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I've been face-down in work lately, but have still found time for entheta. So go check out When you're done, go look at, one of the better things to hit the entheta scene lately.


I added the latest Toronto picket reports. I linked to Android Cat's Toronto Scientology Org Pictures at long last. Also from Android Cat, there's property tax details of the main Toronto org and the ancillary franchise.


Just removed a few broken links.


I don't know if anybody has noticed, but all the picket photos which were hosted elsewhere are now on this site. Also, a few sets of pictures that had vanished off the web are now back.


More picket reports, from Edmonton and Toronto. Also, my What Judges Say About $cientology leaflet has been prettied-up.


I've moved all my leaflets to pdf format. There's also a new leaflet: Is This L. Ron Hubbard's Science?

I've also removed the Keith Henson section, because does a much better job of keeping up on the Keith Henson saga than I ever could.


New Toronto picket reports, and a mention from Vancouver of Gerry Armstrong and Caroline Letkeman's talk to a class. Also, a funny/odd one about Tory Christman (an American) and Stephen Kent (teaches at the University of Alberta, his link is in the Links section) talking to a group of Christian ministers about Scientology's practices, and then having their facts confirmed by the Scientologists. Highly amusing.

I also added the Peter Ramsay doorknob rattler video to the Ramsay Papers section, as I don't think it was anywhere too obvious on the web.


Some new content, some which you may have seen on alt.religion.scientology or alt.binaries.scientology, and some which you might not have seen. Oh, and some that I forgot to mention in the last news item (*blush*).

There are new picket reports in both the Toronto (1 2 3) and Vancouver (1 2 3 4 5) sections of the Canadian anti-Scientology Pickets section. Astute readers will realize that the Vancouver reports have been on here for a few weeks.

I've put up a few more documents by and about Caroline Letkeman in the Ex-Scientologists' Stories section. You can read her SP Declare, and her three declarations from April/March 2001 (1 2 3) that were originally webbed on (Update 2003-03-16: is now gone.), but not linked from anywhere, as near as I can tell.


Nope, I haven't forgotten this site. The latest update is just housekeeping: Fixing broken links and other stuff. The main change is that many of the picket pictures that were on Geocities are off the web (mainly very old stuff). Fear not, I have the originals and will put them back when I find some web space and time to do it in.


Al Buttnor, the Director of Special Affairs (last I heard) at the Toronto org wrote a letter to Kim Palmer's husband. He rehashes the tired old "hate campaign" theme that you've seen Scientologists pushing elsewhere on this site.

Every Scientology org in Canada now has its own domain. I assume this an attempt to make it look like they're all independent entities, and possibly clog search engines so that there are more cult results than critical results. The links are here.

Also, the usual Toronto pickets have kept happening.


October picket (1 2), November picket (1 2).


Those people in Toronto just keep picketing. It's like they're SP's or something.


More Toronto pickets. It's like these people are SP's or something.

Here is a forwarded email, originally from Lt. Simon Hare (CO I HELP Canada, the Lt. bit might be a Sea Org rank). More on Scientology's attempts to profit from the World Trade Center tragedy here.

I've also uploaded a non-comprehensive list of Canadian media articles that mention Scientology in some fashion.


Yup, another Toronto picket (1). They just keep coming.

Also, there's a new item by Stephen Kent in the : The Creation of 'Religious' Scientology

Oh, and I did something very intelligent last month. I added the picket reports referred to below to this site, but didn't upload the update. I guess I'm not getting that Entheta Gruel after all.


Note that I actually got the reports from the latest Toronto picket (1 2 3 4) up sooner than several weeks after the picket. I deserve an extra helping of Entheta Gruel for that one.


I should probably update more often. Have you noticed? Anyway, the only new things on this site are in the Keith Henson in Canada section and Zeratul's short picket report from just recently. I also fiddled with the stylesheet a bit.

I should probably think about being more suppressive, so as to have more content for this site.


Keith Henson is free. As posted to alt.religion.scientology.


The Keith Henson in Canada section has a bunch of new files.

The Toronto org insider reports that were formerly in the Ex-Scientologists' Stories section are gone. My feelings (as in, the appropriateness/relevance/usefulness of the series) about these reports were mixed, but the last one in the series, posted this morning, wasn't something that I'd want on this site. Given that I'd rather not have the series than pick and choose which posts in the series make it on to, I just pulled the whole lot. Of course, if you really need to read these, you can always go look for them on


Android Cat's latest picket report is up.


More Toronto picket reports. Some insider reports (update 2001-05-30: link broken, see above) from the Toronto org. Also, there are some new Toronto picket photos.


The latest Toronto picket reports and Dr. Stephen Kent's declaration in one of Tom Padgett's many cases are now up. In other highly interesting news, Keith Henson is seeking political asylum in Canada because of the travesty that was his criminal trial. For more Henson information, go to

Update: I now have a rudimentary page up on Keith Henson in Canada. Looks like it'll expand in the near future, but right now it's pretty simple. Keith just hasn't done all that much in Canada. Yet.


I fixed a misquote in Squirrelling in Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health - it said "he beings by doubting Dianetics" in two places, and has been changed to "he begins by doubting Dianetics", which is the right quote from Dianetics. My apologies for the error. If anybody else finds any errors on this site, please email me post-haste so that I can correct them.

Additionally, I updated the stylesheet for this site so that the quotes on that page indent a little.


A new "hosted site": The Gerry Armstrong Chronicle: Legal Files, Usenet Postings, Letters, Photos and Related Internet Links.


Added the latest Toronto and Edmonton picket reports:

I also stopped mirroring the ARS Web Page Summary in my links section, and now just link to it.


Added Scientology's final appeal in their criminal case (the cult lost). I also moved all the content from my Totalnet anti-Scientology site here. It now lives in the Miscellaneous section.


I took the Media Archive down. I was under the impression that various media outlets knew that I had archived Scientology-related articles here. Apparently I was mistaken; I received several pointed emails today asking that articles be taken down. So, to simplify administrative hassles I simply eliminated that