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Los Angeles Times
September 29, 1995, Friday

Official Business: Soldier of Fortune Attendee Fatally Shot By Own Gun

A Los Angeles man, in Las Vegas to attend the Soldier of Fortune convention, was killed with one of his own guns during a confrontation with two men, police said.

The victim was identified by the Clark County coroner's office as Robert Thorburn, 48.

Sgt. Bill Keeton said the man got into a fistfight before dawn Wednesday with two men standing on a corner midway between downtown and the Las Vegas Strip.

Witnesses told police the man had been arguing with a woman just before the encounter with the two men. When the woman ran away, the man went to his car and obtained a small-caliber pistol.

The two men -- James Duchesneau, 30, and Frederick Weber, 23 -- were shot in the legs before wrestling the gun from the man. Thorburn was shot in the head and pronounced dead at the scene.

Keeton said the victim was scheduled to participate in a shooting competition at the Soldier of Fortune convention, being held in Las Vegas through Sunday.

The Clark County district attorney's office will determine whether charges will be filed in the case.

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