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>In article ,  

Finally, I am free to say something.

For years now there has been a clue in full sight of all, and nobody
had seen it.  This ethercat is the one who designed my pickets page.
We discussed the opening graphic in detail, we discussed which picket
signs exactly would be displayed on that very first graphic.  I had
only two specific requirements, my Price sign, and the 'Scientology
Mind Muggers' sign used by my friend Tony McClelland in Australia.

(Tony and I had exchanged e-mails on his idea for a new sign before he
used it.  My opinion was that it was a terrible idea.  Tony used it
anyway, and it was a big hit with the young crowd)  So that sign just
*had* to be on the page.

Back to the clue....
On the opening graphic, off to the right of the page, smaller than all
the other signs, and standing by itself, is a picket sign that reads:

The years passed, the graphic never changed of course, and still I
would occasionally get misty-eyed when seeing that small and lonely
picket sign graphic.

Ethercat and I have spoken extensively over the years now on the
phone, and so I knew the story, this story, in rather good detail.
(and true to my word, I never breathed a word to anyone)

Knowing ethercat as I do, this friendship was not surrendered easily,
in fact, I seriously doubt that it is ended with finality at all.  In
fact I'm sure it is not.

Well X.  I know you will read this, and it has to make you think guy,
it just has to make you think.

ethercat's reply...