August 11, 2001 - Kim Palmer

Date: August 11,2001
Time: 12:30 - 3:00 ( approx.)

Picketers: Kaeli, Zeratul, Keith Henson, Android Cat, Slippery Jim, Nan McLean, Kim Palmer and SPECIAL GUEST PICKETER: Arel Henson

Fliers: 300 - 350

I started my day early - up at 6:00 a.m. Caught the train to Toronto and arrived early for the picket. Kaeli and Zeratul met me at Union Station. We had coffee and time to visit before meeting up with the rest at Star Bucks.

The weather was perfect - after 10 days of blistering heat the weather changed - today was not too hot and there was a breeze which kept us cool as we picketed.

Arriving at the Org we look across the street at the Theatre there and lo and behold what is playing there now? "Puppetry of the Penis, The lost art of Australian Genital Origami" What can I say - it seems appropriate when you see the Org right across the street.

Keith kept the 100 feet distance from the Org. He was accompanied by one or two of us while the others concentrated on the Org.

This was an unannounced picket and Mario was not happy to see us at all. There were no "handlers" as such and no real bull baiting happened. We peacefully picketed and handed out our fliers going up YOung Street past the Org, turning on St. Mary's Street and walking down the side of the Org buildings.

At the start of our picket a woman in a wheelchair approached Android Cat and a man from the org ( not sure who he was I call him Mr. Suit). They had what sounded like a good discussion. Android Cat will fill you all in anyway.

At one point Mario and the man I named "Jewelry Man" were discussing something and as we passed the following was said "should be in Jail, mumble mumble, back in JAIL mumble mumble JAIL". It seemed to be a deliberate attempt to get a rise out of us.

During the time we were picketing the scientologists used a side entrance that appeared to be an emergency exit as it had no handle on the outside. Was this an attempt to not have to look at our signs??

One younger scientologists told us all to go home as he entered the building.

The Org had set out the e meters under an awning and at some tables which were set up on the public sidewalk and were handing out free tickets to the Orientation Film - with daily showings!!

One man on a bike had stopped and was talking to Android Cat and was told they were blocking the sidewalk by Mr. Suit. The Bike guy told him he "didn't need his protection".

The Org had outside speakers on with some pretty cool tunes going. The music was not bad actually but the words were the usual blah blah, being clear is cool type thing. There was a nice variety of music styles though which I thoroughly enjoyed. At the end I was sure I heard, however briefly, the voice of L Ron Hubbard pontificating about something or anther but that ended rather abruptly.

A side note on Jewelry Man - he looks very similar to a man I saw on all the way to work the other day. Couldn't be the same on could it??

A few notes about the Org itself:

Inside the building one can see one elevator that is covered in posters and stuff - this is against regulations if I remember codes correctly.

The back entrance had a large dumpster in it. I am not sure whether this is for the Org or not. It appeared to be full of renovation type junk. Perhaps they are sprucing the place up?? Who knows.

There was a chair placed in a parking space on St. Mary's Street. At one point Kaeli and I saw MArio and another man carry it back into the Org. It must have been an extremely heavy office chair that it took two men to carry it. Scientology making the able more able!!

I noticed that a piece of wood placed on two blocks of something replaced the chair (which looked like a perfectly good chair and not some reject or something - in fact it appeared to match the ones I could see through the Org widows). Were they saving a space for someone? Is this ethical? The Org is in a busy spot downtown and parking is at a premium. Hmmmm I wonder.

After the picket we repaired to the delightful Artful Dodger where we ate and drank and talked and visited until it was time for me to head back to Union Station to catch "The Last Train to Clarksville".

A special thanks to Kaeli and Zeratul for their hospitality today. I enjoyed my day very much. I plan on joining Toronto ARSCC (wdne) again in the future.

Keith and Arel I enjoyed meeting you and talking to you - thank you . Nan we must really get together and have a good talk one of these days soon.

As for the whole of the gang - it was great - thanks for the welcome and the visit.

See you next time...

Kim P

P.S. I am submitting my request to the ARSCC(wdne) for the level of SP3 and for a clam cluster for reading Dianetics from cover to cover and for making notes as I read it. Please advise.

Thank you
Kim P