Marshall Adler's Email

From: "" <>
Subject: false data
Date sent: Wed, 22 Sep 1999 20:27:54 PDT

I am a scientologist of 29 years and I go on the internet to look for sites ran by people that have nothing better to do then critize and promote false data about Scientology.You I personally don't know, but I do know that you are ignorant and spreading a false datum. You know nothing about this religion which has changed my life around. It has gave me better communication skills and confront. It has made me be cause of my life and not have my life be cause of me. It is not about believing in certain things, this religion is about LEARNING how to make your life better. Any person could be any religion they believe in and still be a scientologist. You really need to get the book "What is Scientology" because you really know nothing about it. You need to stop spreading suppressive lies to bring others down. Its people like you who make this planet so abberated. As for the crap about Scientology is about making money and this and that. That is all false. Scientology spends tons of money just making these course for people, so that is why we charge them some money. And Scientology has very little profit which is used to fight the suppression of people like you and Bob Mittens in court hiring lawyers. Believe me Scientology is definetly not rich. We also spend lots of money painting over graffiti and helping out the invironment and others. That is the money is for. Trust me, I know this because I work for one of the biggest Scientology org. in the world. Scientology is a fantastic religion and it is also the fastest growing religions in the world. I bet you wont post this letter on your site because you dont want the people to know the TRUTH. Right back to me at and give me your response