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Scientology presents Narconon program

Title: Scientology presents Narconon program
Date: Thursday, 30 April 1970
Publisher: Wilshire Press
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The Church of Scientology of California's "Narconon" presented "Clergymen and Educators Drug Abuse Conference," April 29, at the Los Angeles Hilton.

"The conference presented current programs effective in alleviating drug problems. No program which employs drug or electric shock therapy was presented, as it has been discovered that groups which condone these techniques have only been pretending to be effective in drug rehabilitation," said Max Prudente, Scientology spokesman.

Narconon, an addict rehabilitation program sponsored by the Church of Scientology of California in Arizona State Prison for over 4 years, will be discussed by William Bustamante, the program's public relations officer for California.

"Based solely on the philosophy and tenets of Scientology, the applied religious philosophy, this program has achieved new and dramatic breakthroughs in the field of drug rehabilitation. Its nearly 85% success ratio has earned high praise from Governors, state and federal enforcement officials and correction authorities across the U.S.," Prudente said.

The unique communication technology of Scientology as it is applied in the Narconon program has "brought a new type of thinking on this problem which has become one of the most pressing of our time," said Hawaii Gov. John Burns recently.

The Narconon program is being inaugurated in penal and rehabilitation institutions in California, Hawaii, Nevada, Missouri and Illinois. Other states are also under immediate consideration.

"The drug abuse conference provided excellent opportunity for the program to make itself better known, and bring to the public's attention that results and answers can be found," said Prudente.