Nan McLean

Nan McLean is an ex-Scientologist from Ontario. In the 1970's she was a major target for Scientology Fair Game. Because of a "gag order" settlement Nan signed with Scientology (after being Fair Gamed for some years), she can't speak out about Scientology any more. So, here's some information about Nan McLean from various sources. Hopefully, these items will provide a clearer picture of what Nan McLean went through at the hands of the Scientology cult.

I'm thinking that when Scientology was trying to get Nan McLean to sign a "gag order" settlement agreement, they never dreamed that in the future someone would find this information about Nan and post it to one place on the internet.

So, even if Nan can't speak about Scientology today, someone like me can use these articles to keep her voice alive.

Media articles mentioning Nan McLean

Court Cases

Operation Clambake's list of Scientology-related court cases mentions Nan McLean quite often. Here's some court papers from Operation Clambake or other places which various McLeans were more directly involved in:

Statement of Claim - May 9, 1974

Scientology's statement of claim in one of the many lawsuits against Nan McLean. John Saunders (the ninth defendant in this case) wrote a series of articles for the Globe and Mail in 1980 that showed how Scientology had been engaged in a litany of sleazy and/or illegal acts.

Affidavit - 23 November 1978

One of Nan McLean's affidavits. From one of her many court cases, I'm not sure which one.

Nan & John McLean v. CSC

Date: March 16, 1982

Ruling in Scientology's favour over a motion by Nan & John McLean.

CSC v. John & Nan McLean

Date: April 18, 1980

Nan & John McLean are awarded damages and double costs arising out of a frivolous appeal by Scientology in this case.

Picket Reports mentioning Nan McLean

Other Items

Scientology's Mock Funeral

This sermon (*cough*) was given at a mock funeral for the McLeans held by Scientologists in Ainsley Hill, a small town in rural Ontario.

CoS Mock Funeral press Release

Scientology's press release about the mock funeral.

Nan McLean in The Road To Total Freedom

Nan McLean is mentioned in Roy Wallis' The Road To Total Freedom.