Media coverage concerning Lisa McPherson's death


Story on upcoming Public Eye segment
AP Wire 6 January 1998


CBS "Public Eye" transcript of 7 January 1998   ( en Français )
RealVideo file of the program - download or streaming

Death of a disciple puts Scientology in the dock
Sunday Times of 18 January 1998

Trendwende. Jetzt gehen Amerikas Medien auf Distanz zu Scientology
German Berliner Morgenpost article 8 February 1998

Mystery Surrounds Investigation
Article by the Christian "The Watchman Expositor"

  Today would have been Lisa McPherson's 39th birthday  
Date of Birth 2/10/59 -- Scientology Isolation 11/18/95 -- Dead on Arrival 5/12/95

Hubbard Love
NEON March 1998

Death of a local Scientologist remains an open investigation
SP Times of 7 June 1998

Scientologists fighting to keep files secret
The church cites a new state law in its effort to keep counseling notes out of
the hands of Lisa McPherson's family, which has filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

SP Times of 6 August 1998

Doctor settles his part of wrongful death suit
The doctor who pronounced Scientologist Lisa McPherson dead pays her estate $100,000.
SP Times of 15 September 1998

[Florida Attorney General] Butterworth offers his help with Scientology death case
Scientologists and the dead woman's family question the timing of the attorney general's statement.
SP Times of 20 October 1998

The man behind Scientology
SP Times of 25 October 1998

Church of Scientology charged in member's death, 13th of November
CNN in-depth article of November 13, 1998
SP Times with Associated Press wire   ( auf Deutsch )
The Associated Press, filed at 1:11 a.m. EST
Lead story on Fox 13 News at 10:00

Scientology charged in death
Tampa Tribune of 14 November 1998

The church faces two felony charges in its treatment of Lisa McPherson.
SP Times of 14 November

McPherson's death incites Web protests
SP Times of 14 November

Hubbard's teachings guide treatment of mental illness
SP Times of 14 November

Florida Charges Scientology in Church Member's Death
New York Times Nov. 14

Scientology responds with surprising calm
Church officials appear relaxed in the face of charges stemming from the 1995 death of a member at the Fort Harrison Hotel.
SP Times of Nov, 15

Better than nothing - for now
Tampa Tribune 16 November 1998

FALL MCPHERSON - Scientology in Florida angeklagt
Berliner Zeitung 16 November 1998


Mysterious Death
NBC "Extra" transcript of 16 November 1998
RealVideo file of the program

NPR "Morning Edition" segment transcript, 17 November 1998

Scientology's new tack (editorial)
Church of Scientology officials now admit they made a mistake in the case of the Lisa McPherson...
SP Times of Nov, 20

Dallas broadcast includes interviews with Lisa's family
Newscast 20 November 1998

Of right, wrong and a so-called church (column)
SP Times of 22 Nov

State takes middle road against Scientology
Colleagues of State Attorney Bernie McCabe say charging the church . . . walks the line between acting too harshly and too weakly.
SP Times of 23 Nov

Death in the sunshine state
Guardian 23 November 1998

Church of Scientology pleads not guilty in Florida death
Reuters 30 November

NBC WFLA-TV Newschannel 8
daily news scripts of 30 November

Scientology Pleads Not Guilty in '95 Death of Florida Woman
New York Times 1 December 1998   ( auf Deutsch )

Church pleads innocent to criminal charges
The Church of Scientology requests a jury trial in the case of member Lisa McPherson, who died in 1995.
SP Times 1 December 1998

Church, critics may share path
A permit mix-up results in Scientology and its protesters both claiming the right to use a sidewalk near the Fort Harrison Hotel this weekend.
SP Times 3 December 1998   ( auf Deutsch )

Stacy Young and Jesse Prince on WMNF radio 3 December 1998
Part one and two

[Airplane with banner - Scientology remember Lisa McPherson]
Clearwater, 6 December 1998

Memorial For Lisa 5 December 1998
Pictures of the candle light vigil for Lisa

Scientology's statement concerning the McPherson case
Scientology 5 December 1998

Former Scientologist shares familiar tale of force-feeding
Church officials say the Denmark man's allegations lack credibility in a case similar to that of Lisa McPherson.
SP Times 5 December 1998

Read more on the force-feeding of Gitte Mogensen

McPherson relatives lead protest
Protesters gather in a somber ceremony outside the Fort Harrison Hotel, where Lisa McPherson spent her final days.
SP Times 6 December 1998   ( auf Deutsch )

Scientologists steer clear of protest marking woman's death
SP Times 6 December 1998

After 13 Years and Thousands Of Dollars, Lisa McPherson Finally Went 'Clear.' Then She Went Insane.
Washington Post 6 December 1998  ( auf Deutsch )

[link to more CW picket pictures of 1998]

Church's complaints take buses off road
Scientologists say side panels on the buses carried ads attacking their church, violating state law.
SP Times 9 December 1998

Images of the Nov/Dec Clearwater pickets for Lisa


The Arts & Entertainment (A&E) cable TV network
A & E had a 2 hour long program on Scientology which included a section on Lisa McPherson
A & E Transcript part 1 - 14 December 1998
A & E Transcript part 2 - 14 December 1998
RealVideo files of the program

Charges against Scientology in Florida
After the death of a sect member
TAZ Nr. 5687 - November 16, 1998

El Mundo, 17 de noviembre de 1998

Scientology promises long fight
The church will vigorously battle charges in the Lisa McPherson case, an attorney says.
SP Times 16 December 1998


Scientology: A Rare Inside Look
ABC 20/20 transcript of 20 December 1998
RealVideo files of the program

When buses become billboards
SP Times 22 December 1998

Scientologists' reputation on trial over woman's death
Miami Herald 27 December 1998

Church's day in court postponed
Miami Herald 29 December 1998

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