October 16, 1999 - Gypsyblue

Today's picket was excellent, it couldn't have been any better. To start off, the weather was sublime, 21 degrees C., sunny and so balmy that I was too warm in a tee-shirt and jeans. As someone said, Xenu must have been smiling down on us.

I got to the org. at my usual time (ie: very very late) and the number of picketers I saw amazed me. In my short time as a Scientology protester, we've not had such a good turnout. And, unusual for a Toronto picket, today the ex-scientologists outnumbered those of us who have joined the fight for other reasons.

The Scientologists were out in large numbers, buzzing enturbulatedly, no doubt owing to the celebrity guest picketers, who we were all delighted to have join us. I finally got the chance to meet Gerry Armstrong, having read so much about him on the net. I also was honoured to meet Nan McLean, who I was told played a role in the RCMP's raid of the Toronto Org. some years back.

Who was there, you ask? Well, there was Gregg, Wulfen, Gorilla (these guys, and Android cat are the 'usuals', unfortunately, Android couldn't make it today), also the aforementioned Mr. Armstrong and Ms. McLean, and three other gentlemen, whose names escape my non-clear mind at the moment. After a quick hello to my old pals and the new picketers, I picked up my fliers and proceeded across the street. As I paced the area, handing out my Xenu specials, I happened to notice, in a candy-shop display front, a cookie jar in the form of Xenu's head. I called Gorilla over, and together we broke out into a spontaneous rendition of "How much is that Xenu in the window"....and quite harmonic it sounded, too.

One thing I did notice is that the people are Yonge Street are becoming more informed. I'm having trouble handing out as many fliers because everyone seems to have already read them. The number of thumbs up signs, and positive comments I receive are on the increase...along with the lower flier hand-out rate...an interesting dilemma.

After an hour or so of picketing, it was off to lunch. We sat at a bunch of small tables, amid beer and blt's and listened to Nan and Gerry share tales of their days in Scientology. They were both so interesting to listen to, that I missed alot by trying to get it all. Hopefully this will not be my only opportunity to sit with them and chat.

And that's about it from me....I had to leave after lunch while the rest of the gang went back to work. And thanks alot guys...it's a pleasure to picket with you all.