Clearwater Deaths

Addenum by webmaster: Shriver's surviving family members have written and wish to make known that Mr Shriver had no connection whatsoever to the Church of Scientology. His death was a suicide (found in his coma on may 30, 1982). as a practicing catholic and one who had a devotion to St. Jude.

From: (Rod Keller)
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Subject: Clearwater Deaths
Date: 6 Aug 1997 17:46:27 GMT
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I came across the following list of Scientology related deaths in the
Clearwater area. Not all of them are suspicious, but I was thinking maybe
contributors to the group might have some insights into these people. I
have some records on them, but no info from people who knew them. I'll be
posting some details from public records in the next few weeks. This list
includes only cases the Medical Examiner's office has handled. They do not
handle the overwhelming majority of deaths, perhaps 5%. Here's my guess at
a glossary of the abbreviations.

Case = District 6 Case Number
DOD = Date of Death
COD = Cause of Death
MOD = Manner of Death
Acc = Accident
Undet = Undetermined
A/A = Automobile Accident
Asphx = Asphyxiation
Dehyd = Dehydration
SUD = Sudden Unexpected Death

Case     Deceased               Race/Sex/Age  DOD           COD/MOD
1800090  Winkelmann, Margaret   W/F/51        Jan 1, 1980   Drown/Suicide
1800449  Havenith, Josephus     W/M/45        Feb 24, 1980  Drown/Undet
1820988  Shriver, Millard*      W/M/47        May 31, 1982  Coma/Undet
1851574  OstertaR, Andreas      W/M/38        Nov 2, 1985   Drown/Acc
1880913  Frei, Peter            W/M/37        Jun 30, 1988  Drown/Undet
1881168  Pfaff, Heribert        W/M/31        Aug 28, 1988  Seizure/Natural
1921243  Nind, Roger            W/M/49        Oct 20, 1992  A/A Trauma/Acc
1950205  Weigand, Douglas       W/M/41        Feb 9, 1995   A/A Asphx/Acc
1961442  McPherson, Lisa        W/F/36        Dec 5, 1995   Dehyd/Undet
1970425  Slaughterbeck, Carrie  W/F/23        Mar 27, 1997  SUD/Natural

* Uncertain relationship to COS

I should comment about Carrie Slaughterbeck, who died quite recently, in
March of '97. The cause of her "Sudden Unexpected Death" is listed as
"mitral valve prolapse". Her boyfriend said she was overly thin, and
suffered from bulemia. He found her dead in her apartment in front of her
computer. No foul play was suspected in this case, she was not reported to
be in the care of Scientologists, and the only substance found in her body
was caffeine.

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