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Two untimely deaths at Flag

Susan J. Johnson (42) & Leslie Platinsky (49)

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Subject: attn: Mike gomez, repost Oct. 3, 1998 Another death, same day.
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 23:41:04 PST
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   A while back I posted a notice concerning the untimely death of
Scientologist Susan J. Johnson of Clearwater. She died of heart disease at
age 42. She was a Patron of The IAS, her obituary was in the Clearwater
edtion of "The St. Petersburg Times."
   Another Scientologist, Leslie Platinsky, aged 49, died that same day of
cancer. His wife, Janet, is an Honor Roll member of the IAS. According to
the corporation index, state of Florida, he owned "Sunny Days Marketing," in
Clearwater. There was no local obituary. He was a patient of Dr. David
Minkoff MD, an area healer of some reputation. [Mr. Platinski lived on Sand
Key, just south of Clearwater Beach at "The Grande" -luxuary new condos. In
his final days he was attended by a uniformed member of the SO.]
   L. Ron Hubbard bragged and boasted that auditing and his various rundowns
could cure any and all diseases. The ages of the two people mentioned above
say differently. [see my last post concerning two more deaths of prominant
Scientologists who died a year later.]
   It is only a coincident that these two people died on the same day, both
of natural causes. But it illustrates a point, Hubbard's medical cures are
just so much nonsense, and here are more deaths to prove it.
            -The Exile

  Note: New comments on this repost are in brackets. I suspect that this is
the tip of the iceberg. If I can find out about four Scientologists who died
untimely deaths -three from cancer- how many others happened?
  Two causes come to mind. 1)Scientologists put off needed medical care in
favor of auditing and other quack remedies. 2)They take large amount of
vitamins, based on '50's research, that are toxic.
  I wish I had the time to poke into this a little deeper. It might prove
interesting to get a list from the county ME's office of all people who died
under the age of 60 and compare them with old "Source" completion lists. Who
knows what could be found?

    -The Exile

   "AS a result of a number of comm cycles at OSA, I have learned that the
church does not want any church public posting to this entheta forum." -Ron
Chester, TNX administrator and OSA lackey.

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Obituary Susan:

JOHNSON, SUSAN J., 42, of Clearwater, died Oct. 3. Clearwater Funeral Home.

Obituary Leslie:

PLATINSKY, LESLIE, 49, of Clearwater, died Oct. 3. Clearwater Funeral Home.

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