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Two new OT deaths at Flag

Ruth Valko-Burness (48) & Ellie Blankenship (55)

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From: "The Exile" <>
Subject: Two new OT deaths at Flag
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 1999 21:03:16 PST
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology

    Just before the demo in December I got word that two of the super beings
known as OTs (operating thetans) had just died at Flag. I didn't want to
post anything until I had checked this out but now that I have here goes.
Both of these people were big shots in the Scientology scene at Clearwater.

    Ruth Valko-Burness. Her and her husband Kirk ran a consulting business
that promoted LRH tech and Scientology. I don't know her exact training
level but I found her name on an flag OT club list three years old so she
must indeed be one of the Big Thetans. Anyway, she was on just about every
published list that I ever saw that listed members who came up with big
bucks for the cult. There is a Lisa connection here too. When Lisa McPherson
was asked to write a letter in support of Scientology for an area newspaper
it was "qualled" by Valko and Associates. Ruth Valko-Burness died of cancer
at the age of 48. 
   Ellie Blankenship, OT Ambassador, also died of cancer. She was 55. Like
the above mentioned woman she gave large donations to Scientology and was
very active on the local scene. I have no idea what she did for a living but
she must have been wealthy.

   Isn't it rather odd that these two women, who must have known each other,
died so young and of the same disease? Last year I listed on ARS the deaths
of two other Scientology big shots that died of disease far in advance of
longevity tables. One of them died of cancer too, I don't remember what the
other one died of.
   Perhaps we ought to rename the OT levels as the "cancer Levels." If
anyone who reads this can come up with a logical reason why so many people
are dying premature deaths from such a small group of people I would sure
like to know.

    -The Exile

   "AS a result of a number of comm cycles at OSA, I have learned that the
church does not want any church public posting to this entheta forum." -Ron 
Chester, TNX administrator and OSA lackey.

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Obiturary Ellie

Home, Vero Beach.Largo BLANKENSHIP, ELEANOR "ELLIE," 55, of Largo, died Wednesday (Oct. 27, 1999) at home under the care of Hospice of the Florida Suncoast. She was born in Anderson, Ind., and came here in 1980 from Los Angeles. She worked as an office manager at Advanced Logics, Clearwater. She was a member and ambassador for the Church of Scientology. Survivors include her husband of 34 years, Charles; two sons, Scott and Brandon, both of Largo; two daughters, Lori Fudens, Dunedin, and Angela Blankenship, Clearwater; her parents, Alva and Wayne Snyder, Anderson, Ind.; two sisters, Beverly Kellams, Carmel, Ind., and Carolyn Mohler, Mechanicsville, Va.; and three grandchildren. Moss-Feaster Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Serenity Gardens Chapel, Largo.,+1999&author=&printformat=&desc=OBITUARIES+Series:+OBITUARIES

ELEANOR L BLANKENSHIP 05 Apr 1944 27 Oct 1999 (P) (72) (none specified) 313-50-3709 Indiana


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