Scientology's Mock Funeral

This sermon (*cough*) was given at a mock funeral for the McLeans held in Ainsley Hill, a small town in rural Ontario. This was one part of Scientology's reaction to the McLeans speaking out against Scientology.

A Funeral for Lost Souls.

Let us Pray for the Eric McLeans of Ainsley Hill, Sutton West

"God is dead!", too many today say. How often have we heard this idea from people who place all the blame for their condition of the world on God? How often is religion ridiculed by people who can not take responsibility for the state they are in, and decide "it's all someone else's fault"?

That "someone else" is often God himself. For the most part, religions have silently suffered the abuse hurled upon it by the godless. These lost souls withdraw and disconnect from their friends and even their own families.

The McLeans of Ainsley Hill were expelled from their Church close on two years ago. Since that time they have been continually unwilling to assume responsibility for the consequences of their misdeeds, only trying to shift their own sense of blame to others. They constantly harass the Church and religion in general with lies and rumor mongering. All orthodox religious concepts of Love and Understanding are being ridiculed by what is becoming a new movement in athiestic times.

Is Canada becoming a country of lost souls? Some Churches stand empty while the streets fill with confused souls and the fear, distrust and betrayal generated by them. Who is responsible for this exodus from God and all his gifts?

A family, once surviving in the life of the spirit, is now succumbing in the mysteries of evil. The McLeans have betrayed all God-fearing Canadians. Their dishonesty to themselves is only matched by the anti-God currents of today. In the war for Man's soul they are traitors to those who believe in life.

A father, Eric McLean, once proud of his spiritual heritage, now leading his family away from God. Mr. McLean even works for the local Ontario Teachers Federation, which is astonishingly tolerant in what have become irreligious times.

"The thoughts of the righteous are right: but the councels of the wicked are deceit" (Proverbs 12:5)

For the McLeans and other lost souls in torment, let us pray.


The Church of Scientology of Toronto