drowned: Peter Ernst Frei

[SP Times 12 July 1988]

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Subject: drowned: Peter Ernst Frei
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 1996 15:45:01 GMT

This person isn't in the suicide & co list. I wonder - do scientologists
who travel to "Flag" really have the time for a swim ? There are other
people - Andreas Ostertag also "drowned", and then there was that person
who managed to "drown" in the bathtub.


SP Times

Harbor drowning victim may have been Swiss

    DUNEDIN - Authorities believe a man who drowned in Clearwater Harbor
on June 30 was a Swiss man taking classes at the Church of Scientology
in Clearwater.

    Dunedin police found the man's body along the shore off Victoria

    Clearwater police Lt. Jack Dowling said Peter Ernst Frei, a Swiss
citizen, was reported missing to Clearwater police on June 29 by a
church acquaintance.

    The description of Frei and his clothing matches that of the
drowning victim, Dowling said.

    Dowling said Frei arrived in Clearwater on June 8 to take classes at
the Church of Scientology.  He was last seen a day or two before he was
reported missing, Dowling said.

    Dunedin police Sgt. Tim Melnick said a positive identification has
not been made because police are waiting to match the man's
fingerprints. The fingerprints were requested from Interpol, an
international police organization based in Paris, Dowling said.

    Frei is believed to have been carrying a purse-type wallet and
wearing a wrist watch, but neither item was found on or near the body,
Dowling said.

    Authorities believe the man might have put the items on the shore
before going into the water for a swim.

    Anyone who found these items is asked to call the Clearwater Police
Department at 462-6000 or the Dunedin Police Department at 738-1835.

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