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I found a few changes between my two Dianetics editions. It's not much, but in the Scientology cult any alteration of Hubbard's works is forbidden. So why stuff like this?


This section is dedicated to the feedback I get from Scientologists because of this website and my other anti-Scientology activities. I'm always interested in hearing from passing Scientologists (and other visitors to my corner of the web). If you'd like to send me feedback on my website, or my picketing, or anything else Scientology-related, you can email me.

"Its people like you who make this planet so abberated."

This is a fairly typical Scientologist flame email. The Scientologist who sent it displays the usual disregard for spelling and grammar, as well as a thorough unquestioning indoctrination in various Scientology teachings. Additionally, the email contains an abundance of Scientology jargon, likely making it unintelligible to the average internet user.

You can read his email in the original format (just as I received it, albeit with html tags added by me), or interspersed with my comments. His Scientologists On-line website is down now, but it might yet come back up (you never know), so I'm keeping the link in comments. Of course, his email probably bounces too, but hey...

When Scientology and Reality Collide

Here's some feedback I received from a Toronto Scientologist. As you can see, this Scientologist has an, um, unique take on the Toronto pickets and my website and various other of this Scientologist's issues.

De-Obfuscation Tech

I'll use this section to examine, explain, decode, and generally debunk Scientology propaganda, mostly as expressed by Scientologists on the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology. I got the idea for this section after Podkayne webbed my debunking on alt.religion.scientology of a Toronto Scientologist's attempt to Dead Agent (basically cult lingo for "attack the credibility of") Gregg Hagglund, a Toronto Scientology critic. Gregg posted this in followup to Podkayne's announcement:

  A very nice piece of work to! Thankyou very much. Similar efforts at "RumorRedux" or "RevivalAgenting" are encouraged. Our DT* is far superior to their Black PR.

*De-Obfusticating Technology

So, I figured why not? It's pretty easy to debunk Scientology shills in action, so I may as well go for it. Note that I may have to reformat some of these usenet posts for the web (even so, I preserve the whole post). I've also colored the quoted text in these posts to make the discussion easier to follow.

You may run into Scientology cult jargon among these posts. To decode it, you can use either the official Scientology terminology page or the alt.religion.scientology terminology page.

Black PR'ing Gregg Hagglund

Toronto Scientologist Velcro Kitty tries to smear Gregg Hagglund. Note that nowhere does she actually address the the points he raises about the Scientology cult - instead she just spends her whole post attempting to smear Gregg.

Black PR'ing Me

Now it's my turn in the Scientology cult's version of the "discredit our critics, not their ideas" game.

Holy Theta Hubbard Shill, Xenu!

It's my turn again. This time the Scientologist at the plate is Dorsai666, another apparently enthusiastic adherent of the Toronto branch of the cult. I'm also including this post because it's a practically perfect embodiment of all that's just plain wrong with (and about) Scientology.

Scientology's Leaflet

Scanned copies of the leaflet that Scientologists hand out at anti-Scientology pickets (as well as the usual Buy Dianetics ad flyers). Also includes some of my analysis, and some links to pertinent information.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Very educational.

Who is Xenu?

Partly answers the question, "Why are so many critical Scientology sites named after this Xenu guy?"

Suppressive Art

An L. Ron Hubbard dartboard, made for my Scientology spamsite parody, and Xenu in the Christmas Islands, made to publicize the anti-Scientology search engine at www.xenu.cx (doesn't exist anymore).

Scientology Spamsite Parody

By now you've probably already seen the Scientologists On-line websites. Apart from making the Scientologists of the world seem like clones, there was also a covert attempt by the Scientology cult to censor its members internet access (more information in Operation Clambake's archive).

At the time this came online, I wanted an anti-Scientology website, and parodying this cult program was the fastest way to get one. Now it's a bit dated, but it was my first anti-Scientology web effort, so I'm rather attached to it. Here you go:

Wulfen, not a Scientologist