Suicide of Gregory Sherwood Bashaw (46)

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Date: 28 Jun 2001 16:17:28 GMT
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Death Notices   

Gregory S. Bashaw   
Gregory S. Bashaw, 46, of Barrington Hills, at rest Saturday, June 23, 2001, a
creative director and writer at various advertising agencies in Chicago,
beloved husband of Laura Arndt; devoted father of William; loving son of
Elizabeth and Robert; fond brother of Laura Werly and Brian. Funeral services
were held Wednesday, at Davenport Family Funeral Home, Barrington. In lieu of
flowers, memorials to Citizens for Conservation, 21185 N. Ela Rd., Barrington,
IL 60010, appreciated. For info. 847-381-3411. 

Published in the Chicago Tribune on 6/28/2001.

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Date: 28 Jun 2001 19:54:03 GMT
Subject: IN MEMORIUM (corrected)
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Chicago Tribune  June 28, 2001  Obituary Section



September 28, 1954--June 23, 2001

In memory of a trained journalist, disciplined and hardworking, an honored
writer of substance and creativity and imagination, loved by family and
friends, respected by contemporaries, who in the prime of his life, because of
his needs and naivete trusted wrongly an entity that crushed his sweet and
sharing spirit.  He found his journey through life too painful to continue and
blind and deaf to all of those who loved him.  May God bless you Greg, and may
God bless us all.  Your Dad, Robert S. Bashaw and your good friend Vicky.

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Date: 24 Jun 2001 00:08:19 GMT
Subject: Evil Incarnate part 2
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Hi to everyone here,

This is Teresa Summers.  I have worked at the LMT since October of last year. 
I don't know most of you people and I don't think most of you know me.  I don't
usually post here because it is just not my thing, but I would like to, just
this once, say a couple of things about Stacy, Bob and my work place.

I left Scientology in April of 1999.  At that time, I had never read ARS and
had never met Bob or Stacy or Jesse.  I live in Dunedin, which is just outside
of Clearwater, so I did know about Lisa's death because it was in the newspaper
and I read the paper.  I never heard her name mentioned within the halls of the
Flag buildings, where I was on services right up until the day I walked out the

I initially wrote to the the LMT for some guidance.  I had been in Scientology
for 20 years and when I came out it was difficult.  I went through a lot of
crap that I have now learned many people go through when they leave
Scientology.  Depression, anger, self-recrimination.  Recognition that I had
been duped; recognition that I had allowed myself to be duped.  Repulsion as I
educated myself about this organization and all the secret, horrible things
they do to people.  Repulsion at myself for being so damn stupid....

Anyway, eventually Jesse asked me to help with someone they were dealing with,
which I did.  Also, I had written a lot of letters to various government
agencies in an attempt to get some of my money back and since I was successful
and Stacy liked my work, she eventually offered me a job.  

Since that time, I have learned a lot.  And I have spoken with probably about a
hundred people from all over the world whos lives have been adversely impacted
by scientology.  That is what I do at the LMT, by the way.  I deal with people.
 Every day.  I can categorize for you the top problems that people encounter,
although most of you probably already know these:

1)  People trying to get back advanced payments after they have decided to no
longer take courses/auditing.  There are tons of these and they take a long
time and a lot of work but I am pretty successful helping people here.

2)  Parents whose young adult children have suddently up and left college and
told them "I have joined the Church of Scientology.  I won't be talking with
you for a while....."  This freaks parents out.  The kid disappears and goes
out of touch and the parents often times don't even know where their child is. 
Its scary for them.

3)  Families who are upset that their father/mother/child/sister/brother has
disconnected from them because they have dared voice an opinion against
Scientology.  Often times, you have a Scientologist disconnecting from someone
who doesn't know much about Scientology.  They don't know how Scientology it uses the suppressive person cocept to sever family relations and
hold fast their recruit.  This has to be explained to them and advice given on
how to maintain the relationship.  

4)  Former Scientologists who just need someone to talk to, or who experienced
terrible ordeals that they have kept inside for a long time and now want to
share.  Of course there are also,

5)  Former Scientolgists who just need someone to talk to and experienced
horrible ordeals that they don't want to share publicly.  They FEAR their
former "church."  This includes people who were held in isolation; who were
offloaded after suffering psychotic breaks during auditing; who were offloaded
due to illness that was supposed to be handled by auditing but was not; that
lost a child to a scientology spouse because they were to afraid to fight etc.

6)  Professionals or their spouses who have been screwed by one of the WISE
consulting firms.  This includes dentists, chiropractors and veterinarians who
got caught up in the scam and have now lost their business; or the spouse whose
husband/wife was just taking some management courses and now they have sold
their practice, joined staff, declared bankruptcy and abandoned their family. 
This actually happens.  There are children out there who have lost happy
families and one parent all because dad decided to take a management course.  

7)  Crazy OTs.  I mean it.  I am simply astonished by the number of people who
have audited OT VII for YEARS and are physically ill or breaking down mentally
and emotionally.  The LMT has received more than one call from an OT VII from a
psychiatric ward.

Ok, there is more but you get the jist.  Now, what I want to say is:  that is
what the LMT is all about, really.  We want to stop this organization from
freely creating such devestation.  People are being hurt. Families are being
torn apart.  The lives of children are being ruined all because of Scientology.

Bob Minton is not, by far, a perfect man (ha ha to him), but he is a really
great man.  He is quite a character, but that just makes him fun.  He didn't
launder money in Nigeria, but he did wave the Threep in the window of the CB. 
But hey, give me a break.  We had a lot of fun with that Threep and when you
are on the front lines of Scientology attacks, as he is, if you can even
maintain a sense of humor, well that says a lot.

Heres a little anecdote for you.  Stacy was just pacing the halls of the LMT
when that Threep came in there.  She knew Bob was going to go out and get in
trouble with it.  She tried to speak to him calmly about it and suggest that we
just keep it inside.

HA HA.  Bob was like, "Thanks for your opinion, honey.  OK, who wants to parade
the streets with the Threep!"  

All the guys went...and Tory.  Me and Stacy are the only real pansies around
that place.

Anyway, the only reason I am able to sit in my office and take calls all day
and try to Help those who have been victimized by Scientology -- and they have
been victimized, and abused abandoned robbed and defrauded -- is because of Bob
Minton.  I love and respect him and am grateful to him every single day of my

Now Stacy...well that is another story.  You know, two months after I began
working at the Trust, long before I had known Stacy long enough to even form a
solid opinion of her, someone who shall remain nameless (Patricia Greenway)
started sending me these weird emails.  In them, she said that Stacy was a
manipulative person, that the LMT was a disorganised mess, that I was the only
person getting anything done around there (and I didn't even know her nor she
me at this time) and she suggested that she knew I was not able to talk frankly
with Stacy.

It sort of freaked me out.  But, seeing as how I was working for Stacy, I went
to her about it.  It appeared to me an obvious attempt by the nameless person
(Patricia Greenway) to manipulate me.  She was even flattering me, which
normally I am very receptive to, but I knew Patricia didn't even know what I
was doing at the LMT let alone whether or not I was doing a good job.

Anyway, I left it with Stacy at that time and just tried to stay below the
radar of the nameless person.  Unfortunately, I accompanied Stacy to Leipzig a
couple of weeks ago, so I was a witness to the whole nameless person blow up. 
All I really want to say about that is two things:

1)  When we first arrived in Leipzig, I was introduced to Ursula Caberta. 
Stacy and I met her in the lounge of our hotel.  One of the first things Ursula
said was "I spoke with Patricia.  What is it with this fight the two of you are
having?" And with complete graciousness, Stacy replied, "What fight with
Patricia?  I don't think we are fighting," then, she steered the subject to our

2)  The rest of it is only important because this nameless person is taking
time and attention away from the work at hand.  All of us at the LMT have tried
to ignore it.  As Bob said, he has been trying to deal with it for months and
months.  It would not handle for the simple reason that the person pushing it
did not want it to handle.  You have no idea how many calls I had to take at
work, and that Stacy and Jesse had to take, regarding this TIME WASTING MESS
CREATED BY THE NAMELESS PERSON!!!!  It has been a real pain in the ass.  

It was unnecessary.  Stacy is far from evil.  Believe me, I have watched her at
work.  She cares a lot. She is very smart.  She deals with a lot.  How many of
you have called her when you needed help?  When you needed money?  A referral? 
Some advice?  I have not yet witnessed manipulation from her.  I witness a lot
of strength of character.  Hell, she has to deal with Minton!  And Jesse! And
attorneys and Scientology law suits and all the other employees at the LMT and
running the business and did I mention Minton and Jesse?

Anyway, I love her a lot.  She only wants to help and she has already suffered
greatly in helping.  And any of you who think she controls Bob don't know
either one of them well enough.  You can control Bob about as much as you can
control a comet.  Does she tell him what she thinks?  Gee....why not?  Does he
sometimes listen?  Perhaps.  Guess what.  Even I tell Bob what I think.  And, I
think he listens.

So, they are two of my heros.  They are my heros because they are allowing me
to fight against a terrible institution that hides its evil political plans
behind the shield of goodness.  Because by allowing me to help others, I have
been able to recover much faster myself from my personal experience with that
evil.  This is  important to me because it filters down to my children.  They
are better cared for because I work at the LMT; because I am a better person.

In closing, I want to share one more little story with you that I hope will
refocus all of this and reiterate what ALL of us at the LMT are really working
for and against.

In February of this year, an older gentleman came into our office.  He was
distraught.  I sat and spoke with him for about an hour.

It seems his son, who was in his late forties, had been involved with
Scientology for many years.  He had been auditing OT VII for a long, long time
and was now in a psychiatric ward after having tried to kill himself three
times.  This father was trying everything he could think of to help his son. 
He was desperate not to lose him.

After speaking with him, I learned that the problem was the son could not
accept the help of anyone outside of Scientology, but Scientology would not
help him.  The son was having a problem with these body thetans and since
Scientology wouldn't help him any longer, he felt no one could help him.

Well, the only thing I could think to do was hook the son up with another OT
VII that he could talk to.  Someone who could discuss body thetans as if they
were least long enough to get the son stabilized.  And it did work,
somewhat.  The two OTs spoke and the son was able to be released from the

But, he was not in good shape.  Scientology had abandoned him; and he had done
a lot for them.  He couldn't pull it together.  Many people tried to help him,
none of them Scientologists.  

I just learned this morning that he killed himself.

He is not the first.  I don't believe he will be the last.  But I do hope and
do work every single day with the hope that some day, this will end.

I have a picture of Lisa McPherson on my wall.  I never forget her.  I never
forget the guy that died in the bath tub at the FH (Richard Havenath) or the
one who died in the FH of an epileptic seizure because he quit taking seizure
medicine so he could receive auditing (scientology claims no responsiblity --
it was his choice.)  I never forget Tory and her own battle with epilepsy and
what she endured.  I never foget Astra and Zoe and my own daughter, Maegan who
were neglected and abused as children of the Sea Org.  I never forget Heather,
or Sherri and Daphne or Ed and Tara or Greg and Deb and Cathy and Taylor and
Jesse and Stacy and Vaughn and Alice (dead) and Casper (dead) or Albert
Jacquier (dead).

I never forget them and neither do Stacy or Bob or Jesse or Mark or Jeff and
Dee or Bob or Heather or even Ingrid.  That's what it's really all about.

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