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Date: Mon, 08 May 2000 23:26:14 -0300
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On Thu, 04 May 2000 18:55:31 GMT, wrote:

Dear Gregg, Chris, Ron and Allan,

Just wanted you guys to know that your hate-happy, anti religion, anti-people postings are a disengenuous load of spurious sputterings - which, if not for the anonymity of the Web, you would be closed out by any decent-minded individual.

You have no evidence to support your allegations. If you had evidence that showed that Toronto picketers were "hate-happy, anti religion, (and) anti-people", your silly cult would be able to get the Toronto pickets shut down, because "hate-happy, anti-religion" pickets are illegal in Canada. You're just blowing smoke.

Is it a Scientology cult thing, whereby you can only forward the theta party line? Can't you discuss picketers' leaflets, signs, and websites?

How you guys can grant so much credence to your insane actions and back-slap each other is beyond me.

It has to do with how Scientology in Toronto seems to have visibly declined since we started picketing. Since the decline of a socially obnoxious criminally convicted cult is a good thing, it stands to reason that we are happy with what we've achieved to date.

Also, I note that your definition of insane seems to be Hubbard's definition that insanity is not-Scientology, and that sanity is Scientology. Perhaps if you remembered that picketing dishonest criminally convicted cults is considered to be a good thing in the real world (instead of the Ron-ly Scientology world), what you mentioned might not be so far beyond you...

Why don't you guys go get a room and do what you'd like to do with each other, you panty-waist dilletantes. Chris can squint like an innocent, Allan can drool over Ron and Gregg and Gregg can lead the charge to NIRVANA with his ATLAN pointed directly to the center of the uh...universe. You'd all look better in dresses and stockings (alot funnier too!)instead of the "dressed down look" you imitate from each other.

I assume this burst of homophobia means that you wouldn't like to be the sweaty, buttered-up object of our affections?

While you gleefully cheer each other on, just think of the positive outcome of your acts.

I do. People who read my leaflets have a lower chance of being scammed out of their money by the dishonest greedy criminally convicted Scientology cult.

Your selfish, self-serving, one-sided aberrated view of the world

Only according to you. You are a well-indoctrinated Scientologist, aren't you?

lessens the rights afforded to decent people,

This seems straight out of Hubbard's fantasy of a world (as he expressed it in Dianetics) where only "honest beings will have rights", or some such quote. Hubbard didn't seem to have quite grasped the concept of natural, inalienable rights.

Also, this concept that people picketing Scientology's Toronto org somehow lessen other peoples' rights just doesn't hold water. Do we throw ourselves between Scientologists selling stuff to passers-by and those passers-by? No. Do we stand on the street and yell abusive things at Scientologists? No. Do we snatch leaflets out of the hands of Scientologists? No. Do we form human chains around the org doorway so that nobody can get in or out? No. But - Scientologists have done all these things but the last one to picketers. Toronto Scientologists have interrupted conversations that picketers have been having with passers-by. Toronto Scientologists have yelled abusive things at picketers. Toronto Scientologists have snatched leaflets from picketers, and in one case stole a non-leaflet item from one picketer.

Now who's lessening rights?

as the law will try to restrict people of your ilk from having a voice.

Only in your tiny, deluded little Scientology world. According to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, I can keep telling people about the bad things that Scientology has done, for as long as I like.

Get it?

Who wants to listen to someone who says the same thing over and over and over and over and over again!

It's not like you have to read my usenet posts, my website or my leaflets, or (assuming you're one of them picket-handling theta beings) hang around me for 6 hours per month when I picket. Nobody's forcing you, right? You're not hatted by the org to handle criticism, right? So go away or please stop whining.

So you don't like (hate would be more appropriatea word) Scientologist's?

Again, only in your tiny little Scientology world. Most Scientologists that I've met online or offline are very nice people. Only when I we start actually discussing the bad things that Scientology does do some of these people turn into Hubbard drones. I'm annoyed at the constant, seemingly neverending Scientological bad behaviour that these drone types get up to, but I certainly don't hate them.

So what? Get on with your life or start one if the one you have is kinda slow!

I like my life. You obviously don't like the way I live the Scientology-criticizing portion of my life. As I've said before, if you don't like it you're not forced to listen. :-)

You can't possibly believe that you can continue to harm and not get something in return, do you?

More Scientology sloshing around in your mind. Hubbard's attack the attacker "tech". Do you have any non-Hubbard thoughts still left in there?

ALL GREAT RELIGIONS have had their DETRACTORS. ALL GREAT RELIGIONS have in their belief that if you live by the sword, you will die by the sword.

I don't think that Scientology is a Great Religion. In my opinion Christianity would be a Great Religion. Buddhism would be a Great Religion. Judaism would be a Great Religion. Islam would be a Great Religion. Hinduism would be a Great Religion. Scientology is a tawdry, sleazy cult, bent on appropriating the respectability earned by the foregoing Great Religions in order to make money, as its cracked and often lying and delusional founder L. Ron Hubbard commanded.

This holds true in buddhism, christianity, hindi, muslim or SCIENTOLOGY.

You should capitalize proper names, like Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism (you didn't know it was Hinduism not the Hindi language, and you live in multicultural Toronto? heh), Islam (a person *is* a Muslim/Moslem depending on spelling, Islam is the religion). All those OT courses (if you've taken them) and you're not "able" enough to figure this out?

You yourself make your own prison with the same hate you practice against Scientology and Scientologists.

Nope, no hate for Scientology/Scientologists practiced here. When will members of your silly cult get it through your Hubbardian conditioning that if picketers were practicing hate that we'd be in jail already?

It's demonstrated in the life you lead now and your own unethical activities in the past. It ALWAYS catches up with you in the end.

More Hubbard. I am amazed how well you duplicate Source. It's a pity that you can't originate as your own Source.

Anyway, good bye for now. It's a shame you couldn't make a sound decision to stop fighting. You remind me of spoiled children who, in order to get some parental acknowledgement, carry out destructive acts calculated to annoy. Well, that's all you are - annoying. GO TO YOUR ROOM, boys. Your anal-retentive days are numbered.

(the person you love to hate)

Why *did* you say "see you soon" in a previous post? I'm still mystified by that one.