September 19, 1998 - Gregg Hagglund

(Sorry to keep you all in suspense for a day but I am on a very tight schedule. I promise there will be more to come and many reports to read with 17 different points of view!)

   But first I have to deal with one of the cowardly scuttling bugs that were *laughed* out of my neighborhood by my bemused and wonderful wife and well educated neighbors.


Well hiya RodF! Seems you must have been on another planet than this one or in an alternate universe. Did you mock up this crap, like you did your reactive mind?<grin> Other than the fact a panicked deadbeat Toronto Org uselessly called for help to combat the *always* 'at cause' local SPs and guests your report is as fact ridden as Hubbards tech has published research proof: little if any.

   Now unlike downstat, weak, frightened and cowardly little Thetans with the mental capacity of an anthromorphous gangreneous afterbirth such as yourself, I have to go to work right now. For the next twelve hours I will be contractually supervising the work of 60 employees from the comfort of my home or car.

   So, I'll give you a break and let you have a few hours, maybe even all twelve, before I post my 'Wrecking Crew Demolishes Toronto Org Pt 2.'
   This will give you sufficient time to print retractions of the numerous fictions, distortions, fabrications, and outright lies included below.
   It will also give you time to word clear " anthromorphous gangreneous afterbirth", too.

   And no, Rod F. I will not rebutt your post line by line but include a factual report which in passing will make you look the usual little rock shadow dwelling insect you currently are.

   It is I and my fellow SPs who are 'at cause' over your whiny whimpering Police chastized rag tag bunch of domestic and imported OSA utter screwups. *(1)

   BTW. One day, inevitably, you will blow and we can both wryly laugh about how moronic and robotic and twisted you once were.

*(1) Screwup number one: I have been waiting all summer for the OSA to discover the well publicised Toronto Sun article about the HighSchool Drug Sweep in Oakville. It took you guys so long that I was giving up any hope of being able to gut your inevitable DA attempt by using a 'stop cut' reply on the streets of Toronto.

   Several hundred people today heard the wonderful news, delivered at Tone 40, repeatedly, that Big Al Buttnor, self styled 'Reverend' of the Toronto Org who had been arrested, jailed, and investigated by Edmonton Police as a PEDOPHILE, had been released due to insufficient evidence and the charges were dismissed. As could be verified by the Edmonton Sun. We are all relieved 'Uncle kissyface' Al had escaped a gross miscarriage of justice. Right Al?
I mean, Al 'ol buddy, *everyone* can empathise with the humiliation and frustration you must have experienced being suspected and arrested UNJUSTLY as a PEDOPHILE. Gee, this could happen to *anyone*, like being charged with assaulting someone with a deadly weapon when infact you were defending yourself with 2 ounces of balsawood, now that would be unfair, wouldn't it, before it all got straightened out and the truly guilty party was actually charged, right AL?
(But of course not as bad as the humiliation and frustration you must have experienced being suspected and arrested UNJUSTLY as a PEDOPHILE!)
Or if one were disciplined by a parent for dabbling with restricted substances, by being arrested, jailed and being 'scared straight' at ones own parents insistence? Now that wouldn't be nice, would it? Really humiliating and scary for a green behind the ears kid before the charges were finally dealt with in the manner befitting a first offender, if any, right AL? (But of course not as bad as the humiliation and frustration you must have experienced being suspected and arrested UNJUSTLY as a PEDOPHILE.)

(Get the idea, yet, guys?)

   I proclaimed this happy news for Mr Buttnor everytime the local and imported OSA sots tried to push what they thought was a way to hurt me. The neighborhood businesses and residents were all similarly relieved for Uncle 'lollipop lover' Al.

You out of town don't have to live there dimwits finally got the message when someone from the local org staff rushed up and told you to shut the F*** Up.

   Stop Cutting is a Sabre Fencing term.

   You ought to learn what the game is before you engage a trained opponent, eh?

   Dense aren't you?

   I dare you to publish the complete texts of the Sun and Oakville Beaver Reports. Guess who the teacher was who welcomed the Police who were coming to arrest her son? Guess what the available police reports say about the identity of the person who turned his son in because of the fathers unbendable inflexible stance on street drugs? Guess who has yet to be found legally culpable of anything because the Crown's evidence is likely inadmissable and the quantities of same so small?
   Try a few independently verifiable *facts* sometime.
   Being honest will be pleasant experience, I assure you.

   And Rod F.
   I think we both know that you have published a libel below. And I think we both know that you work for the Church of Scientology and are attempting to benefit the Church by committing a triable civil liability. I suggest you have your superiors consult a Canadian Lawyer and clean up your act.

   I work openly and contemptuously against the retched stench the Criminally Convicted Cult befouls my country with.

   And you hide.

   Who is the stronger?

   As for ARS: More to come in
- Sept 18-19 Wrecking Crew Demolishes Toronto Org Pt2

Be Seeing Ya!

Toronto Picket Report: Wrecking Crew Pt 2

(This will include a Pre-Picket Report as well.)

Toronto, Ontario Canada
September 19th

From across the breadth of Canada, the length of Ontario and from across the early fall vistas of the North Eastern US, 17 Peaceful Picketers assembled here and were at total cause over the Deadbeat Toronto Org and its supposedly elite but actually second string, hapless imports from the US.

The Org had to hire an Off Duty police Officer once again, to keep them in line.

Hampered by excellent Canadian Wog Laws the imported and local Co$hacks were reduced to growling and verbal sniping from the corners until even this was shut down as 'inciteful' by the local Constabulary.

Co$hacks attempt to disrupt our lunch plans but are foiled by anti Co$ establishment and staff. Co$hacks accept Minton Money as Bob buys their lunch.<grin>

Undercover Cops dress down Co$ management and 'elite nut bars from Boston' for 'school yard petty incitements. Compliments are given to local SP Picket tech, cooperation and self discipline.

Attempted DA of my son's adult misadventures backfires on Co$. Some Co$ staff and imports flee Picket site when OT3 opening story recited on Megaphone.

Flyer Count: approx. 17-1900 (!) of 4 different kinds.

Off site activity by Co$ included a lame duck and furtive 2 BT Picket of my home. My SPouse laughs the two male Co$ picketers and female photographer off our street.
Really Dumb DA tech of Co$ causes no distress but many enquiries about 'those cult sods' and' their stupid nonsensical handbill'.

Pre- Picket Report:
Why, How and When Stacy and Bob decided to Picket in the GWN.

   Moments after the Wgert report on ARS about Bob Minton being swarmed by Co$ thugs in Boston, defending himself with and oversize flyswatter and being subsequently briefly and mistakenly detained, I called Stacy for the first time. (Yeah I know that was not how Wgert reported it, but I just held it up to a mirror and read it as an opposite and thus had the real story.)

   I introduced myself and expressed my outrage at the obviously planned and cowardly attack on Bob. Stacy promised to call me back and fill me in on details as she acquired them.

   Next I called an old friend in the US with some grapevine connections in various City and State police forces. This individual was able to provide me with unconfirmed (but infinitely more reliable information than the known Co$hill and notorious liar WgertUnit) which I posted to ARS.

   Not long after I received an excellent and detailed explanation from a former Co$ staffer about the likely planning, rehearsing, staging and execution of the Ofman Op against Bob. Then the pictures of Ofman screaming in Bobs face and then striking him were posted to ABS. I found the whole incident to be intolerable and unacceptable behavior by the Co$ thugs involved, particularly the actions of the cowardly goon Ofman.

   I knew this kind of behavior at a Picket would not be tolerated in Canada and ~especially~ by the Co$. The Co$ is a Criminal Corporation here for Breaching the Public Trust by orchestrating and engaging in the Snow White espionage, obstructions of Justice and thefts executed here in the Province of Ontario.

   Wog Law rules here. Period.

   I also knew the repeated stalking and harassment of Bob and Stacy as it was reported would likely have resulted in Criminal Harassment charges being leveled at the Co$ in Canada, were they to occur here.

   This gave me an idea.

   Once more I called Stacy and explained some of the Canadian Law involved and invited her and Bob to join us for the Auditors Day Picket. I assured her she and Bob would be virtually 'cleared' of the continuous petty and irritating harassment tactics of the Co$ while in Canada.

   However, I pointed out, if the Co$ management threw caution to the winds and wanted to risk losing the last of their downstat deadbeat Orgs in my country then such a consequence might be worth a little more of the kind of harassment they were currently being subjected to.

   And, I added, should Bob be physically attacked by Co$ staff during our scheduled and noticed Picket of the ill kempt Toronto Org, then the Co$ would likely be committing Corporate suicide in Canada.

   I explained to Stacy a physical attack was *very* unlikely. The Co$ in Canada is more hamstrung and defanged than in any other state in the world simply because of their Criminal Conviction and the Standard of Conduct and Responsibility established by that precedent. This combined with the Charter Rights guaranteed to both SPs and Co$ adherents created a completely level playing field. All sides had to abide by the rules. This meant the Co$ could not do those things on a Picket in Canada which were used in attempts to provoke trouble in the US. Such antics, if done here, in the environment of a Picket, would be considered incitements to violence and *not* tolerated. Police would give verbal warnings to anyone conducting themselves so provocatively. If the warnings were not heeded or the initial act was deemed 'inciteful' then arrests might be made.

   If a Co$ staffer was arrested so would be whomever of the Co$ management on site was most senior or who admitted to be directing the Co$ response to our Picket.

   If a Picketer overstepped the laws and was arrested then so would I be, for 'incitement to violence'.

   I knew if the Co$ were to bring in US staff to help them 'handle' the Picketers, just as they did on the occasion of our first picket, then, by simply conducting ourselves in an orderly and decent manner , keeping our Gandhi Tech and sense of humor in high gear, we would again be 'at cause' over the Co$.They were bound to publicly act like sulking nasty mouthed and foul minded schoolyard bullies. Thus they would lose the contest for public and Police sympathy.

   (At our first Picket in May of '97 the Co$ brought in a large outside contingent anticipating a larger turnout than we had. However, tho' there were only three of us, and they mocked us for our small showing, they had to grind their teeth in fury as we basically ignored them after the first five minutes and under the umbrella of the Police Protection on site, we basked in a constant wash of appreciation and grateful acknowledge from the public.

   Thereafter I and my fellow SPs learned much about the mental and physical preparations necessary for Peaceful Picketing of the Criminal Cult. And we showed others how we did it and we all learned more together as picket by picket the numbers of trained, prepared participants available to us grew. As did the Co$ chaffing at Wog Law and whining to the police. The Co$ particularly has always been jealous and infuriated by the public approval we enjoy at each picket.)

   Stacy was very receptive of the idea of either a respite from the constant 'background noise' of the Co$ harassment, or the consequences which would likely befall the Co$ in Canada if they conducted themselves improperly according to *our* rules.

   She said she would talk to Bob about it and proposed a tentative date of the 19th.

   I filed the Notice for the 19th the next morning and let our local list of picketers know there might be something in the works. On Monday Stacy confirmed she and Bob would be delighted to come up and participate in our Peaceful picket. I then let the list in on our plans and confirmations began to roll in.

   I had agreed with Stacy to keep our plans off ARS until we were on the lines. Then I would let it break via Ted Mayett whom I knew I could persuade to call me at the Picket as he had several times before. Bob called me the next day and thanked me for the invitation and said how much he was looking forward to joining us for a Canadian style clambake.

   Subsequent events in the week, particularly Fair Game attacks by the Co$, changed our minds about keeping our plans totally secret.

   I knew a public announcement of Bob and Stacy's attendance at our Picket would swell our ranks and cause the Org to bring in imports again. American imports. I felt it was likely, without doing anything different than we always had done before, the imports would disgrace themselves in public or maybe even push the envelope until it ripped apart and they and the Org would get busted.

   Stacy proposed to let drop their attendance at the Toronto picket in a post she was composing about still another despicable act of Co$ planned harassment.

   Following her post I received many emails of confirmation or hair pulling about inescapable prior commitments. In the end I figured we would field a group of about 10, maybe twelve. (By Saturday morning I knew our picket would have at least 15, possibly 20 participants and all of them experienced with Canadian rules or willing to absolutely be guided by me in adhering to same.)

   On Thursday I discussed with many people, both on and off our list, the potential counter moves of the Co$ and how to handle or counter them effectively and peacefully. I was advised by one ex Co$ member to think along the most petty and vindictive and potentially cruel lines of thought to establish what if anything the Co$ might do.

   I made notes and began a series of calls to various concerned agencies and authorities and one restaurant in order to set my counter counter moves into motion.

   First I called 52 Division and talked briefly with the Day watch Foot patrol Supervisor. He was familiar with our uniformly peaceful picketing of the Org for the last 15 months. He confirmed we were on his roster as a place to keep an eye on. However, while he could not confirm it at the time he was very sure the Org would book an off duty officer for the entire 6 hours of the Picket. (Given the circumstances and their record the Co$ would be complete fools not to hire the a Police Officer again.) In any event I was assured if I called then the Duty Sergeant would be dispatched along with back up if necessary. Next I called the Metropolitan Toronto Police Intelligence Division and spoke with an Officer I am acquainted with. He said he would pass on my concerns to the appropriate people. I then called the Halton Police Service and spoke with another Intelligence Officer about the possibility of a residential picket of my home. I was assured special notice would be given to the Day watch and a strict 'no trespassing' protocol (arrest without warning) would be enforced if necessary.

   Next a call to another agency to make sure my parents and other relatives were covered in the Nations Capitol.

   Then I called the Metropolitan Toronto Airport and made contact with Mr. Q*** in Security. He is ex RCMP (25 yrs) and was quite familiar with the raid and the Co$ criminal conviction and 'unclean hands'. I explained about the airport pickets Bob, Stacy and Jesse had encountered in the US and I was told no such conduct would be permitted at Toronto Airport. I supplied Mr. Q*** with Bob and Stacy's flight number and arrival time. He promised to post uniformed officers at the Gate to ensure no harassment would take place or if it did that it would be dealt with swiftly and appropriately.

   Since the Co$ knows where we traditionally take lunch and given we would have a largish group, I called the Artful Dodger and was told if I came by in the morning and made a reservation for a party of 15+ then the majority of the outside patio would be set aside for us. I suspected the Co$ would likely scatter themselves in ones and twos about the patio in order to make things difficult for us to sit together. The Dodger staff don't like the Co$ much and are very sympathetic towards us.

   Next was a call to a buddy in the local Security Business to acquire a first hand assessment of the Security at the Four Seasons Hotel where Bob and Stacy would be staying. I was told security was excellent and trespassers who annoyed guests would be arrested. It was also pointed out to me the Hotel Security was especially vigilante and had a double shift in place since the Toronto Film Festival was on and many celebrities were staying at the Four Seasons.

   Friday morning I took a little time and effort and put together an anti-Co$ information and education packet to give to all my neighbors. I wanted to distribute this just after Canada post made the round on our street. I also updated my family 'in case of a picket' check sheet and materials. I decided not to stencil OT3 on the sidewalk and went instead with the cassette player with the tape of me performing OT3.

   Then it was off to the Airport to meet Bob and Stacy.

   I arrived two hours in advance and hung about the upper level of the parking garage with an excellent view of the concourse traffic and pedestrians. I had my binoculars with me and scanned the crowds for a bit, seeking familiar Borg faces, but spotted no one at the time. I then went down to the listed International Arrivals Gate for the Boston flight and parked myself comfortably with a full view of the waiting area. As each plane came in and passengers debarked the assorted crowd of relatives and friends there to meet the planes cycled thru' completely. The only continuous loiterer was myself. About 15 minutes before the Boston Flight was due in I stepped outside for a smoke and spotted a young couple who looked vaguely familiar. I thought they might have been from the local Org so I watched them a bit and caught them looking my way furtively. Finishing my cigarette I pulled out my XENU AIR sign and flashed it at the pair. They bolted.<grin>

   When I returned to the waiting area there were two Regional Police Officers now posted at the Gate by Canada Customs. I introduced myself to them and we exchanged a word or two. They were both anti-Co$ but said they were there to enforce the law and not their feelings. I asked about 'stalking' and was told as long as a 'tail' kept a discreet distance and made no disturbance there was no reason to detain anyone or stop them tagging along after our party. No signs, rude banners or shouting would be tolerated no matter who was the offender.

   Shortly thereafter the Boston Flight came in. It was 5 minutes early. As I waited for Bob and Stacy to clear Customs and Immigration I watched the crowd. The young couple did not reappear and no one else set off my alarms.

   Soon Bob and Stacy emerged through the Gate and saw my XENU AIR sign, which amused them. Stacy was clutching her camera ready to take pictures of any unwelcome 'welcoming committee'. She broke into a big smile at my sign and Bob gave me a firm handshake and commented that I had cut my long hair and shaved the beard I had sported at last years CW Picket. My guests were both pleased to be free of Co$ harassers and hecklers for once. Stacy gave me a warm greeting too. She was delighted to meet me face to face at last. I briefly introduced Bob and Stacy to the Officers and thanked them for their attention. Then we headed off across the Airport to my car. I had parked at the far end so I would be able to spot anyone tailing us as we hiked the full length of the airport. At one point Bob wanted to get a picture of the three of us with the XENU AIR sign so we stopped and he asked a passerby to do the honours.After a short technical explanation and two tries, our volunteer photographer got a good digital shot. (Thank you whoever, wherever you are.) Then we finished the trek to the car, loaded up and drove into Toronto. In twenty minutes we were pulling into the Four Seasons.

   We were not tailed at any point. Bob and Stacy were happy to lose their perpetual shadows for once.

   (I think it began to dawn on them they were truly in a different environment. Here their tormentors were not only limited in numbers, resources and power. Here the Co$ was truly a downstat minor public nuisance, reduced to cowering in their Org and dreaming impossible dreams of world expansion as they visibly and daily became smaller.)

   Pulling into the Four Seasons I spotted some of the Hotels less obtrusive security measures and knew should any Co$ interlopers put in an appearance there would be a visual record of their presence.

   We got Bob and Stacy checked in and I insisted the Hotel add a security memo not to give out their room number to anyone or forward phone calls to the room without first getting permission. I informed the Hotel certain local individuals would be arriving shortly to join us for dinner and would wait in the lobby.

   While my two friends were unpacking in their room, various local SPs made contact with me on my cel phone and confirmed their attendance at the slated dinner, orientation and planning session for 8:30 PM.

   Soon thereafter we were all relaxing in one of the Hotels excellent restaurants. A picture of the attendees is currently available at:

   [Note: At no time did any agent of the Co$, whether staffer, public or other, enter the Hotel Premises, annoy us or our party at dinner or handout any leaflet about Bob, Stacy , ourselves or the morrows Picket. Any claim to the contrary by anyone is an unsupportable fabrication, even if it is a Statement Against Interest: Conspiring to commit Criminal Harassment.]

   It was a pleasant and enjoyable evening. Deep Wog, Atremis, Wulfen and I each had sufficient funds from our German Psyche Masters, err, I mean our regular means of income, to cover our share of the meal, but Bob insisted on picking up the tab. (As mentioned elsewhere on ARS and in this Picket Report, Bob does this for friend and 'foe' alike.) Bob knew Artemis and I from last years CW Picket and was happy to meet Deep Wog and Wulfen. Stacy was also pleased to make the acquaintance of some of the core local SPs.

   I spent some time outlining the local Charter Rights and Obligations which would be enforced by the Police the next day to ensure a level playing field for the Org and the Demonstrators. Everyones Freedom of Expression was guaranteed, I explained, however interaction between the Picketers and the Co$ members, would be severely limited. Ofman style Bull baiting would not be tolerated by the Police. The Co$ would be stage numerous and repeated 'loud' jibing conversations, maybe a DA pack or two, which we would immediately web, possibly some minor interference with the Picket line or informative conversations we engaged in with the Public. I thought it a certainty the Co$ would bring in reinforcements from the states and the Police on site would have to spend sometime lecturing them about Canadas solutions to prevent conflicts at our type of Demonstration. Slogan barkering would be ok, but we were not to start chanting. Also we had been asked by the Police in the past not to make the 'clam squicking' hand gesture at the Co$hacks. The Police doubted a case could be made for Criminal Engram Restimulation or Assault with a Dangerous Hand Gesture. However, it had been noted, this gesture caused extreme annoyance to the Co$ staff and might start an escalating spiral of tit for tat insulting gestures and verbal abuse in these circumstances.

   Artemis was designated to meet and escort Bob and Stacy to the pre-picket coffee klatch the next morning. We took a few pictures and then everyone retired homeward.

See: Toronto Picket Report: Wrecking Crew Pt 3

Toronto Picket Report: Wrecking Crew Pt 3

The Picket.

   Wulfen and I arrived at Star bucks at about 8:30 am.

   Star bucks is 150 meters north and across the street from the Org. and affords an excellent vantage point for Co$hack spotting. While we enjoyed coffee and as various SPs from in and out of town rolled in we watched the Orgs preparations. I soon spotted the Co$ Imports, most of whom I had not seen at the Org since May of last year. Also of Interest was who was *not* showing up for the Orgs counter activities. Several easily identifiable local staffers were absent as Shadow#6 had informed me. There had been several staff drop outs at the Org in the last year. Staffing was a big problem and getting worse with each passing month.

   Pedestrian traffic was light as usual but just north of us there was along line of Film Festival attendees queued up for an early performance. I anticipated very heavy afternoon traffic as these and other local participating cinemas rotated thru waves of patrons. There would certainly be a unique opportunity to spread entheta far and wide via our Flyer Tech, as many of the Festival Attendees would be from out of town.

   At about 9:30 we all headed for my car to 'gird our loins' with signs, flyers, cameras etc. and to leave excess equipment and supplies safely locked in the car.

   We then headed over to the Org. I stopped by the Artful Dodger along the way and confirmed our luncheon strategy with the Restaurant. We had about 10 Picketers then and I anticipated some late arrivals. Our friendly regular waitress asked if we might come earlier than usual so there would be time for everyone to get a bite to eat. I thought this was an excellent suggestion and promised to call the morning half of the Picket at 12:30 rather than 1 pm.

   As we approached the Org I noted to my dismay the absence of Police and that the Borg had spread their personnel all over the sidewalk and were engaged in 'conversations'. Running a steady Picket line would be difficult if this did not change. The light foot traffic was having to dodge about as it was, before adding 10 or so Picketers to the mix.

   I called 52 Division and told them of the situation and that we would start the Demonstration a few minutes late if they wished so as to afford them time to arrive and deal with the Borgs obstructive activity. The sergeant I spoke to was unsympathetic and told me to 'deal with it and not cause a disturbance or he would close us down.' So I called my friendly legal weasel who assured me he/she would make a few enquiries but not to be afraid to start the Protest if we set up cameras first.

   This was excellent advice and meshed with our original planning to have cameras at either end of the org and across the street. Once our camera buffs were in place with their impressive array of equipment we started the Picket line. Our crew quickly took to the outside edge of the sidewalk and sometimes into the street briefly and safely to get around the 12 or 15 smirking Co$ staffers and hangers on. Passersby were most annoyed at the people blocking the sidewalk and the owner of Brothers Restaurant was seen standing agitated in his window.

   This mess lasted about 5 minutes and then a Police Officer (young guy about 25 or so and tall) showed up. (He was the hired officer but had been late because of a briefing.) He went into the Org and spoke with whomever. Moments later a woman came out .( I later learned this was 'tall tale' Maureen out of Boston) She swiftly moved through the Borg and called off the clogging strategy. It was obvious to me this obstructive behaviour meant to inhibit our Charter Rights had been deliberately engaged in only because the Officer *the Org was again forced to hire* had been late.

   The Officer re emerged from the Org and conferred with me. I offered him a copy of our Protest Advisory, but he said he was familiar with it and appreciated our organisation. He informed me why he was late and that he was going to take up a position at the north end of the Org on the sidewalk outside corner. Thus he could see all of the demonstration area both south down the face of the Org and westward down the open side of the Org along St Mary St. We briefly discussed the positioning of the Org e-meter tables. I pointed out the Borg were vending on public lands but unless they chose to complain about some of our shouted slogans decrying "there was no science in scientology" and "the e-meter was the first step in a well practiced snow job", then I wouldn't make a fuss about this technical infraction. He told me he was confident there would be no problems as usual from our side. I pointed out Bob and Stacy to him and briefly filled him in on the harassment they had been enduring stateside. I started to fill him in on the assault on Bob the week before and apparently he knew all about it. I had a BW copy in the car of the picture of Ofman slugging Bob and offered to get it, but he had also apparently already seen it. I suggested he utilise the morning to become familiar with the Co$hacks faces as in the afternoon, with the advent of much heavier traffic, he would need to know who was a Scntist blocking the sidewalk and who was a passersby who had stopped to listen or talk to the SPs.

Co$Hacks 'Bring a knife to a gunfight':

   The rest of the morning was mostly uneventful except for the mistake the Org staff made in trying to rag me about the criminal charges against my adult son. I had waited a long time for the incompetent OSA at the Org, led by the bumbling Big Al Buttnor, to discover my 'secret'. It had only been prominently covered in both the Star and the Sun *months ago*. (My son was picked up in a drug sweep of the Oakville High schools last spring. He has charges pending and has yet to have his day in court. It will be a matter of public record I was involved in having him arrested. It's called 'tough love'. I have zero tolerance for illegal drug use. It wasn't easy to do, but it was necessary and it worked. My son has been scared straight. Removed himself from a hazardous environment and lifestyle and redeemed himself in a variety of ways. Good for him. But its ~his~ problem. I won't stop loving him, but I don't have to like all the choices ~he~ makes. Now back to ARS business.)

   Several hundred people then heard the wonderful news, delivered by me at Tone 40, repeatedly, "Big Al Buttnor, self styled 'Reverend' of the Toronto Org was once arrested, jailed, and investigated by Edmonton Police as a PEDOPHILE. Big Al was released due to insufficient evidence and the charges were dismissed. This could be verified by the Edmonton Sun. We are all relieved 'Big Al had escaped a gross miscarriage of justice.

   [Right Al?

   I mean, Al 'ol buddy, *everyone* can empathise with the humiliation and frustration you must have experienced being suspected and arrested UNJUSTLY as a PEDOPHILE. Gee, this could happen to *anyone*, like being charged with assaulting someone with a deadly weapon when in fact you were defending yourself with 2 ounces of balsa wood. Now that would be unfair, wouldn't it, before it all got straightened out and the truly guilty party was actually charged, right AL? But of course not as bad as the humiliation and frustration you must have experienced being suspected and arrested UNJUSTLY as a PEDOPHILE!

   -Or if one were disciplined by a parent for dabbling with restricted substances, by being arrested, jailed and being 'scared straight' at ones own parents insistence? Now that wouldn't be nice, would it? Really humiliating and scary (for a green behind the ears kid) before the charges were finally dealt with in the manner befitting a first offender, if any, right AL? (But of course not as bad as the humiliation and frustration you must have experienced being suspected and arrested UNJUSTLY as a PEDOPHILE.]

      I proclaimed this happy news for Mr Buttnor every time the local and imported OSA sots tried to push what they thought was a way to hurt me. I am sure The neighborhood businesses and residents were all similarly relieved for Uncle 'lollipop lover' Al.

   It took a while but the local and imported foul ups finally got the message when someone from the local org staff rushed up and told them to shut the F*** Up.

   And then so did I, about Al that is.

   We had a short visit from the annoyed -as -hell -we bother -to -picket -the -Co$ -Police Sergeant from 52. He seemed a bit confused about the Charter of Rights, *courtesy* Notices of Demonstration and mythical powers of the City to permit or not permit freedom of expression on common lands. I advised him to talk to a constitutional lawyer and the City attorney and get an education like *I* had. Politely of course.

   The low point of the Co$ at the Picket was in the morning. An oft seen local resident came up to me in her electric wheelchair and we chatted briefly. She wanted just the new content flyers which I had ready for her in a bundle. She thanked me and rolled up a few feet to where one of the Boston based Body Routers was offering passersby Free Stress Tests. She stopped beside the empty table. The staffer behind the table and the imported BR ignored her. So she looked up at the BR and asked, "Aren't you going to offer me a stress test?" The BR looks down and says, Scientology is for the able." My acquaintance laughed at this and moved on. But, I thought the disdain in the voice of the Boston based BR was despicable. Doubtless she thinks the unable should be "disposed of quietly and without sorrow" as Hubbard suggested.

   At one point Bob gave us all a brief taste of panic by vanishing from the Picket without telling whomever was on 'point' person, usually me, or Wulfen. Stacy and Wulfen have covered this in their reports and i have nothing to add except Bob apologised to me for giving me a bad moment or two. He just got inspired. Then he gave me a 10 Mark note to parade with. ( In the future I will need some catchy anti-Co$ slogans in German to promote.)

   By 12 noon we had established a picketing routine and had grown to 17 participants including Nan Maclean and several hundred transient but appreciative passersby.

   I called the Artful Dodger at 12:15 and confirmed we would indeed need seating for about 20 and would be showing up in about 15 minutes.

   Promptly at 12:30 I announced on the MegaPhone an early lunch break. This caused a bit of a scramble in the Org and a hilarious scene which I missed, at the Artful Dodger when our favourite anti-Co$ waitress herded the Co$Hacks into one bunch at one end at one table. Thus was foiled the Co$ mean attempt to break up the solidarity of the picketers at lunch.

   During the pleasant break for lunch I had calls from Rod Keller and Kady. (I had also had numerous calls during the morning from many critics and of course Ted Mayett, just in case Buttnor needed to be reminded who is boss again.) We were also joined by a student whom I know who wanted to interview people with experience as Scientologists but were now activists opposed to the Co$. This was for a school term essay. Stacy and Nan were kind enough to take time out from the afternoon shift and give him some candid answers. [He was not a participant, however should he be harassed in the slightest then I can assure any reader the backlash from his particular ethnic/religious community will quintuple our numbers overnight.]

   Bob Minton capped off the lunch by ducking into the restaurant proper (we were outside on the patio) and picking up the OSA Co$Hacks tab! I just wonder if they reported this to their superiors, or did they pocket the funds? Maybe Davey the Dink should have a peek at the Vouchers, eh?<grin>

   Three of the Co$Hacks at that table needed a good meal so they would have the energy to Picket my house, stupidly leaflet my neighborhood and take a few pictures.


[Hey OSA! Do you think I know which ones they were? Yep! They were picked out of a photo lineup by an eyewitness who provided an account of this event. More on this later in this report.]

   My student friend was recruited by myself to be the Official Photographer for the Group Photo we had decided to take at the start of the afternoon half of the demo. He did a good job too. The shot is currently webbed at:


And from left to right features: EF, Witling, Kains Daughter, Kain, Wulfen, Seanster, Android Cat, Stacy, Bob (with Hubbards Head), Beast, King Richard, Nan , Slippery Jim, Gregg, Preacher, Artemis and Deep Wog.

   Whoops. That is 18, not seventeen and not including the rubber head either. Right. We finished off the morning and most of lunch with 17, but King Richard joined us as we were about to head back to the Org.

   The Afternoon Demo: Enturbulation for the Co$

   Anticipating a substantially larger traffic flow I planned to have the picket line take an extra loop 30 feet down the north side of the Org so as to never have more than 7 to 10 Pickets in front of the Org, but to keep our large 'at cause' Picket in full view. The Hired Officer thought this was a good idea. Yeah, well it was, but it was like trying to herd cats again. After awhile it kinda worked. Well sorta.

   The large number of Picketers afforded a chance for members to take breaks singly and in small groups yet keep the Co$ busy standing around losing face and creating a large carpet of dropped or *crumpled and tossed* Co$ literature for two blocks in all directions.

   The foot traffic was incredible! I or Wulfen held the north point and Artemis and Ef anchored the South. Our flyers were evaporating into a constantly appreciative and complimentary flow of foot traffic. I had to keep sending packets to Ef at the south end via the line as she kept going thru 50 sheet packages almost as fast as I did. Wulfen Bob and I kept up a steady volume of Tone 40 sloganeering with occasional additions from Slippery Jim and Android.

   Some of the Boston OSA thought they could take advantage of the situation and heckle Bob. Stacy came to me right away and pointed out the offenders. I relayed this to the Hired Officer and he went down and disciplined the woman involved. While the Officer was at the south end a local Co$ Body Router decided to try pushing the imaginary 'Druggie Son= Bad Father' button. I told him not to talk to me as he was clearly being inciteful and I backed away holding up my hand to fend off his 'terrible' words. Delighted he kept it up until after a few moments the hired Officer returned to the North end and then I loudly told this Co$Hack to stop heckling me in this manner and that i was here to provide the public with factual information and not respond to 'fighting words' and if he did not understand just what the Rules were in this situation to ask the Officer standing behind him. Whereupon the Hired Officer laid a gentle hand on this luckless dupe and pulled him aside for a pointed dressing down. Thereafter this pinch faced dude was permanently parked by his superiors at the far end.



[This guy is on the short list of Canadian based suspects for being Rod F. He certainly is stupid enough.]

   About 3:00 Ef comes up to me and reports she had seen the Co$ staff assembling signs in the lobby. It looked like they were preparing to mingle with us American style in the hopes of causing an incident. I spoke to the Hired Officer and told him what might be brewing. I told him most of the Co$Hacks out there today were in from Boston where the staff there had assaulted Bob Minton recently and I told him we were *all* prepared to take bumps, hits, punches and kicks without retaliating but I could not be held accountable for the reaction of some of the passersby. I then placed our best photographers on corner duty and made sure they had someone with them and sent king Richard, who had brought a video Camera, across the street with a back up.

   The Hired Officer went into the org. while speaking into his radio. Shortly thereafter two more officers joined him and I noticed one undercover cop I knew by sight passing by and I suspected the guy with him was also there UC.

   The two UC Officers mingled a bit with the crowd, listened into a few conversations and after about 20 minutes went into the Org. Five minutes later they came out to see me. The one I knew reintroduced himself and identified his companion as being UC as well. I asked him if there was anything we were doing wrong and he said."Oh no, no. I just thought you recognised me and ought to know we have had a word or two with those in charge on the churches side and reinforced the importance of following the basic guidelines for this kind of demonstration. I think they get the idea now. You guys are doing just fine. No complaints from our guys. Keep it up." We shook hands and he and his partner left. Shortly thereafter the two extra officers left. One of them spent some time talking with Stacy as she reported.

   The Foot bullet Mission to Oakville:

   Unnoticed by me two of the local OSA thugs
 left the picket
 and met up with the woman seen in this photo with 'Tall Tale Maureen'

This was a about 3:30. They drove out to Oakville, got a little lost, but finally drove eastward along my street, Munns Ave, and parked on the south side of the street in front of 2331. ( My family residence is at 2237.) This was at 4:40 pm. The two thugs then proceeded to leaflet the houses on my street, but only those that appeared to have no one home. This took them about 5 minutes or so as there are only 30 houses on this block. No one was home at my house at this time. Some of my neighbors, having been forewarned of this kind of stupid OSA trick, pulled there kids off the street and into their houses or backyards. Some turned on their front sprinklers to discourage unwanted visitors on their properties. The two thugs then pulled out picket signs maligning either myself or Bob or both and proceeded to picket in front of 2335, 2337 and 2339 for about five minutes. Their female companion took pictures from across the street. {Gee, I hope they web them. }Then my wife came home, parked in the drive way and started laughing at the OSA picketers as she emerged from her car. Jennifer told them they were too late, nobody was home at our house and the neighbors all knew just what kind of a nasty cult they represented.

   The thugs and their photographer immediately returned to their vehicle and left.

   The neighbors, over the last two days, have given me copies of the leaflet. They are puzzled. Why would someone from the wacko Church of Scientology picket a private residence on a middle class street, 25 km away from their rat hole digs in Toronto and leave flyers containing obviously exaggerated, distorted and considering the source, outright lies about some American Philanthropist who had the guts to stand up to these sots? One or two had searched the net for Robert Minton and seen pictures of some Nazi punching Mr. Minton up. Etc.

   Now since 85 % of my neighbors for five blocks in any direction have cable TV and half of those are hooked onto the net in some way either thru' the Cable company or via dial ups, guess what is happening? Yep. The 'hood is buzzing about the wacko Co$, people I hardly know are coming by asking for copies of my factual information page, or calling me up asking for URLs. Some have offered to help cover the costs of my picketing in Toronto and the neighborhood watch is going to provide round the clock volunteers to watch over my home while we are in Clearwater.


   Meanwhile at the picket one local loudmouth Co$hack tries the 'Button' again. I ask him if he believes everything the Co$ tell him. He says yes. I ask him if he believed everything Hubbard wrote was true. He said yes.I asked him if he thought the Xenu story was true. He said the Xenu story was a lie made up on the Internet. I asked him then if he had no problem reading our Xenu Flyer. He said didn't care too and it was all a lie. I asked him then if he would be allowed to read my copy of the full OT3 story the critics were saying was written by Hubbard and was about Xenu. He said whatever I had was a fake and any Scientologist out here today could read it. I said i only had the one copy with me so i would just have to read it aloud. He smirked and said, so what?

   So I pulled out my copy of OT3, picked up my microphone and began to broadcast to the assembled Scientologists on the north side of the building: "The head of the Galactic Confederation (76 planets around larger stars visible from here founded 95,000,000 years ago, very space opera) solved overpopulation (250 billion or so per planet - 178 billion on average) by mass implanting. He caused people to be brought to Teegeeack (Earth) and put an H Bomb on the principal volcanoes (Incident 2)" ...

   I caused a mass exodus of Scientologists many being urgently ordered by the OT3's from Boston and the Toronto Org to leave, with their hands over their ears.

   After I finished the two page intro and without getting into the Hubbard spew about processing, I stopped, folded my OT3 and put it away. Then I went back to sloganeering.

   And soon thereafter it was 5:00 pm and we closed our Picket down. I thanked the Police Officer for his vigilance and we all returned to my car to dump picketing paraphenalia. Bob and Stacy had left the Picket at about 4 in order to put some stuff up on the net, including the DA pack the Org briefly handed out. They were to meet us at the Duke of Gloucester Pub across from the org for an after picket drink and to make dinner plans. Some few of the Wrecking Crew had to leave now and so we said our goodbyes. Then the rest of us, about 10 SPs IIRC, went off to mingle with the Co$Hacks at the Duke ( a story told well by others) and then off to dinner at the Four Seasons.

   We had once more been at total cause over the Org and this time, as an added treat, had been 'at cause' over the sorry lot sent up to Toronto from Boston to 'handle Bob Minton'. They got a taste of the power of the Wog Law that tried and convicted the Church of Scientology as a Corporation for the Breach of the Public Trust.

   They were forced to act in a civilised manner, rather than as the nasty, foul mouthed, neofascist bullies and boot lickers they had been trained to be.

   This one was for Bob and Grady.

   You know, if Grady Ward moved to Toronto, could the Co$ collect their pound of flesh?

Hey OSA!

See you in October, November and December. <grin>


Gregg Hagglund.