March 11, 2000 - Android Cat

Picket reports are the result of an individual's observations, and as such don't always completely match any other person's memories of the event. (Or, in the case of Andy Hill and Velcro Kitty, match with any part of reality.)

Critic's in attendance:
Morning: Gregg Hagglund, Alan, Mike, David, myself. Afternoon: Nan McLean, Gregg, David, Deep Wog, myself.

Weather: Not all that cold, but since we'd been having amazingly warm weather beforehand, the moist cold breeze slowly bit to the bone. I should have had another layer or two, and my leather driving gloves. (They're thin enough to handle flyers.)

Arriving in the parking lot, the first thing I noticed was Gregg sitting in his car talking with a couple of police officers. Moving closer, and carefully saying "Good morning Gregg" from a distance, I listened in. (Rule 1: Do not startle people with Glocks from behind.)

As it turned out, when Gregg arrived in the parking lot, Peter Ramsay already there. (Oh. I thought that person over by the bench was homeless, nope just Peter.) Since Gregg was on the phone to 52 division at the time, he explained that since Peter had met the five-prong test for criminal harassment, he didn't feel comfortable getting out of car while Ramsay was there. So they sent over a car to check it out.

After a bit more, the officers went to talk to Ramsay. I left Gregg, and went to find the others at Starbucks. Then grabbed a "McMeal" and coffee. Eventually we all met up in the parking lot and got the signs out of my trunk, and started the picket.

Our morning handlers were Andy Hill, Toronto Dan, Peter Ramsay, and supporting cast. There was someone who was mandatory/voluntary there for the whole day. He seemed to be coordinating things, and I was told his name but it wasn't that important, so I didn't write it down.

Mainly it was in your face picket chicken. Dan and Peter were all over Gregg and Alan like stink. (Very very like stink -- but not stinking, that was the afternoon shift.)

Oddly enough, as usual they never tried group or single intimidation with me. (What? I bathe, so what's the problem? Have they found no facts to pester me with, or do I terrorize them "with my mere presence"?)

Nobody wanted to talk about criminal conspiracy fraud. But no need. A number of people lied about there not being a new DSA to replace Rev Al (One week course) Buttnor.

Peter Ramsay Wanted To Be My Friend. It seems that he did buy a membership to the Ad Astra Science-Fiction Convention, and wondered why I'd basically dared Co$ to show up. Har, too bad I don't get 15% of memberships like a FSM! Are these people thick or what? Peter did have a good time, so maybe he can ascend from a Co$ goon to a Trekkie, maybe. He was obsessed with the question of how many fans are anti-Co$. I told him about the pumped book stats and vanity press.

He asked for my permission to call me and talk. (He certainly has my phone number, so I guess he was thinking about the police warning.) I'll talk to him once -- with a warning that the recorder is running. Then I'll tell him (on record) not to bother me or mine ever again. So make the most of that call Peter.

Andy asked me about the Top 40 hacker/phreak group in Montreal. I laughed at their gullibility. They probably never looked up the actual news story. And I was never caught for anything. :^)

Missing face... George the org camera guy wasn't there, again.

And then we broke for lunch.