CoS Mock Funeral Press Release

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Press Release

Press Relations Bureau

The Church of Scientology of Canada

Feb. 12, 1974

Today a solemn funeral was held in downtown Sutton for the "lost souls" of this country.

The souls were prayed for by Reverent Gary Jepson, head of the Church of Scientology of Toronto, and Reverend Phillip McAiney, from the Church’s national office.

A coffin was carried by four pallbearers and the funeral service was held calling on people who have recected religion to return to the Church.

The local family of Eric McLean of Ainsley Hill in Sutton West was cited by Reverent Jepson as a prime example of a family who has not only rejected religion but tried to convince others to leave their faiths.

"Such families blame God or their Church for their state in life", said Reverentd Jepson. "They harass religious people with their irreligious attitude, so fear, distrust and suspicion in society, all the time leading their fellows away from God with a ‘hate campaign’ against religion."

Rev. Jepson said Eric McLean even works for the local Ontario Teachers Federation and that this "should not be tolerated in the education system". He urged all people to help by praying for such lost souls who have disconnected and abanndoned all religion.

Officials of the Church say that the Funeral March is meant to act as a prelude to a "Religious Revival" week to be held in the near future.

For further information contact:

Rev. G. Jepson