Al Buttnor's letter to Kim Palmer's husband

There's the letter itself, and also Rev. Palmer's (Kim's husband is a Lutheran minister) reply. According to Kim, this letter was sent one day after she gave a talk to a bunch of Lutheran pastors about Scientology.

Note that the formatting of the original letters aren't precisely preserved here.


Pastor WIlliam Palmer
Hamilton Transfiguration
Evangelical Lutheran Church
232 Fennel Ave.E
L9A 1S7

Dear Pastor Palmer:

I am very sorry to have to write to you. It is a very difficult matter to broach because perhaps you are not even aware of the situation.

I am sorry to tell you that your wife has become involved in a hate campaign against our religion in Toronto both by her regular postings to the internet on a newsgroup and by her recent participation in pickets at our Church. We are not sure why she is doing this.

We have discussed this matter with several of our Lutheran Friends and they suggested that we write to you in an effort to open a door to communication and hopefully reconciliation. It was even suggested to us that a mediator from Conrad Grebel College may be of benefit to resolve the situation if necessary and we agree that this may be helpful.

Communication can resolve all things. I hope this is a matter we will be able to discuss. Please feel free to write me at your earliest convenience.

Yours Sincerely,

Rev. Al Buttnor

Rev. William Palmer
Transfiguration Lutheran Church
232 Fennell Av. E.
L9A 1S7

20 November, 2001

Mr. Al Buttnor
696 Yonge Street,
Suite 807
M4Y 2A7

Dear Rev. Buttnor:

I am in receipt of your letter dated November 14th, 2001. I am aware of my wife's activities in regard to Scientology both on the internet and her participation in peaceful pickets of the Toronto Org.

I do not believe that we have anything to discuss in this regard either personally or with a mediator. I will be sending a copy of your letter and my reply to my Bishop's Office. Please do not contact me again as there is nothing for us to discuss.

Rev. William Palmer

My questions about Al Buttnor's letter (from my reply to her post of these letters):

  1. Why talk to her husband? Doesn't Buttnor think she is a modern woman who can handle her own affairs? Or does he just want to cause trouble between Kim and her husband because she has been active against Scientology?
  2. Why didn't Buttnor provide references? He could have mentioned:
    1. the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology
    2. picket reports by Kim:
    3. the talk about Scientology Kim gave to all those Lutherans
    (It's like he didn't want Rev. Palmer them to read both sides and make up his own mind or something.)
  3. Why does Buttnor call himself "Director" of Public Affairs in this letter, not Director of Special Affairs as seems to be his actual title? Has he switched jobs? Does he not want people to make any association between him and the cult's dirty tricks & intimidation section the Office of Special Affairs?
  4. What possible assistance would a mediator be? Kim is picketing and criticizing, not striking or attempting any kind of negotiation.
  5. Why does Buttnor keep harping on the discredited "hate campaign" theme? It's like he's trying to beat a dead horse, one already lacerated from other thetan beatings. (I've already covered this theme here, among other places.)