April 15, 2001

These are pictures taken by Gregg Hagglund at the April 15, 2001 Toronto anti-Scientology picket. For more about this picket, refer to the following picket reports:

Note that there are also some mp3's at the bottom of this page, from the audio track of Gregg Hagglund's video camera. Now here's them photos:

Andy Hill (left) and Brian MacPherson, Scientologists.
Scientologists surrounding Gregg Hagglund. Note Bob Hill at the left.
Dan Bryenton (posted as Dorsai666 on alt.religion.scientology), Bob Hill and Andy Hill (no relation afaik), Scientologists.
Dan Bryenton, Gwen Jones (posts as Velcro Kitty to alt.religion.scientology), and Doug, Scientologists.
Dan Bryenton and the reflection of the other Scientologists swarming Gregg.
Gwen Jones, Scientologist.
Mike Argue, official Scientology-Declared Suppressive Person. He's also on Scientology's Enemy Names List from 1992.
The reflection of the Scientologists surrounding Gregg.

Here's the excerpted mp3 files, presented in no particular order: