Court Papers

Here are some court documents from various court cases involving Scientology.

Stephen Kent Declaration

Date: April 27, 2001

Stephen Kent' declaration in one of Tom Padgett's many cases.

Stephen Kent Affidavit

Date: January 6, 2000

This affidavit was submitted by the plaintiff's side in the Lisa McPherson civil trial. For more information on what happened to Lisa McPherson, go here.

Her Majesty the Queen [Respondent] v. Church of Scientology of Toronto and Jacqueline Matz [Appellants]

Date: April 18, 1997

Scientology's final appeal in the Canadian criminal case (they lost). The Supreme Court of Canada didn't hear Scientology's appeal of this decision.

Hill v. Church of Scientology of Toronto

Date: 1995

The Supreme Court decision in the Canadian libel case that Scientology lost, and had to pay a record amount in damages.

Order of the Federal Court of Canada

Date: December 2, 1987

One of Scientology's publishing arms tries to impede publication of Russell Miller's Bare-Faced Messiah.

Nan & John McLean v. CSC

Date: March 16, 1982

Ruling in Scientology's favour over a motion by Nan & John McLean.

CSC v. John & Nan McLean

Date: April 18, 1980

Nan & John McLean are awarded damages and double costs arising out of a frivolous appeal by Scientology in this case.


Date: November 23, 1978

One of Nan McLean's affidavits. From one of her many court cases, I'm not sure which one.

Statement of Claim

Date: May 9, 1974

Scientology's statement of claim in one of the many lawsuits against Nan McLean. John Saunders (the ninth defendant in this case) wrote a series of articles for the Globe and Mail in 1980 that showed how Scientology had been engaged in a litany of sleazy and/or illegal acts.