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Article Source Key words (to be completed)
Australia: Scientology link to murders July 2007, collection of articles  
Brit Met's nod to giving security info to Cruise's church raises eyebrows Daily India, Mar. 2007 infiltration
Met allows Cruise's sect access to data on security alerts Jason Beattie, Evening Standard, Mar. 2007 infiltration
Avoid the dangers of Scientology Will Harris, The Daily Reveille, Jan. 2007  
Link between drugs, school violence discounted Terry Organ, Kingman Daily Miner, Jan. 2007 cchr, lying, front groups
Scientology, the Last Laugh Gerald Armstrong, Bulles, Jan. 2007  
Revealed: how Scientologists infiltrated Britain's schools Ian Murphy, The Sunday Times, Jan. 2007 narconon, infiltration, personality test, suppressive person, auditing, etc.
Tom Cruise can't put out these fires Roger Friedman, Fox News, Dec. 2006 purification rundown (aka new york rescue workers detoxification program)
Cult Classic - Pseudoscience and Psychedelics in the Church of Scientology Ian Murphy, The Buffalo Beast, Nov. 2006  
Scamalot: Could the Church of Scientology be the best show on Broadway? Scott Jacobson, Radar, Nov. 2006  
Police officers accepted gifts from Church of Scientology Ben Taylor, Daily Mail, Nov. 2006  
Plasticine and teddy bears at the new UK base of L Ron Hubbard Paul Lewis, Guardian Unlimited, Oct. 2006  
Tom's aliens target City's 'planetary rulers' David Cohen, Evening Standard, Oct. 2006 anti-psychiatry
Scientology — One former Scientologist recounts her experience Christa Martin, Good Times, Oct. 2006 suppressive person, rpf, disconnection, false imprisonment, OT
Scientology Cruises Along, Thanks to Command Hypnosis Tom Glaister,, Sep. 2006  
The unperson
Church spokesman says Times report is unfair
Some Scientology terms
SP profiles
Robert Farley, St. Petersburg Times, Jun. 2006 suppressive person, disconnection
BRUSSELS: Scientology's new European center (translated from French) Julie Barreau, Le Soir Magazine, 2006 fraud, illegal practice of medicine, organized crime
Inside Scientology: Unlocking the complex code of America's most mysterious religion Janet Reitman, Rolling Stone, 2006 comprehensive
Strength in Numbers: The Recruitment Tactics of Scientology Jess Mosser, Universal Journal  
The secrets of Scientology Sara Lawrence, The Independent London, 2006  
Tom Cruise and Scientology Claire Hoffman, Kim Christensen, Los Angeles Times, December 2005 celebrities
New Life, old tricks Tali Woodward, San Francisco Bay Guardian, Dec. 2005 new life center
Mirror investigates: Inside cult castle / The weird rituals at Scientology's Sussex HQ David Edwards, The Mirror, Nov. 2005  
Scientology test says Iím on the brink of self destruction Kate Drolet, The Current Online, Oct. 2005 personality test
The Passion of Cruise Kim Masters, Radar Magazine, Sep. 2005  
Why I fled Scientology Astra Woodcraft, Glamour Magazine, Sep. 2005 sea organization, disconnection
The Way to More Questions Carl Kozlowski, Pasadena Weekly, Aug. 2005  
Tom Cruise, Phone Home Bob Waldrep, Watchman Fellowship, Aug. 2005 tom cruise, aliens, psychiatry
L. Ron Hubbard - Scientology's esteemed founder Michael Crowley, Slate, Jul. 2005 hubbard
The press vs. Scientology Joe Strupp, Salon, Jun. 2005  
Four in LA area among 17 charged in missile-smuggling plot Michael Weissenstein, San Francisco Gate, Mar. 2005 Excerpt: "Solomonyan entered the United States six years ago on a cultural exchange visa claiming he was a religious worker for the Church of Scientology"
Enlightenment's Dark Side, Being In, Breaking Out, Helping Spread the Word, Outside Critics Are Unacceptable Mark Sommer, Buffalo News, Jan. 2005 comprehensive
Is Scientology in your schools? (PDF) Robin Jacobs, The Humanist, Sep. 2004 narconon, infiltration
Narconon banned from S.F. schools Nanette Asimov, San Francisco Chronicle, Aug. 2004 narconon, infiltration
Scientology link to public schools Nanette Asimov, San Francisco Chronicle, Jun. 2004 narconon, purification rundown
Bravest taking the Cruise cure Greg Gittrich, NY Daily News, Dec. 2003 purification rundown
Scientologist's Treatments Lure Firefighters Michelle O'Donnell, New York Times, 2003 purification rundown
Scientology, Satanic Link? Richard Johnson, Paula Froelich, Chris Wilson, New York Post, Mar. 2003 hubbard, occult, black magic
Church pressed woman to sell shop, court told Irish Times, 2002 hard sell, deceit
Net archive silences Scientology critic Lisa Bowman, CNet, 2002 silencing criticism,, heldal-lund
Unorthodox Arrest - Church of scientology calls cops and has one of its harshest and most vocal critics jailed Enzo Di Matteo, Toronto Now, June 2001 Keith Henson, fair game
'Destroy him utterly' M-J Milloy, Hour Magazine, May 2001 Keith Henson, silencing, fair game
Scientology critics get engraved bricks Deborah O'Neil, St. Petersburg Times, Apr. 2001  
Scientology Founder's Family Life Far From What He Preached Don Lattin, San Francisco Gate, Feb. 2001 hubbard
Tom & Nicole Split: A Question of Faith Peter Farron, New York Post, Feb. 2001 celebrities
Inside RPF Denmark Pierre Collignon, Jyllands-Posten, Jan. 2001 RPF
Scientologist Web site rips off Thomas C Greene, The Register, Jan. 2001 narconon, plagiarism
Mentally impaired Raul Lopez was $1.7 million richer as the result of an accident settlement -- until he joined the Church of Scientology Ron Russel, Los Angeles New Times, 2000 fraud, cost


"Management Seminar" Harrowing Experience Terry Dean, Cherokee County Herald, Dec. 1990 false imprisonment, brainwashing, blackmail, front groups, hard sell, cost
Scientology leader named defendant in suit Thomas C. Tobin, St. Petersburg Times, Dec. 1999 lisa mcpherson, david miscavige
Doubled Crossed Tony Ortega, Phoenix New Times, Dec. 1999 fair game, lying, dead agent, silencing criticism
Scientology denied The Gazette, Dec. 1999  
French scientologists guilty of fraud BBC Online Network, Nov. 1999 fraud
Copyright -- wrong? Janelle Brown, Salon, July 1999 copyright, dmca
How I was reduced to black despair by 'caring' church's personality test Julia Llewellyn Smith, The Express, Jul. 1999 personality test
Challenging Scientology's claims Thomas C. Padgett, Cape Cod Times, Mar. 1999  
The man behind Scientology Thomas Tobin, St. Petersburg Times, 1998 david miscavige
The Life and Death of a Scientologist Richard Leiby, Washington Post, 1998 lisa mcpherson, introspection rundown, psychosis
Doctor settles his part of wrongful death suit Lucy Morgan, St. Petersburg Times, 1998 mcpherson, minkoff, suit, introspection rundown, death
Scientology Shows its True Face in "Happy Valley" California: TV reporters from Mannheim must fear for their own lives as they search for signs of missing Germans Stephan Tongi, Mannheimer Morgen, Jul. 1998  
The Boston Herald: Inside the Church of Scientology Joseph Mallia, The Boston Herald, 1998  
Church of Scientology: A Religious Mafia? Craig Branch, The Watchman Expositor, 1998  
A Hubbard Legacy: Scientology's Punitive Policies The Watchman Expositor, 1998  
Scientology got blame for French suicide Lucy Morgan, St. Petersburg Times, Feb. 1998 hard sell, cost, suicide
Web not helping Scientology John Saunders & Timothy Appleby, The Globe and Mail, Jan. 1998  
Scientology seeks tax-receipt status John Saunders & Timothy Appleby, The Globe and Mail, Jan. 1998  
For some Scientologists, pilgrimage has been fatal Lucy Morgan, St. Petersburg Times, 1997 death
Woman's family sues Scientologists St. Petersburg Times, Jul. 1997 lisa mcpherson
Scientology: a young sect ex-member reports for the first time Michaela Haas, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Apr. 1997 child abuse, sea org, auditing
Scientology's Unholy War Douglas Frantz, Syracuse Herald-Journal, Mar. 1997 IRS, silencing criticism, barratry
The Shadowy Story Behind Scientology's Tax-Exempt Status Douglas Frantz, New York Times, Mar. 1997 IRS, silencing criticism, blackmail, barratry
Who Can Stand Up? Can anyone stand up to the Church of Scientology? Frank Rich, The New York Times, Mar. 1997  
Scientologist hospitalized after jump into harbor Thomas C. Tobin, St. Petersburg Times, Mar. 1997  
Scientology and Germany: Falling back into the past Jack R. Payton, St. Petersburg Times, Dec. 1996 germany, ursula caberta
Church of Scientology faces battle over the Internet AP, Marysville Journal-Tribune, July 1996 alt.religion.scientology, silencing criticism
Get Thee Behind Me, Thetan!!! Jason Torchinsky, Escandalo!, circa 1995?  
alt.scientology.war Wendy M. Grossman, Wired, 1995 free speech, silencing criticism
Inside the cult Alison Braund, The Advertiser, 1995  
Church in Cyberspace Marc Fisher, Washington Post, 1995 silencing criticism
Scientology's Expensive Wisdom Now Comes Free Mike Allen, The New York Times, 1995  
The Church's War Against Its Criticsand Truth Richard Leiby, The Washington Post, Dec. 1994  
Harmonic Conversion? Richard N. Leiby, The Washington Post, Aug. 1994 celebrities, divorce, hubbard's paranoia
$1.6-million award upheld in appeal: Court rules Church of Scientology 'set out to destroy' government lawyer Donn Downey, The Globe and Mail, May 1994 dead agent
The Prisoners of Saint Hill Tim Kelsey and Mike Ricks, The Independent, Jan. 1994 introspection rundown, false imprisonment
Scientology from inside out Robert V. Young, Quill, Nov. 1993  
IRS examined Scientology dollars, not dogma David Dahl, Karl Vick, St. Petersburg Times, Oct. 1993 irs
Scientologists profit from new members Karl Vick, St. Petersburg Times, Oct. 1993 irs, fsm
Church's litany of lawsuits Andrew Blum, The National Law Journal, Jun. 1993  
Church of Scientology Big Loser in S.B. Case Santa Barbara Independent, Jan. 1993  
Church of Scientology fined $250,000 for espionage Thomas Claridge, The Globe and Mail, Sep. 1992  
Scientologists Taught Crime OK Bill Dunphy, Toronto Sun, May 1992 infiltration
Scientology's Hubbard debuts on video Buzz McClain, The Capital, Sep. 1991  
Shudder into silence: The Church of Scientology doesn't take kindly to negative coverage Robert W. Welkos, Quill, 1991  
I still have nightmares Curtis Kruger, St. Petersburg Times, 1991 child abuse, sea org
Petrolia's New Neighbors — L. Ron Hubbard's followers, the Church of Spiritual Technology Joe Cempa, North Coast Journal, June 1991  
Scientology II: CCHR and Narconon L. J. West, M.D, The Southern California Psychiatrist, 1991 narconon, purification rundown, able
The Scientology of Selling Ralph Rugoff, LA Weekly, 1991  
Scientology: The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power Richard Behar, Time, 1991 comprehensive
Former Scientologist harassed after saying Prozac helped her depression The Psychiatric Times, 1991 psychiatry, drug, cchr, harass
Prozac Frees Ex-Scientology Leader from Depression The Psychiatric Times, 1991 psychiatry, front groups, suicide, fair game
Scientology's war of retribution on deep-sleep therapy
The battle to control the mind
Church out to even the score
Jo Chandler & Jacqui MacDonald, The Melbourne Age, Apr. 1991 fair game, blackmail, brainwashing, silencing criticism
Scientologists in dirty tricks campaign Richard Palmer and Richard Caseby, The Sunday Times, Jul. 1990 fair game, dead agent, russel miller
The Scientology Story Joel Sappel, Robert Welkos, Los Angeles Times, Jun. 1990 comprehensive
Abolish income tax; we'd all benefit David Miscavige, USA Today, Apr. 1990  
Editorial opinion - Harold's journal: Premonitions... RWL, Newkirk Herald Express, Mar. 1990  
A Tale of Capture and Brainwashing - Medina Clan Tells How Cult Ruled Lives Richard Weizel, Akron Beacon Journal, Jan. 1990 hard sell, cost, false imprisonment, front groups,
Captivity Case May Be Tied to Faith John H. Lee and John Johnson, Los Angeles Times, Jan. 1990 introspection rundown


Scientology Faces New Charges Of Harassment Stephen Koff, St. Petersburg Times, 1988  
The 'Hard Sell' Cult Mike Ricks and Sarah Gorman, East Grinstead Courier, May 1988 hard sell
Man went bankrupt after £175,000 gifts to Scientologists Lin Jenkins, The Daily Telegraph, 1988 cost, fraud
An open letter to the readers of The New York Review of Books From publisher Lyle Stuart: 'Danger: Cult at Work! The truth about Scientology' Lyle Stuart, The New York Times, Jan. 1988 comprehensive
Lawyer says biography in breach of copyright Thomas Claridge, The Globe and Mail, Dec. 1987 silencing criticism
The prophet and profits of Scientology Richard Behar, Forbes, 1986  
Church of Scientology founder dies Associated Press, Constitution Tribune, Jan. 1986 hubbard
Secret Teachings: Papers Show Scientologists Blame Ancient Ruler for Many Human Ills Post-Standard, Nov. 1985 xenu
The Fifth Estate - Scientology Hana Gartner, CBC, Nov. 1985  
The selling of Scientology Fred Leeson, The Oregonian, 1985  
Witness: Hubbard used Black Magic George-Wayne Shelor, Clearwater Sun, 1984 hubbard, occult, black magic
Sinking the Master Mariner John Barnes, Sunday Times Magazine, 1984 comprehensive
Judge brands Scientology 'sinister' as mother is given custody of children The Times, July 984  
Scientology chief got millions, ex-aides say Robert Lindsey, New York Times, July 1984  
Ex-publicist says she was 'target' of Scientologists Associated Press, 1984 destroying evidences
Trial reveals Scientology's darker side George-Wayne Shelor, Clearwater Sun, May 1984  
Scientologists try to prevent man's leaving David Dahl, Clearwater Times, January 1984 false imprisonment
Feds eye alleged sect plot to corrupt U.S. judge George Wayne Shelor, Clearwater Sun, Jan. 1984  
Police storm Scientology headquarters seize records Matt Maychak, Don Sutton, John Ferri, Toronto Star, 1983  
Inside The Church of Scientology: An Exclusive Interview with L. Ron Hubbard, Jr. Penthouse, 1983  
Scientology defectors charge 'dirty tricks' in Boston Ben Bradlee Jr., Boston Globe, May 1983 criminal activities
Stall police, destroy evidence is Scientology plan, PCs say Kevin Cox, Toronto Globe and Mail, March 1983 destroying evidence
Mystery of the Vanished Ruler: The fate of L. Ron Hubbard underlies Scientology's turmoil (Gerry Armstrong has scans of this article) Time, January 1983 hubbard
Witnesses Tell of Break-ins, Conspiracy Steven Girardi, Clearwater Sun, May 1982  
Scientology in England FAIR, Nov. 1981 personality test, oca
Scientology: The Sickness Spreads Eugene H. Methvin, Readers Digest, Oct. 1981 silencing criticism
The Narconon sting: Scientology's Minnesota drug scam Paul Fishman Maccabee, Twin Cities Reader, Oct. 1981 narconon, criminon, infiltration, lies, misrepresentation, threat
Psychiatrist: Sect drove man insane Richard Leiby, Clearwater Sun, Aug. 1981  
Scientology-Narconon Link Protested The Advisor, Apr. 1981 narconon, misrepresentation
Man continues crusade against church Tom Tiede, Frederick Post, Mar. 1981 illegal practice of medicine, threatening
Ex-Scientologists express bitterness Sherm Frederick, Las Vegas Review Journal, Aug. 1980  
Scientology Church official quits Las Vegas Review Journal, Jul. 1980 spying, silencing
1980 Pulitzer Prize winning series about Scientology (PDF, 17 MiB or PDF, 1 MiB) Charles Stafford & Bette Orsini, St. Petersburg Times, 1980  
Scientology: Anatomy of a Frightening Cult Eugene H. Methvin, Readers Digest, 1980 comprehensive
Sect framed journalist over 'bomb threats'
Bigamy smear used to dent mayor's career
David Beresford, The Guardian, Feb. 1980 fair game, dead agent
Scientology's bizarre manual of dirty tricks David Beresford, The Guardian, Feb. 1980 fair game, osa (guardian's office), dead agent
Papers reveal sect's 'dirty tricks' / Snow White's dirty tricks David Beresford, The Guardian, Feb. 1980 fair game, osa (guardian's office), dead agent
Attorney Probing Complaints Against Church - Scientology Plot to Smear Official Richard West, The Los Angeles Times, 1980 dead agent, fbi files
The Scientology Papers: The hidden Hubbard John Marshall, Toronto Globe and Mail, Jan. 1980  
The Scientology Papers: Files show spy reported woman's intimate words John Marshall, Toronto Globe and Mail, Jan. 1980 fair game, silencing criticism
The Scientology Papers: Cult order sought to end scientists' criticism John Marshall, Toronto Globe and Mail, Jan. 1980 silencing criticism
The Scientology Papers: Cult harassment, spying in Canada documented John Marshall, Toronto Globe and Mail, Jan. 1980  
The Scientology Papers: Secret Ontario documents found in U.S. cult's files John Marshall, Toronto Globe and Mail, Jan. 1980  
The Scientology Papers: Big FBI raid led to conspiracy trial of cult leaders Court hears of spying, theft of government files John Marshall, Toronto Globe and Mail, Jan. 1980  
For Some It Was Hard To Forsake Scientology Craig Roberton, St. Petersburg Times, 1980 auditing, blackmail, dead agent


Cult tried to control newspaper Richard Leiby, Clearwater Sun, Nov. 1979 infiltration, silencing criticism
Church kept 'enemies list' John Picton, Globe and Mail, May 1978  
The Church of Scientology - Religion or traveling medicine show?, A reporter takes the Scientology test, Scientology: Self control or mind control?, Reforming the world in Scientology's image Brian Alexander, Valley News, 1977  
Scientology: Parry and Thrust Time, July 1977  
Church of Scientology is accused of spy plot Austin Daily Herald, July 1977 infiltration
Church accused of spying on, stealing from IRS Chronicle-Telegram, July 1977 infiltration
Scientology student death probe Sharon Spigelmyer, Las Vegas Sun, 1976  
Intellectual Freedom: Anti-Scientology Books Targets of Lawsuits The Library Journal, Nov. 1974 silencing criticism
Scientologists deny they harass defectors from church: 'Misrepresentation and distortion' alleged Colin Wright and Nancy Cooper, Toronto Globe and Mail, Jul. 1974  
Probe of religious sectís practices sought by ex-members John Marshall, Toronto Globe and Mail, Jul. 1974  
Fear and Loathing in Sutton: The McLean family's fight to escape Scientology John Saunders, MacLean's, Jun. 1974 dead agent, fair game, R2-45
Libraries Face Libel Threat Winnipeg Free Press, Jun. 1974 silencing criticism
Sect ordered to pay $300,000 to victim Los Angeles Times, Jun. 1974 fair game, dead agent
Times Slapped With Huge Libel Suit Silver City Daily Press, Mar. 1974 narconon
Narconon Asks Suit Testimony El Paso Herald Post, Nov. 1973 narconon
Classes link Scientology, Narconon El Paso Herald Post, Oct. 1973 narconon
Process R2-45 — An Inside Joke Or The Ultimate Retribution? Clearwater Sun, 1973 R2-45
Church of Scientology to pay libel damages to former Minister The Times, Jun. 1973 dead agent, anti-psychiatry
Church of Scientology Sues at Drop of Its Name Rev. Lester Kingsolving, Yuma Daily Sun, Feb. 1972 barratry
Unconventional Modern Religion Hitting Snags George W. Cornell, Valley Morning Star, Jun. 1971 e-meter, fda
Ex-Scientologist Tells of ĎFearí Atmosphere John Dart, Los Angeles Times, October 1970  


Scientology: New Light on Crowley The Sunday Times, Dec. 1969 hubbard, occult, black magic
Scientology: Revealed for the first time — The odd beginning of Ron Hubbard's career Alexander Mitchell, The Sunday Times, Oct. 1969 hubbard, occult, black magic
Scientology — Help? Hindrance? Tom A. Cullen, Pacific Stars and Stripes, Mar. 1969  
The Secret of Scientology Mike Cowley, Winnipeg Free Press, Feb. 1969 personality test, cost, silencing criticism, lies, e-meter, auditing
'Largest Mental Health Institution' Becomes Storm Center in Britain David Lancashire, AP, Sep. 1968  
Minister is asked to investigate... The case of the processed woman Daily Mail, Aug. 1966 creepy - inducement to suicide in my opinion
Is this the happiest man in the world? Wendy Michener, MacLean's, Aug. 1966 dianetics, auditing, clear, disconnection, hard-sell, suppressive person
One Man Britain Can Do Without Derek Ive, The People, Mar. 1966 psychiatry, dead agent
Attention the Minister of Health: This man is bogus Daily Mail, Feb. 1966 hubbard
'Emotion' Machines Seized Pacific Stars & Stripes, Jan. 1963 e-meter, illegal practice of medicine
U.S. Acts to Stop Use of Cure-All Device Miriam Ottenberg, The Evening Star, Jan. 1963 e-meter, illegal practice of medicine
Scientology 'Con Game' Says Conry Humboldt Standard, Jun. 1961  


Operation Clambake: Dianetics media coverage in the fifties    
Founder of 'Dianetics' said Insane by Wife San Mateo Times, Apr. 1951  
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