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Subject: ATTN EX-SCNS Declared Fakes: CCEO #145 & OT8 Synthesized in1991
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Some background first:

Mike Argue was declared an SP and an Enemy by Hubbard and was banished from the Toronto Org and all other Co$ facilities in the 80s IIRC..

Allegedly: RTC & OSA US Legal Dept. were very anxious about Mike.

Allegedly: Andy Hoare, who was still on lines, felt his good buddy Mike got a raw deal and Co$ management was being unreasonable about the spread of the tech.

Allegedly: Andy got *really* upset when he received the "CLO CAN ETHICS ORDER #145", (Document 1 below) and went ahead and gave Mike a "reconstructed from memory" copy of "OT8 STUDY AND PROCEDURE" (Document 2 below).

**^^Both of these documents have been declared to be fakes^^** by Toronto Org Staff and OT3 &+ members including:

Dan Bryenton, "Nonsense."

Andy Hill, "Yeah, I am sure I would know and I'm telling you that's not factual you Nazi Prick."

* Janice Wheeler, " Completely untrue, you don't know what you are talking about. You just make these things up."

** Jacqueline Matz, "Nothing he (mike argue) says is true. You are a classic example of someone manifesting missed withholds. Both of you."

* Wheeler was Criminally Convicted of theft from the Attorney Generals Offices in the Co$ trials in Canada.

**Matz was Criminally Convicted, along with the Co$ Toronto, of two Breaches of the Public Trust."

NOTE: Spelling has been left as presented to me.

[SNIP documents]

Since Andy Hoare seems to be still on lines and in one piece I personally think these were part of a 1991 OP to trick Mike Argue.

Opinions and discussion welcomed.

Gregg Hagglund SP7

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