RTC Contract - Mike Argue Didn't Sign


This agreement is made and entered into this _____ day of _________, 1994, by and between RELIGIOUS TECHNOLOGY CENTER, 1710 Ivar Street, Los Angeles, California 90028 ("RTC"), CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY INTERNATIONAL, 6331 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90028 ("CSI"), BRIDGE PUBLICATIONS INC., 4751 Fountain Ave., Los Angeles, California 90027 ("BPI"), and Mike Argue ("Argue") of ___________________________________________ with reference to the following facts:

A.  RTC is the owner of numerous trademarks and service marks pertaining to services rendered and materials distributed by RTC, CSI, and their licensees, including the marks SCIENTOLOGY, DIANETICS, NOTS, OT and the marks listed in attached Exhibit 1.

B.  RTC is the owner of certain proprietary and confidential material ("Advanced Technology Materials") which constitute trade secrets, and RTC holds the exclusive rights, including copyrights to those materials, which include:

  1. Solo Part II
  2. Power
  3. R6EW
  4. DCSI
  5. Sunshine Rundown
  6. Clearing Course
  7. OT I
  8. OT II
  9. OT III
  10. OT IV
  11. OT V or NOTS
  12. OT VI or Solo NOTS; and
  13. OT VII

C.  BPI holds the exclusive rights relating to the publication, reproduction, and sale of certain published literary works of L. Ron Hubbard.

D.  Argue has and/or has had in his possession unauthorized copies of certain copyrighted materials authored by L. Ron Hubbard in which RTC and BPI hold the exclusive right to make and distribute copies; and

E.  Argue in the past has received restricted disclosures of portions of said Advanced Technology Materials under the obligation to maintain the confidentiality of those materials.

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the following mutual promises, the parties agree:

1.  Argue shall cease all use of trademarks and service marks owned by RTC, including (but not limited to) the marks SCIENTOLOGY, DIANETICS, NOTS, and OT, and shall refrain from all future unauthorized use of each of these marks.

2.  Argue shall cease all unauthorized copying and use of the Advanced Technology Materials including (but not limited to) the materials listed in Recital B.

3.  Argue shall turn over to a representative of the Church of Scientology of Toronto all unauthorized copies of materials owned by RTC that are in his posssession or control, including (but not limited to) all copies, extracts and/or derivative copies of the Advanced Technology Materials listed in recital B, if he has possession, custody and/or control of these materials.

4.  Argue shall turn over to Church of Scientology of Toronto all unauthorized copies of published literary works authored by L. Ron Hubbard that are in his possession or control.

5.  Argue acknowledges and confirms his obligations not to use or disclose, without express authorization, the Advanced Technology Materials and agrees to fulfill these obligations in the future.

6.  Subject to the full and faithful performance by Argue of the promises contained in this agreement, RTC and BPI waive and release all claims, demands and legal actions they may have against Argue for past violations of their rights in connection with the aforesaid trademarks and service marks, Advanced Technology Materials, and copyrights.

7.  In the event of any legal action to enforce the terms of this agreement, the parties expressly agree that this Agreement may be specifically enforced by any court of competent jurisdiction and the prevailing party in such action shall be entitled to recover its reasonable attorney's fees and costs herein. Argue hereby expressly waives any defence based on any applicable Statute of Limitations in any actions brought to enforce the terms of this agreement.

Executed at ___________________________________ on the date first above written.

Dated ______________, 1994


  Mike Argue

Dated ______________, 1994




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Dated ______________, 1994




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Dated ______________, 1994




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