer and discussion about Scientology
Services for Lisa in Berlin
Berliner Morgenpost 6 September 2000

Prayer for Lisa
Berlin, 17 Sept. 2000

Medical examiner leaves office
Pinellas-Pasco Chief Medical Examiner Joan Wood was forced to resign after 18 years on the job
SP Times 30 September 2000

New German Lisa site opened
On the 41th birdthday (2 Oct) of Lisa the Dialog center announced the new site

Lisa McPherson Judge
New judge assigned to the Lisa McPherson case
Rod Keller 1 November 2000

The First Annual Benefit Concert for the Lisa McPherson Trust
Saturday, November 11, 2000

Protest of Scientology's Harmful Actions
Clearwater 2 and 3 December 2000

Lisa McPherson Memorial Picket
Realmedia footage of Candlelight Vigil and more
LMT Media

Scientology critics plan protest this weekend
The annual event is restricted by a court order prescribing where the pickets can be. Police expect little or no friction.
SP Times 2 December 2000

Scientologists, protesters keep their distance
SP Times 3 December 2000

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