The Ramsay Papers

Peter Ramsay is a Toronto Scientologist, who appears to be the sharp end of the cult's attempts to get the local Scientology critics to stop picketing. Ramsay promises an "educational campaign" (his words) to tell people about Gregg Hagglund, Alan Barclay (Gorilla/Artemis), Ron Sharp (AndroidCat), and me. Thus far, he's sent letters to Alan and Ron, and their employers. It's worth noting that for letters supposedly to and about these two critics, Ramsay spends a lot of time talking about Gregg Hagglund.

Incidentally, Ramsay claims he is "not under the control or guidance" of the Toronto Org, or the local OSA branch (the Office of Special Affairs and the Guardian's Office before it both fulfilled the Dept. 20 role on the cult Org board, namely dirty tricks and intimidation of critics and opponents). This is a rather astonishing claim, especially as Ramsay seems to be in possession of our names, home addresses, employers' names, workplace addresses, and sundry other information - quite a lot for one person to gather in his spare time. As well, when Scientologists have taken action against critics and opponents in the past, the cult has turned out to be responsible. If all this wasn't enough, a Toronto ex-Scientology staff member, Mike Argue, has positively fingered Ramsay as OSA.

Interestingly enough, there's a court case in England bears a remarkable similarity to what has happened to Toronto Scientology critics, and what will happen if Peter Ramsay carries out his threatened "educational campaign". Bonnie Woods in England had Scientologists leaflet her neighborhood, say that she was spreading "religious intolerance", and picket her house. What do you want to bet that Peter Ramsay hasn't heard of Bonnie Woods?

Now, before you get to the letters, a disclaimer. Remember all that stuff about how the Scientology cult treats critics? Well, Peter Ramsay looks to be taking on that role here, namely smearing and defaming Scientology critics in order to "Dead Agent" and "Black PR" them to the people which matter most to the cult - paying customers. Keep this in mind as you read Peter Ramsay's attacks on all our characters.

Note that in places I've deleted peoples' personal information - names and addresses of people who don't want to see their info on the web. The deleted parts are in blue.

Doorknob Rattling

A video of Peter Ramsay, and the peculiar way he approaches the front door of Scott Duncan, a Scientology critic who wanders around alt.religion.scientology occasionally.

Dear Ron & Al...

This is the first letter than Ron Sharp and Alan Barclay received from Peter Ramsay. It was delivered just a few days before the May 1999 picket, laying down an ultimatum: Ron and Alan would cease picketing, or become a part of Ramsay's "educational campaign". Not very surprisingly, they're still picketing. You can read the original version or the letter with my comments and rebuttals.

Re: Ron Sharp

This letter went to Ron Sharp's employer, with a copy to Ron Sharp. However, Ron had already changed jobs by the time the letter was delivered. You can read the original version or the letter with my comments and rebuttals.

Re: Alan Barclay

This letter went to Alan Barclay's employer, with a copy to Alan Barclay. It's nearly identical to the previous letter, at least in the first few pages. You can read the original version or the letter with my comments and rebuttals. Ramsay played cut and paste with his letter, so I played cut and paste with my rebuttals. Don't be surprised if some comments are the same as in the previous letter. ;-)

Another Prediction

Ron Sharp got another letter from Peter Ramsay. So far, only a small excerpt from the letter is available from Ron Sharp for public distribution. Here's what he had to say on alt.religion.scientology about this letter:

I'm not going to post all of Peter Ramsay's letter until I take legal advice. However, parts of it are just so amazing (and non-libelous) that they *have to be posted*!

Here's the tail-end (p.9) of his letter, where Ramsay demonstrates that he's completely past the u-bend: