Media coverage concerning Lisa McPherson's death


Mystery surrounds Scientologist's death
Tampa Tribune of 15 December 1996

Statement of the Church of Scientology
16 December 1996 (7.9 megs PDF)

Church: Cops planted false story
Tampa Tribune of 17 December 1996

Cause of death in dispute
SP Times of 17 December 1996   ( in Italiano )

Keep Investigation On Track (editorial)
SP Times of 18 December 1996

A death that rates investigation (editorial)
Tampa Tribune 19 December 1996

Scientolgist's death: A family searches for answers
Tampa Tribune 22 December 1996   ( in Italiano )

Diaries offer vignettes of Scientologist's passion
Tampa Tribune 22 December 1996

[Image taken from New York Times December 1, 1997]
Lisa McPherson 1959-1995


Scientologists promised to care for woman who later died
Tampa Tribune 11 January 1997

Mystery Death
Inside Edition transcript of 21 January 1997
RealVideo file of the program - download or streaming
Or listen to the higher quality Realaudio

Dispute over Scientologist's death
SP Times of 23 January 1997

Doctor details Scientologist's death
Tampa Tribune 23 January 1997

Scientology's bullying (editorial)
SP Times 25 January 1997

Did anyone notice Lisa looked bad?
Tampa Tribune 26 January 1997

Scientology suit seeks access to records
Tampa Tribune 29 January 1997

Church sues medical examiner
SP Times 29 January 1997

  Today would have been Lisa McPherson's 38th birthday  
Date of Birth 2/10/59 -- Scientology Isolation 11/18/95 -- Dead on Arrival 5/12/95

[ME Wood's] Attorneys say suit aims to derail inquiry
Tampa Tribune 11 February 1997

Official, Scientology take battle to court
SP Times 14 February 1997

Scientologists argue for access [to medical evidence]
Tampa Tribune 14 February 1997

Family sues Scientology in '95 death of woman
SP Times 20 February 1997

[wrongful death] Suit accuses Scientologists of negligence in death
Tampa Tribune 20 February 1997

Scientology magazine investigates police
Tampa Tribune 21 February 1997

Scientology had woman in isolation
SP Times 21 February 1997

Scientology magazine targets police 'racism grievances'
SP Times 26 February 1997

Was geschah mit Lisa McPherson?
German Tages Anzeigner 27 February 1997

Scientologists can see some, not all, evidence
Tampa Tribune 28 February 1997

Church can see some records
SP Times 28 February 1997

Examiner lied, Scientology lawyer says
SP Times 1 March 1997

Church critics plan night vigil in memory of [Lisa]
Tampa Tribune 2 March 1997

Scientologist hospitalized after jump into harbor
SP Times 2 March 1997

Baker-acted Scientologist released
Tampa Tribune 3 March 1997

Church plans event during protest today
Tampa Tribune 8 March 1997

Scientologists crash protesters' line
Tampa Tribune 9 March 1997

Five doctors agree with examiner in Scientology death
SP Times 9 March 1997

Organizers thank police for vigil help
Tampa Tribune 12 March 1997

Church of Scientology denies allegations
Tampa Tribune 14 March 1997

Scientology denies any wrongdoing
Newscast, 14 March 1997

Letter of Elliot Abelson, general counsel of Scientology
Re: Five doctors agree with examiner in Scientology death
SP Times 19 March 1997

Inside Edition transcript of 21 March 1997
RealVideo file of the program - download or streaming
Or listen to the Realaudio

Troubles dogged 'medical liaison'
SP Times 22 March 1997

Former physician linked to dead woman
Tampa Tribune 29 March 1997

ARD - Documentry of 2 April 1997
English dubbing of the German documentary in RealVideo
Either download part 1 & part 2 or stream part 1 & part 2
The original German sound track is available for download
Part 1 (1.4 MB) and Part 2 (1.2 MB)
English transcript of the program  ( Deutsche Abschrift )

Inquiry in Scientologist's death nearing end
SP Times 28 April 1997

When did she die?
SP Times 9 May 1997

A tale of two stories (editorial)
SP Times 10 May 1997

Scientology documents sealed in wrongful death case
Tampa Tribune 15 May 1997

Scientology records at center of probe
SP Times 16 May 1997

Internet sites link Scientology foes
Tampa Tribune 1 June 1997

Lisa Marie's deadly obsession
Star tabloid 24 June 1997

Scientologists reject blame for woman's death
Tampa Tribune 2 July 1997

Division in the M.E.'s Office
SP Times 2 July 1997

A 'psychotic' decline
SP Times 2 July 1997

BAYVIEW: Oh stress! it can be a real killer (editorial)
Tampa Tribune 8 July 1997

Release of the caretaker logs
Newscast, 9 July 1997

Documents detail woman's final days
Tampa Tribune 10 July 1997

Weakening McPherson fought food, medicine
SP Times of 10 July 1997

A Death in Clearwater
A controversial lawsuit asks who is to blame for the
death of a young and troubled Scientologist

Newsweek 21 July 1997

Inside Edition transcript of 23 July 1997
RealVideo file of the program - download or streaming
Or listen to the Realaudio

Scientology deserves all the bad PR
SP Times 16 August 1997

Scientologist's death differs in two tellings
SP Times 4 September 1997

Letter to the editor of Elliot Abelson
Re: Scientologist's death differs in two tellings
SP Times 11 September 1997

Im Fadenkreuz von Scientology
Pictures of ZDF - Documentary of 18 Sept 1997
RealVideo file of the program in streaming (30:13) or download (7.9 MB).
German Berliner Morgenpost article detailing some of the
harassment the journalist went through while making the documentary

Channel 28 News transcript of 14 October 1997,

In her final years, Scientologist spent $175,000
SP Times 31 October 1997

Scientology Faces Glare of Scrutiny After Florida Parishioner's Death
New York Times of 1 December 1997

In Italiano: Scientology sotto esame dopo la morte di una parrocchiana in Florida
En Français: La Scientologie fait face à un regain d'attention après la mort d'une adepte en Floride
Em Portugues: A seita é suspeita depois da morte de uma cientologista

RealAudio of Dennis Prager show of 1 Dec 1997
He discusses the NY Times article about Lisa, with Heber Jentszch and Stephen Kent

In Clearwater, Fla., Grudges Against Scientology Are Slow to Die
New York Times of 1 December 1997

NBC "Nightly News" story transcript 1 December 1997
RealVideo file of the program - download or streaming

Spiegel TV 1997
Interview with Lisa's mother Fannie McPherson

View Realvideo clip: 619kb

This excerpt from the show features the interview with Fannie McPherson. Although it is dubbed over in German, it is well worth seeing. Scientology has contended that Fannie was mentally and physically incapable of launching the civil lawsuit against Scientology, yet in this clip, shot just a few days before Fannie died, she is clearly in control and seeking justice for the death of her daughter. --

Scientologists ask city to block picketing
SP Times 1 December 1997

Re: New York Times story of December 1, 1997
Scientology press release 2 December 1997

The hypocrisy of Scientology
SP Times 2 December 1997

Protest gets green light
Tampa Tribune 2 December 1997

Scientology attorneys plan to disclose evidence
SP Times 4 December 1997

Memorial picket for Lisa
Video coverage, 5 December 1997 Scientology decries funds behind lawsuit
SP Times 5 December 1997

Thousands turn out for Scientology
SP Times 6 December 1997

Critics, church stage protests
Tampa Tribune 6 December 1997

Protesters picket Church of Scientology
Tampa Tribune 7 December 1997

For Some Scientologists, pilgrimage has been fatal
SP Times 7 December 1997
En Français: Pour certains Scientologues, le pelerinage fut fatal
In Italiano: Per qualche Scientologo il pellegrinaggio è stato fatale

Les adhérents et les opposants de la Scientologie manifestent
Associated Press 7 Décembre 1997

Church says 'nothing mysterious' about deaths
SP Times 7 December 1997

McPherson investigation should be finished soon
SP Times 7 December 1997

Scientology deaths raise questions
Tampa Tribune 8 December 1997

Scientology suit grows
Tampa Tribune 9 December 1997

Clearwater reacts to church's attacks
SP Times 9 December 1997

Clearwater chief has earned his city's support (editorial)
SP Times 9 December 1997

The prosecutor's duty (editorial)
SP Times 9 December 1997

Letter to the Editors of Mike Rinder, Office of Special Affairs
SP Times 11 December 1997

Charges urged in woman's death
SP Times 16 December 1997

Scientologist Death Charges Sought
The Associated Press of 16 December 1997   ( en Français )

Mord bei Scientology? Frau verdurstete
German Hamburger Abendblatt article of 18 December 1997

Cable Court TV transcript of 18 December 1997
RealAudio file of the program

CBS "60 Minutes" segment transcript of 28 December 1997
En Français: Reportage de 60minutes sur la faillite du CAN -- In Italiano: 60 Minuti della CBS sulla nuova CAN
RealVideo file of the program for download or streaming-- RealAudio file of the program

Extra on Lisa

NBC "Extra" transcript 29 December 1997
RealVideo file of the program in download or streaming-- RealAudio file of the program

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