Papers About Scientology

These are various papers that have been written about Scientology. The first section contains academic papers, the second contains government documents, and the third section contains other documents from on the net and off.

Academic Papers

The Creation of 'Religious' Scientology

Author: Stephen Kent, Ph.D.

Date: 1999

New Dimensions of Social Movement/Countermovement Interaction: The Case of Scientology and its Internet Critics

Author: Michael Peckham

Date: 1998

Brainwashing in Scientology's Rehabilitation Project Force

Author: Stephen A. Kent Ph.D.

Date: December 3, 1997

Scientology -- Is This a Religion?

Author: Stephen A. Kent Ph.D.

Date: June 30, 1997

Scientology's Relationship With Eastern Religious Traditions

Author: Stephen A. Kent Ph.D.

Date: 1996

International Society Control by the Church of Scientology

Author: Stephen A. Kent Ph.D.

Date: March 23, 1992

The Religious Status of Scientology

Author: Irving Hexham, Ph.D.

Date: February 1978

Government Documents

The Lee Report on Dianetics and Scientology

Author: Professor John A. Lee

Date: 1970

Other Documents

Scientology History in Toronto

Author: (x)

Date: June/July 1995

A series of alt.religion.scientology posts from 1995 detailing a history of Scientology in Toronto.