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Personal Stories Involving the Church of Scientology
in Atlanta, Georgia

One thing picketers are always asked by Scientologists is,
"Why are you doing this?"

Here are a few personal reasons...

Local Atlanta Stories

Things went fine for a time although I can't say I agreed with everything LRH had to say. Being a curious sort I went to the library to see what I could find on LRH and came across Jon Attacks "A Piece of Blue Sky" and some other books as well. I read everything I could find...
Christmas Visit By A Scientologist the time he left, at 3am, and knowing that I had to work the following day, he was shouting at the top of his lungs, and pounding his hands on my doorframes. This was not the friend I knew; the friend I had known was a calm, gentle person....
Disconnected! after 23 years of friendship long as Wynot doesn't change his mind and handle this attack on my church, your connection to Wynot connects me with him directly and indirectly. This is impossible for me. Because of this I am no longer going to contact you. I am not going to call or write or see you....
Conversations With A Current Member
...he said wynot picketing his church has the same effect on him as it would on me if I looked out my front door and saw people picketing with signs that said "down with the internet". I had to laugh out loud at this - I told him I would run grab my camera, post the pictures to the internet immediately to serve as a source of amusement for the netizens there, and then I would call the police and have them arrested, since it is illegal here to picket a residence...
My $aga with the Hubbardites
....they ended up trying to bill us 16 thousand dollars for our accommodations (substandard at best) and our training and auditing. We moved back to Atlanta and were told by the local Church that we could not do any services in the church, until we paid off the 16 thousand they said we owed them. Instead I left the Church.
To a lost friend... peaceful picket was a rejection of all that you now believe to be right. Maybe, if you had a generous moment, you imagined that I had been seduced by some enemy to attack you in this way. I wasn't. I went out there with my sign knowing full well that it would hurt you, and cost me your friendship. It did not make me happy. I really did not want to. But I knew that no one else was going to do it, and that it had to be done...
Disconnection Letter
"I am doing this because you have decided to denigrate my church in public and with it myself and the people I work with and for whom I have the greatest respect. You do this based on information from a one sided attack without apparently even questioning the motives and intents of the people forwarding the attack."

Global Stories

Far and Away the Story of A Disconnect
...there was a great deal of contention in our home now. Ishmael was fast becoming a different person. I did not know him anymore. Gone were our talks. No longer did I have a son who was considerate and cooperative. There was no interchange of ideas any more...

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