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Another death at Fort Harrison Hotel

Dabney Taliaferro Waring

From: "M. Council" <>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: so long - one last thing [another death at Ft. H?]
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 1997 12:49:42 -0400
Message-ID: <>

hey, all.

a recently-acquired disability makes it very hard for me to sit and/or
type. it is a degenerative disease that runs in my family. i am not
able to continue working at this position, either, so i must bid
everyone adieu.

since late 1993 i perused this place, and learned a lot from an
interesting bunch of netizens. some were patient with me while they
instructed my technologically dyslexic self on basic net.stuff; others
informed me through their posts of their experiences in
Scientology<tm>. I won't mention names here, but I am very glad for
the friends made here. Thanks for the free exchange of info. it is our
greatest strength.

One last thing before I go [literally!]:

the very first thing that drew me to this group was trying to
understand what happened to a friend of a friend who was Sea Org at
Flag in the mid-80's. I was told he worked in an accountancy capacity,
joined up right out of high school and disconnected from his family.
His childhood friend told me a strange story that I've never been able
to follow up on. I hope someone here can do it. Here is the last
communication I received from his friend, "Bob", in July of 1994:


His name was Dabney Taliaferro Waring, he died in Tampa General
[hospital - mc] sometime in, and this is a guess because i blocked it
all out pretty much, 83 or 84. he originally lived on a floor near
the top [of the Ft. Harrison. "Bob" told me that occasionally he would
visit Dabney there, about once every 6 months or so. Dabney would
sneak "Bob" in. There he saw 6 to 10 people sharing one room,a nd some
pretty filthy conditions. "Bob" and Dabney got along because they were
such old friends; Dabney understood "Bob"'s disinterest in
Scientology and never pushed it on him. And "Bob" never asked the
hard questions, that now he seems to wish he had.], I want to say 6 or
7[th floor]., then when he really made inroads I never saw his room.
He married a girl from El Salvador whose name was Carmen, they ahd the
service at the Ft. Harrison. A year later they had a daughter named
Jackie, then Carmen went to El Salvador to visit family, Dabney wasn't
feeling well so he went to a doctor on a Thursday and the doctor put
him in the hospital that night, he died of a stomach hemmorhage Fri.
morning, they said he was eaten up with leukemia. I was so young that
all of the real details were ignored. I might even have the hospital
wrong, it might haave been st. joe's [another hospital in Tampa], all
i know is that leukemia or not, overnight is a pretty quick way to
go. He was definitely trying to break with them during this period [at
another time, "Bob" told me that Dabney had called him on Monday of
the week he died to say he wanted out of Scientology, that he was
scared of something he couldn't discuss, saying "It's too big."]
if you wanted to look at the whole situation with suspicion, maybe
they were threatened and Carmen left with the baby when she was only 2
months old, also then he got real sick and died overnight, I never
heard of an autopsy, Poison that acts like leukemia? Am I reachin
here? in this world nothing is reaching I guess. Fight the good fight,
see you [soon],


[name changed for protection]

Please do not respond to my e-mail account. I will have no way of
receiving your message.

keep asking the hard questions.

Mitakuse Oyasin

--------------------------------------m. council, human being
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