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Canadian Critical Scientology Information

Welcome to a website full of Canadian-oriented information about Scientology. Most of this information already exists on the web, but this is the first time it's all been collected into one place. Note that after reading all this information, you should check out Scientology's own website, for Scientology's side of the story.

Here's what lives on this website:

News: Picket news and new content around this website.

Court Papers: From various court cases.

Ex-Scientologists' Stories: Essays and other documents by and about ex-Scientologists.

Miscellaneous: All the stuff I couldn't justify cramming in anywhere else.

Nan McLean: Nan McLean is an ex-Scientologist from Ontario. In the 1970's she was a major target for Scientology Fair Game.

Papers About Scientology: Academic papers, government documents, and other papers.

Picketing Scientology: Canadian anti-Scientology picket reports and other picket information.

The Ramsay Papers: Letters from Peter Ramsay (a Toronto Scientologist) to two Toronto Scientology critics and their employers.

Links: To other Canadian Scientology-related websites.