My analysis of Velcro Kitty's Black PR'ing of Gregg Hagglund

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Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 02:46:28 GMT
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Check it out... Gregg must really be getting under the cult's protective layer of Body Thetans. This is a classic example of Scientology's dead agenting and loud investigation tactics. I shall translate and analyze, for the benefit of all the newbies...

On Mon, 25 Oct 1999 23:54:24 GMT, Velcro Kitty <> wrote:

Thanks for your response. I noticed that you have twice avoided answering my question. Specifically, where did you get the $20,000 plus to put down on those two new automobiles in mid-1998? You couldn't have gotten much on that old Mazda if you traded that in. I don't think Jennifer's take home would allow you to come up with that kind of money for a down payment. Maybe you were saving up money from your paper route. Could you please define the job description of a "newspaper distributor" for me? Is it synonymous with newspaper boy?

There are a number of semi-stated points to this paragraph. Here is what I think this Scientologist is trying to imply:

  1. Gregg has a hidden source of money. His possessions exceed his means. He can be bought. Don't trust him.
  2. Gregg isn't above-board. He couldn't have come by those cars legitimately. Don't trust him.
  3. Gregg has a bad job. If he were more "able" (Scientology definition here, folks), he'd have a better job. Don't believe someone who isn't able enough to have a good job. Don't trust him.

Of course, all this is the usual theta 3rd Party crap. Scientology's 3rd Party Law states that when two people have an unexplainable dispute, the source is really a third person, egging them both on (restated and redacted). This is what the Scientologist is trying to do, create trouble between Gregg and the rest of us.

What the Scientologist doesn't realize is that Gregg's money (and he's not loaded, contrary to what this Scientologist would have you think), Gregg's cars, Gregg's job, Gregg's whatever - *aren't* actually relevant to the issues that he's picketing the cult for. It's especially revealing about Scientology that when someone criticizes, the Scientologist in question (like this one) can't refute the criticism, they can only lash out in frustration.

I have another question for you. Is Andy Plesch Jennifer's father?

This is the cult going after Gregg's family, specifically his inlaws. The message here is that the cult can't stop him picketing by going after *Gregg*, then the cult will make life difficult for his relatives. The hope is that those relatives, afraid and feeling threatened by a nut-cult, will put pressure on Gregg to stop picketing. This has already happened - the cult tried to intimidate Gregg's parents and his brother. It worked in the case of his brother (who cut off all contact with Gregg), but not in the case of his parents. Anyway, Gregg's still picketing.

Quite right - you were a border guard for three summers. That's when you lived at 143 McKay, #3, 2035 University West, #103 and 3179 Sandwich, #2. How come you moved around so much? Couldn't you pay the rent?

Loud investigation again. The Scientologist is saying "We know about you, if you don't stop picketing we'll expose you."

By the way, how did you manage to pay off your mortgage on 261 Howland 21 days after declaring bankruptcy at Mr. Gameways?

More of the three points I mentioned above. Also, this Scientologist doesn't seem to have heard of incorporation. ;-)

The Harridan

You know, theta lady, you're allowed to sign your posts with a better nickname. Here's my suggestions:

Theta Lady
Velcro Kitty
(Although that rather makes you sound like a BT - stuck to something.)
A Toronto Scientologist
Third Party #5

One more thing... Since you seem to be "handling" Gregg now, does that mean that Al, Andy, Dan, and Peter weren't man enough for the job? And why don't *I* get a handler? And have you figured out that if you do get Gregg off of Scientology's case, there's three more where he came from, and more if you handle the three?


(I'll save you the trouble of pointing out the oozing sexism of that last crack by doing so myself.)

Oh, and play nice - remember what the Canadian courts said about Scientologists acting for the benefit of Scientology. Remember Bonnie Woods...


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