Media coverage concerning Lisa McPherson's death


  Today would have been Lisa McPherson's 42nd birthday  
Date of Birth 2/10/59 -- Scientology Isolation 11/18/95 -- Dead on Arrival 5/12/95

Church scores round in death suit
A judge dismisses the allegation that Lisa McPherson was falsely imprisoned.
SP Times 22 June 2001

Judge rules Church of Scientology did not hold woman against her will
Associated Press 23 June 2001

Scientology Doctor Faces Suspension
Administrative Judge William F. Quattlebaum ruled in May that although Clearwater physician David Minkoff was not responsible for the death of Lisa McPherson, he illegally prescribed Valium and chloral hydrate to her at the behest of other church members. News - 26 July 2001

Scientology Doctor Faces Suspension
Tampa Tribune 25 July 2001

Doctor in Lisa McPherson case suspended
David I. Minkoff loses his license for one year for improperly prescribing drugs for the Scientologist.
SP Times 4 Aug 2001

Minkof is in more trouble..
HMO, doctors sued over death
A man dies days after going blind in one eye. The seriousness of his condition was neglected, the suit contends.
SP Times 22 sept 2000

Church loads up for one last fight
Six years after Lisa McPherson died, one lawyer delves through sheaves of Scientology challenges to pursue a wrongful-death suit.
SP Times 9 Dec 2001

Lisa McPherson Trust Inc.
Florida Department of State
Voluntary Dissolution 04 December 2001


Letters to the Editors of Ben Shawn
Re:Church loads up for one last fight
SP Times 02 Jan 2002

  Today would have been Lisa McPherson's 43rd birthday  
Date of Birth 2/10/59 -- Scientology Isolation 11/18/95 -- Dead on Arrival 5/12/95

Scientology ordered to stop harassment
28 News report 05 April 2002

Church's leading foes split bitterly
The man who bankrolled legal actions against Scientology excoriates a lawyer and former ally in court.
SP Times 20 April 2002

Church targets lawsuit attorney
Scientology tries to end a lawsuit by having the plaintiff's attorney in the case removed.
SP Times 29 April 2002

Scientology foes continue rancor
In an affidavit, Robert Minton says attorney Ken Dandar tried to get him to lie.
SP Times 1 May 2002

Allegations won't alter church suit
Regardless of legal misconduct claims, a judge says a wrongful death suit against the Church of Scientology is going to trial.
SP Times 3 May 2002

Scientology hearing plods along
Monday was supposed to be Day One of the long-delayed wrongful death trial against the Church of Scientology. Instead, it was Day 22 of a hearing to throw out the lawsuit that blames the church for the 1995 death of Scientologist Lisa McPherson.
SP Times 11 June 2002

How Scientology turned its biggest critic
For years, Bob Minton was the principal opponent in one of the church's nastiest public battles. Now, in a stunning reversal, Minton's testimony is helping the church fight the Lisa McPherson wrongful death lawsuit.
SP Times 7 July 2002

Ex-medical examiner unable to testify
Joan Wood has resurfaced, but says stress prevents her from appearing in court about several murder cases.
SP Times 23 August 2002

As Clear As Blood
Written by Bradford St. John - 2nd week of December 2002
Transcript or realaudio

Memorial pickets for Lisa
07 December 2002

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