March 11, 2000 - Gregg Hagglund

Part One- "Rambo Ramsay"


10am to 1pm - Artemis, //\ndroidCat, Gregg Hagglund and exScns Mike Argue and Dave Palter.
2pm to 5pm -//\ndroidCat, DeepWog, Gregg Hagglund, exScns Dave Palter and Nan Maclean.

Weather: Wet cold. Kinda chilly

Flyer Count: 550+

Police Called: Ramsay cautioned by Police about possible Criminal Harassment of Hagglund Clan.

During Picket:
Hired Duty Officer issues two cautions:
1. Mike Argue cautioned that saying "F---er" very loudly could get him a ticket for disturbing the peace.
2. Dave Palter cautioned about 'unwanted spontaneous hugging' of a Co$ public.
Hired Duty Officer opines Court Order needed to halt Co$ new aggressive 'Picket Chicken' efforts.

Once again the Org is still forced to pay for a Duty Cop while we picket.


Toronto Picket Report,
March 11 2000:

Pre picket Report:

I arrived at my usual Isabella St. Parking Lot east of the Toronto Org at about 9:15 am. I had speed-dialed 52 Division public phone on my Cel phone as I approached the lot as it is my habit to remind the Foot Patrol Duty Sergeant we will be picketing.

So there I am, phone in hand, pulling into my usual spot in this virtually deserted lot, and who should be waiting for me, but the Repugnant Mr. Ramsay.


Rambo Ramsay, dressed in a dark parka with the hood up, is staring at me thru' my front window. He is standing about 15 feet in front of my car, beyond the knee high parking lot edge fencing. He is in a public parkette at a bench.


He has a stare on him that sends chills up my spine.

Piercing eyes.

I become afraid.


-------Seem odd? Me being intimidated by Ramsay this way? Especially since many of you know I have picketed for three years and faced many a baleful TR Stare?


However only a few days before I had received a vile and emotionally damaging letter from Mr. Ramsay.Part of the letter was a boast about how he had usurped and appropriated my Intellectual Property. His banter reeked of self importance and power. Like I was helpless, in his view, before his strength. Reminiscent of the Rev. Bagley power tripping epistle of years back. Most of the Ramsays letter contained a rambling rant full of fractured and fancied facts, half truths, irrational assumptions & defaming accusations.

To me they appeared to come from a madman.

Juxtapose that with the letter Ramsay had lately sent to Ron Sharp (AndroidCat) where in he had stated his personal 'power fantasy' about forcing me to do an eight hour 'Apology' Picket under his control and direction....

Then juxtapose that with Ramsays openly reckless emotional harassment inflicted on my parents, (whom he *had to know were old and frail*) , by sending them a copy of the successful intimidating letter he had sent my brother....

And now here he is waiting for me.

A possible lunatic fanatic with apparent self delusions of grandeur, charged with 'destroying utterly' an Enemy so as to protect the maundering of another madman who had proposed SPs and others, would be 'disposed of quietly and without sorrow'.

Scant witnesses around on a cold morning and in an area where there had been two murders in the last 10 days.


What did he want? What was he capable of? What was his state of mind? What may he have concealed in those large parka pockets?


If I saw that look on a motorists face when I worked Canada Customs so long, long ago, what would I have done?

Hit the alarm, that's what.

52 Division answered the phone. I briefly introduce myself, the days plans and detail my current situation with Ramsay and my desire to avoid a violent confrontation.

Ramsay starts to pace back and forth opposite me.

He looks away and then looks back at me, visibly impatient. I have not exited the car. I put a smile on my face and pretend a relaxed air as I converse with the Desk Officer. I describe Ramsay and what he is doing. Also my physical location, car plate, make and colour. Should I back away and leave, I ask? No, I am advised. Unwise. Stay in the car, look relaxed and stay on the phone. A patrol car is being sent.

Ramsay is becoming more agitated.

Its cold. He wants to do whatever he has planned and why don't I get off the phone and out of the damn car?..

Then my cel beeps twice and dies.

I haven't even turned off the car yet, I realise. With the engine still running, I 'stay on the phone' while I fumble about for the car phone charger. My hand finds the charger and plugs it in the jack. Dial tone. I thumb my speed dial code for home. Jennifer answers. I tell her what is going on and that the police are coming. She becomes upset and I try to reassure her (and myself) nothing is likely to happen.

A minute or two pass while we talk.

Ramsay is back to staring hard at me. I pretend to ignore him. Mime a laugh, smile etc.

A few minutes more pass.

No cops.

Ramsay is back to pacing and now smoking. He is smoking in that short tight manner that every smoker ( and ex smoker) is familiar with. The 'I am pissed off ' drag. He throws me a glare as he turns about at each end of his circuit.

I suggest to Jen that I'll hang up and call 52 again. No way she says. Jen wants me to give her the number and she'll call 52 on our unlisted phone. I do and she does. Just as she finishes re explaining the situation to 52 Division- two squad cars come up Isabella and park near my position. Two Officers, a man and a woman come to speak with me. I stay in the car.

Jen stays on the phone to listen as I converse with the Police.

Relieved, I explain the situation at length. The Officers agree, given my information is correct, Mr. Ramsay should be advised of the criteria of Criminal Harassment.

Ron Sharp arrives and hears the end of my conversation with the Officers. They go to speak to Ramsay.

I assure Jen that all is well now and we say goodbye.

I finally turn off and get out of the car . Ron and I wait while the Officers talk with Ramsay. Ramsay is calm and quiet. He gives them no flack.

It's getting close to 9:45. I suggest Ron head over to the Coffee shop where the others should be waiting and inform them of what is going on.

The Officers come back to me and advise they have down all they can. We briefly discuss what my next legal option could be.

I thank them and they go back to their cruisers. Ramsay stays in the parkette and sits on the bench. He is 'hard' smoking again. The officers stay to watch him while I cross the parking lot to the north, away from Rambo Ramsay and head for the Second Cup.

Once I join those waiting I explain all the details. Strengthened by my companions words of support and sympathy my confidence comes rushing back.

Now back to the cars, as a group, for our gear and on to the Picket.

It's going to be an odd, uncivilised day.

Part Two- "Felske Tried Picket Chicken"

New DSA Pat Felske put in no appearance at the first picket of the fourth year of peaceful street demos in Toronto against the Co$ Administration . Instead she stayed inside and sent her *storm troopers* out to 'handle' the picketers and myself in particular.

The 'new' tactic is to swarm me with no less than two, sometimes up to four goons, goonettes and goon wannabes. And they yammer and yammer personal questions, slurs, attacks and & innuendoes. Mostly they were loud, continuously and deliberately provocative. This would continue for 5 or ten minutes and then they would take a break for a few minutes before coming back at me again. Moving around gave me no break from this, they would hound my heels or jump in front of me and block my way. When I stopped they would crowd around me thisclose.

Sound familiar?


Classic 'Picket Chicken'.

Only I won't play.

They were hoping to find and push a button or cause me to physically react.They were crowding me and yelling in my face incessantly. Many of the things they said were personal, disgusting and they displayed moral bankruptcy in uttering demeaning and defaming things they knew to be untrue in an effort to incite me into precipitous action. I won't easily be provoked that way, if at all.

Two of my erstwhile tormentors were a bit drunk and kept calling me 'Larry'. These guys reeked of booze and Scope. Sick minded pair of goons too..

They were so self degrading that at one point Dave Palter, who knew them form his days in the TO Org, threw a hug around one of them and asked him "Do you hear yourself?"or something like that. Of course unwanted hugging is a no-no. The drunk shouted at Dave not to touch him and ran for the Cop. Dave was embarrassed. He knew it was a mistake. However, the Officer was very fair and given the publicly intoxicated state of the ORg Goon, let Dave off with a warning.

At one point the two drunks were badgering me as I walked and I started to ask questions back, but a little louder. So they got louder. And I got louder, And they got louder. Then I stopped beside the door to the Centre where they were hopelessly trying to sell their pseudo-scientific crap to a few "shoppers" who went in for laughs. There were also a lot of lower than OT3 staff in there too.

Well of course all the noise these guys were creating just made things impossible for Mario who runs the suckers school.

Mario sends out one of his fellow Flunkies to get the Cop to move me away. But the Cop refuses. Apparently he told them that if they were to stop yelling in my face, or leave me alone he was confident I would not be a problem. Besides the people blocking the door to the Centre were Scientologists right? So the flunky comes back and tries to get the two drunks to shut up and come inside. But they are too sloshed to hear him. Finally Mario comes out and manages to get them to shut up and come inside.

Then I pull out a copy of OT3 and offer to show part of it in Hubbards original handwriting to a pretty young french accented Body router. SHe stuck out her tongue at me and ran inside the Centre.

So I start to read OT3 out loud.

While I am doing so I hear Mario, inside the Centre yelling at someone to go outside and stop me. So the two drunks, looking confused come out and start loudly yammering at me again. Once I finish reading OT3, I stopped talking and these two drunks just keep loudly shouting questions and accusations at me. Which of course just continues to make things impossible for Mario. Even tho' the 'shoppers' weren't buying, Mario and co. couldn't even try to pitch them successfully.

So out comes Mario to drag the inebriated pair back inside.

Such was the day

Of course this situation was most uncivilised and highly incitingly. The public peace was certainly in jeopardy of being breached were those of us being so aggressively badgered to respond to some of the 'fighting words' being uttered by the OSA goons. The Co$ were certainly interfering with my Right of Free Speech by drowning me out with sound, verbally assaulting me, and hampering my movements.

Here is a partial list of the topics they touched on in an effort to provoke me:

You can imagine what they had to say or imply, which they intended to get a reaction from me.

Frankly it was nauseating to see these six or eight men and women degrading themselves so badly and publicly.

More than one passerby shouted at them to leave me alone.

Obviously they were trying to make me the issue of the picket. However, as usual, the OSA tactic backfired. They only succeeded in making themselves look like an angry crowd of hooligans And they forgot *I am not alone*. The other picketers did a bang up job of flyering and communications with a very sparse population of passersby. ( It was a bit damp and chilly. )

Most amusing moments in my day came from Dirty Dan. Once more he threatened to sue me if I out his picture up on the Internet without his permission. What a maroon! OSA Goon Craig Brown has my picture up on the CO$ controlled defamation site I told Dan to get a clue.

Then Dan tries to ask me "seriously what would it take to get you to stop picketing?" We'll stop digging into your life and harassing your family if you'll stop picketing". "I am looking for a solution."

I told him, for starters, I wanted a written retraction and apology from Scientology for all the defaming things they had communicated about me and my fellow picketers. And that would just get me to the table. Mike Argue pointed out that Dirty Dan was just an offlines public 'nothing' with no authority to negotiate or even offer anything. I found that amusing and Dirty Dan responded by threatening to call my father and harass him. (Dan knows my father is old and ill.)

The day was the most disgusting display of contempt for Free Speech I had ever seen from the Toronto Org.

New DSA Pat Felske should be ashamed.

Where was she?

As DSA and PR she should have been out there reigning in her street thugs, instead of ordering their ill conduct or at least condoning it with her absence.

Of course Pat has a history of looking the other way, IIRC.

Was she not one of the Co$ staffers who *knew* the grossly defaming allegations made by the Co$ against Casey Hill were untrue?

Did she not keep silent until her signature was found on a Co$ document which acknowledged Casey Hills proper conduct? A document signed *prior* to the allegations the Co$ made?

Did Pat Felske take a moral and ethical vacation then as well as she did on March 11, 2000?

Has she ever explained her conduct then?

Will she do so now?

We'll be back on April 15th.

I'll bring a thick skin.

They'll bring empty hearts.